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Come join us now for fireworks and fun as Leonitas djs classic American Rock and other tunes! Your limosine: hop://

Come as you wish: usa, red white blue, casual, formal , naked, we dont care, as long as it is an adult avatar!
With all the name calling that's been going on today I thought i would make a list of the dehumanising language both wings use to attack others. Name calling helps us to feel superior to others and to see others as not quiet human. Its disgusting behaviour and can lead us down a very very dark path. Lets try and keep Opensim a place we can get away from it.

Insults hurled at Right Wingers by the Left:
Basement Dweller
Christian Sharia
Starbucks Cup
Vanilla ISIS / Y'all Qaeda / YeeHawdists
Velcro Shoes
Wrong Side of History

Insults hurled at Left Wingers by the Right:
Blue Pill
Coloring Book
CTR (Shill)
Low Energy
Participation Trophy
Regressive Left
Safe Space
Tolerant Left

Feel Free to add more.

Pagane: Sounds 100% like my years is socialism era. Socialist leaders use all this against decidents:) Welcome in SOCIALICM! 2 months ago
I was looking on Kitley MP for some things and went to the textures page. Timeless Textures is still there even though the owner of it passed away in RL almost a year ago. Their store on Second life Marketplace is shut down. If people are still buying her textures on Kitely where is the money going for those sales? I know that the most recent texture was uploaded in 2017. Should her store still be up on Kitely or has someone been given permission to use that name?

Arielle: If she passed without a will it can take a while to determine who the beneficiary will be. 6 months ago

יהי שלום עם ישראל

May peace be with Israel!

Opensim should be....

  • A Hobby that includes all the copy botted items from sl and everything shared for free.
  • A Hobby that does not include all the copy botted items from sl and everything shared for free.
  • A platform for people to make a little extra pocket money from selling services and items.
  • A for profit decentralised business.
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For any Gloebs users out there, are you having issues with the system not delivering items? It's also not taking out the cost of the item but is taking a fee for the transacation.

Id also like to know from anyone if you think Gloebs or podex is better to use? Or paypal?

Bonnie Stewart: The Gloebits issue seems to have been resolved earlier today. I suddenly got notices on all the test payments I had made the last few days. 11 months ago

Advanced Lighting usage

  • I have it turned on all the time.
  • I only turn it on occasion for certain things.
  • I never turn it on.
  • If i tried to use advanced lighting my computer would die.
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I would like to collect a list of those who make original items or systems or scripts for Opensim. Currently I have the following listed :


I'd love to add to this list if anyone can help me out, please. These will be listed in an information office I wish to set up with a poster leading to a link for each one. If you happen to be a creator and would either like or not like to be included, please let me know. Thank you.

Joe Builder: Is there a prize for being listed? 1 years ago
A store for Ruth outfits I have put together using Linda Kellie, Damien Fate, Fleep grid layers and some Remake shoes. During war time and the depression there was a push for people to make do with what they had, reuse it or remake it. This store is based on that philosophy and is my Os version. Some items are original form and others I have textured myself and so I have called the store MAKE DO AND MEND! hop://

Thirza Ember: Go for the clothes, stay for the interesting sim 2 years ago
I have made a BOM version of the Ruth RC3 body as I like the Hud on that version. I have made a shape that will work okie with the clothes in my store though some alpha is needed. hop://

Hugabug: Very nice thank you Remmy ! 2 years ago
I would like to contact the person who made this system but other than some animations on Kitley I cannot find the full system anywhere.

If anyone can help me out id very much appreciate it!!

OpenSimUser: Have you tried visiting their contact page on their web site and sending them a msg? 2 years ago
Recently I have been contemplating the current issues facing the world and the terrible Burdens that so many are carrying. It made me think on my favourite character in Lord of the Rings, Samwise Gamgee. A humble hobbit with a heart to serve those he cared most about. A heart brave enough to follow his friend into what could be considered hell. Sam had made a promise to Gandalf that he would not lose Frodo and he intended to keep to that. The image above is what i have been contemplating for todays world, that Sam could not carry Frodo's burden of the ring but he could carry Frodo. How can this scene apply to us? What can we do? In what way can we respond to the burdens of the world.

There are so many burdens and we cant possibly carry them all or we will break. I feel the answer to this question is to "Pick a burden today that we feel we can help another carry!" It can be a small burden or deed that you choose but help someone carry it. Come alongside someone who is in need, spend time chatting to someone who is lonely, donate to a cause you feel for. We can also do things for others in world, help someone with a project, say something nice about their builds, be excited for what they have created. Also reach out to someone whom you have a grievance with and take responsibility for your part in it. Connect with those outside your social circle, get out of our echo chambers and listen to what others have got to say. We cant control what others do but we can sure as heck control ourselves and our responses to others.

Frank Hurt: Wisely stated! 2 years ago
Come join us to celebrate this day of love Dress up as your favourite couple, or come as one half of a couple, from books, movies and history.


NPCS have been created for the dance ball so if you need a partner they are ready and willing to dance. See list below for NPCS available.

Sandy and Danny from Grease
Jessica and Roger Rabbit
Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson
William Wallace and Isabella from Braveheart
Shrek and Fiona from well Shrek
Emily and Sue from Dickinson

Pick up your matching outfit from this location. NP AN issue with the Dickinson and SHrek costumes ha sbeen fixed.
For Tech dummies like me! Performance

Was looking for info on how to improve on my side but good for sim and grid owners who are new to it all/or a tech dummy like me.