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I am the owner of the grid Land. I only accept visitors, I do not have any plans to have residents. I am building my grid for ABSOLUTE fun & pleasure seeking individuals to come and rest their weary minds, body's and soul's & escape from real life ;) Just come, take off your hat, kick up your feet, and REVIVE your selves! ;)

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I am a very creative person who loves to be unique and individualize my creativity . . . I don't like to follow what others have done and create the same thing, I like to enhance what has been done and go from there! ;)

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I do Crosstitch online . . . if you like to do Cross Stitch go here and sign up for this addictive challenge! ;)
I like writing, reading, listening to Alexa read from Audibles anything to make life more comfortable during these trying times.

Favorite Quote

"If God is not Lord of ALL than He cannot be Lord . . . AT ALL!

Music I Like

Old Christian Hymns, Contemporary Christian Muzik, upbeat muzik of all sorts.

Films I Like

The Beauty & The Beast, etc.

Books I Like

"Hinds Feet On High Places", etc.

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Jesus Christ!

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I dunno

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THE SPLASH PAGE IS BLANK FOR SOME STRANGE REASON BUT MY GRID IS OPENED SO PLEASE DON'T LET THE SPLASH PAGE FOOL YA! ;) TODAY IS DECEMBER 14th, 2020 and I just logged into my grid, so for now, it is up and running . . . no telling how long this will be for, but as long as she is up and running, it...
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Fairy Land Land 0 Users
Fairys all over
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I'm in the process of getting my region back up and running . . . their are some technical difficulties but I will be back on as soon as I can . . . if not then sooner! I am truly sorry for any inconvenience!
TODAY IS DECEMBER 14th, 2020 and I just logged into my grid, so for now, it is up and running . . . no telling how long this will be for, but as long as she is up and running, it will ALWAYS, ALWAYS be open for visitors ;) Come on in and have some relaxing fun times! & please keep your fingers crossed that when the next windows update arrives it will not take my grid down again or else I will have to wait for an windows update that will let me in again!

My Fairydreams Grid will be on and off as every time I get a windows update it knocks my grid offline for a few weeks or more until the next windows update comes around. I run my grid off of my computer so the things that must be done to keep it running on a consistent basis are too in-depth for me to understand or even attempt to achieve without possibly destroying my computer. Fairydreams grid will be on when it allows me to log in . . . hopefully sometime soon.


I will be having a Halloween Sim and/or you can find Halloween Items throughout Fairy Land ;) Not sure how I want to do this yet ;) I want to surprise you and give you the best experience I can ;) The items I will be giving away are FREEBIES that I have gotten from other grids ;) I may make some of my own, time allowing ;)

I am SO GLAD to be back online again! Halloween begins the festivities of the year 2020 . . .

Lord Willing, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's Eve will have similar activities! Then we can look forward to the 2021 festivities! ;)
My grid is still here . . . just taking a break for a bit . . . I should have said this a while back . . . so very sorry . . . I will be back soon and add more nice things to you all to visit, see and make yourself comfy here ;) Also, I will get some more freebie stuff for you all to take home with you and enjoy! Huggelz to you all!
When you come to Fairydreams Grid, please look on the map as we have many regions that you can go to and explore . . . I am in the process of putting in teleporters so that you may teleport around, I must ask that you tp via the map where I do not have the tp's in yet . . . . and than if you like what you see once you get there, you can lm that place and go their at any time. I am putting in malls also, so that you may shop until your hearts content! I do have animesh here but most of it is non transferable . . . I am in the process of making some and whatever I make will be copy-able and FREE of course! ;) The things that I make and find around the open sim HG, I will be putting in a store near the carnival area which is called the Welcome Center. For those of you who have come and visited . . . thank you so very much and you are more than welcome to come again & bring your friends & family along. This grid is General & Moderate only . . . no A regions will be included in this grid ;) Come on over and have some friendly family fun! ;) We have a lovers area . . . M rating only please! No nudity allowed here. Pirates area, HUGE Castle village, Fairy's Castle, At THIS Fairy Land, you will find me working on a lot of things . . . this place has a tremendous amount of beautiful & serene scenery! We have a sand box, too ;) Come on over and play the pirates game ;) More Fairy areas soon to be added to the 10 regions that are here right now! ;) Pic's and more info will be added occasionally. Athena Mesh Body, 4, 5 & 6 . . . Non - Mesh Athena Body and BoM. You will find just about anything here! Have Fun! Whatever you do . . . don't leave empty handed! HUGGELZ ;)


