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I will be showing pics of my horses and race horses as soon as I get my beacon set up here. Just came back to Digi and plan on staying so please have patience with me as I get myself set back up here ;) TSYVM! ;) PassionFlower Jumanji from Digiworldz Grid! ;) My Sim is called Pegasus Cove and my farm is called Ladybug Habitat! ;)

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There is a new group here on Facebook for Satyr Farms here in Open Sim . . . please come and join if you would like to know more about the Satyr Farming System or if you know a lot and would like to share your ideas and creations just for the Satyr Farming System! ;) We await your input and experiences!
I would like to know where to go on here to activate my Satyr Farm Truck, here on my Opensimworld account? If you can help me, please let me know and TYSVM ;) I need to get the code so that I can put in into the box on my truck ;)

PassionFlower Jumanji
I am looking for the grid listed above? I don't know of anything else that is there, but, someone has asked me to help him find it and I cannot seem to find it . . . not even on the map? If anyone has any ideas on how to find it, can you please get back to me either on here or in world at Digiworldz? I am PassionFlower Jumanji in Digiworldz ;) Thank You so very much ;)

I have a Satyr Farm and I have gained some points from selling some produce . . . what can I do with those points?

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ChasityRose 8 months ago
Love your sim! Love the exotic animals, too! Keep up the good work!
Passion Jumanji 8 months ago
Thank You So Very Much, Chasity!