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Countryside 0 Users
Virtualgrid Beta is currently under development. We will offer free buildings, region extras and much more.
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Virtualgrid 0 Users is a new grid that is still under development. Shopping and more to come.
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Getting a bit stupid, flooding main page?

Is there a set rule on how many times someone can promote their region within 24 hours on the main page?
Seems some are plastering it 4 to 8 times, so no one elses regions get seen.

If you want to reliably TP to old grids, set your dns name to all LOWER CASE in both the gird and the entry you add to the viewer. This has been haunting certain popular places for a long time. I think this can be fixed in Opensim code in 0.9.2, whenever that comes out.

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Free Magic

Nicely done region, sadly when i visited my connection was screwing up and i wasnt able to send txt. Tried talking to the creator, but didnt have any luck.

Sex City Shopping Mall

Unable to access because using the link provided, is unable to find even the grid. Using City Shopping Mall let alone

Rayvn's Roost Concourse

Have to say this was enjoyable to visit. The owner was very friendly and helpful with a few issue i ran into and fast to resolve them. Will be going back in the future to visit and shop again.

Rock City

No idea what this region looks like or the grid. Multiple times i have filled out the hypergrid information required sand accepted terms of service. And every time, still not able to teleport to there, or even to the default welcome region.

Never Depot

Not very original at all and disappointing to say the least. Just another rip off of using others ideas instead of being original with design and ideas and products.

Atlantis-Virtual Life Style

Unable to access this region, or the grid. I filled out the hypergrid page with avatar name UUID and hypergrid address and was successful. Yet every time i try, keep getting msg saying i need to first accept the terms etc. Something wrong on your grid.

Glamour Isle Welcome Center

Cant give much rating, visited to get motorcycles. The only thing i could get from the shop were a few skateboards. The boxed motorcycles are all set for sale. But you buy, and never get. Better off to se them a copy.

EQG Mall

Dont bother to waste your time here. The linda kellie crap that is everywhere is also there. People are sick and tired of all the linda kellie crap.


Rather pathetic to even bother listing this region. Since the owner states it "is a closed region". If it is closed, and no one can bother to visit it, then why even bother listing, or posting anything about it? Rather pathetic.

Space Station

Rather lame, lacking so much

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Travesty Winesmith 8 months ago
you have nothing but poor reviews. you should be ashamed of yourself.
OpenSimUser 8 months ago
Yes, opinions are like assholes, and yours smells bad.