There is a new group here on Facebook for Satyr Farms here in Open Sim!
There is a new group here on Facebook for Satyr Farms here in Open Sim . . . please come and join if you would like to know more about the Satyr Farming System or if you know a lot and would like to share your ideas and creations just for the Satyr Farming System! ;) We await your input and experiences!
Satyr Farm Truck - trying to activate and . . .
I would like to know where to go on here to activate my Satyr Farm Truck, here on my Opensimworld account? If you can help me, please let me know and TYSVM ;) I need to get the code so that I can put in into the box on my truck ;)

PassionFlower Jumanji
I am looking for the grid listed above? I don't know of anything else that is there, but, someone has asked me to help him find it and I cannot seem to find it . . . not even on the map? If anyone has any ideas on how to find it, can you please get back to me either on here or in world at Digiworldz? I am PassionFlower Jumanji in Digiworldz ;) Thank You so very much ;)
Satyr Farm

I have a Satyr Farm and I have gained some points from selling some produce . . . what can I do with those points?

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My Reviews


This club is AWESOME! They got it really PSYCHED OUT for Halloween right now! You gotta come on down here . . . AWESOME place to hang & meet new & old friends ;) Tombstone always has something different going on and all kinds of different music too . . . they are a fun-loving family-oriented place to be around. Fun and frolicking times all around ;)


Sorry . . . not sorry . . . but I gotta give you peeps a 5-star review . . . if I could give more . . . I would . . . your peeps are so friendly and oh so welcoming . . . I was only there for 1/2 hour with my Wifey Jaiden . . . and I didn't want to leave, I was having so much fun & enjoying my time immensely . . . I do remember ya'll being on Digiworldz but I cannot say I remember the peeps . . . ...

Monentes Jewelry

Very lovely Jewelry! I've enjoyed my visit so much . . . I'm going to tell everyone about this place, especially couples getting Married . . . some AWESOME Wedding rings here ;) TYSVM for doing best what open sim does . . . give freebies! LOVE IT! ;)

Wyldwood Bayou



AWESOME! So glad to see this grid back in action! ;) Looking forward to sending my friends here as well as coming back time & again! Thank you for reopening this grid again! ;)


AWESOME! So glad to see this grid back in action! ;) Looking forward to sending my friends here as well as coming back time & again! Thank you for reopening this grid again! ;)

Kingdom of Soraya 2

Jade & Arabella you have outdone yourselves once again! Superb Club you have made @ Club One! Awesome job! Happy Birthday Arabella! ;) I am very privileged to be spending my time here at your Grand Opening and celebrating Arabella's Birthday! You both SO ROCK! . . . God Bless You Both & Your Club! I wish you all the luck in the world! Love you both & Huggelz you both! ;)

Fae Farms

I really enjoyed myself . . . I would like to know if we are to bring our own hud to help work the farm or is there one available on your sim? Or do we just have to be in the Satyr farm group? . . . You have a little bit of everything there beyond Satyr and I liked that ;) Thank You So Very Kindly for bringing another spectacular scene through the doors of Open Sim ;) Yet another place to adven...

Giant Shopping

Little Breath doesn't ban anyone ;) Smiles ;) They are an open sim grid and anyone is welcome to come here ;) If your grid is having issues or you are having issues with your grid, this place here @ Little Breath is always welcoming to everyone. If you need a place to call home, Little Breath Grid is one of the loveliest and welcoming grids around! If you just want to come and visit or you wa...


Come on down to the best Blue's Venue around that I know of! Lou & Rae have outdone themselves when it comes to PARTY TIME w/ the BLUES! Excellent MUZIK, Excellent People Excellent Friends to have ;) EPIC CLUB! Love you BOTH Rae & Lou! I wish ya'll so much good fortune in your new place! HUGGELZ! ;)

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ChasityRose 2 years ago
Love your sim! Love the exotic animals, too! Keep up the good work!
Passion Jumanji 2 years ago
Thank You So Very Much, Chasity!