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Hidden Dreams is unlike any place you have visited. It is the Caribbean, Tuscany and a Satyr Farm on the Plains of Africa. It is high speed race tracks, surfing, underwater worlds and a marina that offers sailing around 484 sims. This is a quiet place to come relax. Some areas still under c...
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URGENT!!!!! If you have been wondering why the largest and oldest grid in OS has been having constant issues...... it is because my zombies eat brains......and this explains a lot of the recent problems. The good news...YOU can Help! Get to Hidden Dreams and Kill the Zombies!!!!

Once you get past the zombies, you will deal with skeletons. If you dare to careful.......the zombies have gotten many visitors. Hidden Dreams Zombie Hunt and Haunted Castles

If you happen to make it past the zombies...then you get to deal with the Vampires in the beautiful castle designed by Mis Behave. Don't worry, they only want your blood! You will find them at Hidden Dreams Haunted Castles

A recent visitor to Hidden Dreams Haunted Castles....seems the zombies were a little too much. If you come, be ready to fight!

You will find the witches at Hidden Dreams Haunted Castles. Explore the cemetery where the undead come to life if you dare...then follow the pathway to see the witches, castles and many other sights. Make sure you have time to explore all....and lots of ammo for the zombies.

The zombies want YOU! They are ready.....Are you? You better be ready when you come to Hidden Dreams Zombie Hunt and Haunted Castles

The Haunted Castles at Hidden Dreams await....but only if you can kill off the zombies first!

The zombies are waiting for you......

Hidden Dreams Zombie Hunt and Haunted Castles

Hello Everyone.....I was supposed to keep this a secret for 11 more days....but am too excited! I want to share it with friends! This year for Halloween, Hidden Dreams has made a haunted region...but the catch is this.......if you want to see the haunted need to kill the zombies. We planned on officially opening Oct 1.....but we want to let you have an extra few days of fun!
Paaaaarty NOW

Imagine being underwater......dancing with beautiful mermaids......
tropical fish
and a huge manta ray swimming over your head

it isnt a dream.....

It's Hidden Dreams Mermaid Party

going on NOW

This is where you really want to be!!!!!

Hidden Dreams Mermaid Party

Going on now!......dont miss it!

The Mermaids are ready......are you?

Hidden Dreams Mermaid Party starts in 45 minut

Guys and gals welcome......Tails and swimsuits welcome

We have tails, dances and party items at the the dance spot.

Let's Have FUN!!!!!!!!

1pm SLT at Hidden Dreams IM for a teleport
Hidden Dreams Mermaid Party

Sept 4, 1:00pm SLT
Tails and dances available when you arrive at dance site.

Put on your favorite Mermaid tail and come Join us underwater!

Make friends.....Dance....and explore Mermaid Cove!

Sunken Ships************Coral Reefs

Caves********Hidden Treasures********Trivia

and......the most Beautiful Mermaids!
Mermaid Party
Where: Hidden Dreams
When: 2 months ago [4 Sep 2021 13:00 SLT]

Put on your favorite Mermaid tail and come Join us underwater!

Make friends.....Dance....and explore Mermaid Cove!

Sunken Ships************Coral Reefs

Caves********Hidden Treasures

and......the most Beautiful Mermaids!

Hidden Dreams is home to hundreds of animated animals and some really awesome residents! Check out the available properties at the Realty office and join our growing community!

Wanted - a really nice owner who will enjoy this house set on a mountain. If the owner is indecisive, that is ok...all the colors of house can be changed easily. This house also has a large private beach....perfect to work on your tan or enjoy boating from. Enjoy all that Hidden Dreams has to offer....while you have your own secluded hideaway!
Hola, Hello, Bonjour, Hallo, Ciao
Many of our guests have called Hidden Dreams "paradise"; but some have learned to call it "home". People talk about our underwater worlds, surfing, areas to explore and the awesome marinas; however, our greatest asset is our residents. Come find out why others love Hidden Dreams!
Why are people moving to Hidden Dreams? Some people think it is because we have some of the finest surfing and boating in Open sim. Others think that it is the extensive areas to explore. The simple truth is this......People are moving to Hidden Dreams because our residents are AWESOME!

Here are some of the boats you will find At Hidden Dreams Power Marina. With 3 separate piers, a luxury clubhouse and 484 sims to boat will want to make this your boating base.

The Surf Party begins in 2.5 hours and I am looking forward to seeing you there! wind surfing, surf kayaks, body surfing and tubes. Jet skis will also be available with plenty of Reggae music for island vibes. Wear what you like....and come to the Surfs Up Tops Down Party. Great Dancing........and surfing for beginners and experts!
Surfs Up - Tops Down
Where: Hidden Dreams
When: 3 months ago [17 Jul 2021 16:00 SLT]

Surfing and Reggae Dance party! Wear as much or as little as you like while enjoying the wind Surfing, Long Boards, fishboards, body surfing, kayak surfing and inner tubing. Bring your friends and enjoy the 3 surf waves!

He's heading to the Hidden Dreams SURF PARTY! Saturday, July 17 4pm SLT

Getting ready for our SURF PARTY this Saturday, 4pm SLT. I brought out the fun stuff: surf tubes, jet skis, kayaks, surfboards, windsurfers. Wear as much or as little as you like , I might work on my tan ; ) . Enjoy the reggae music, dance...make a few new friends and learn some fun new activities. Hidden Dreams is about YOU....and you don't want to miss this opportunity to make some new friends!

Mark your Calendars now for an awesome surfing party this Saturday! Wind Surfing, Long Boards, fishboards, body surfing, kayak surfing and inner tubes. Make plans and bring your friends!

Mermaid Kylei getting a ride from a giant Manta Ray

Many people have asked "what is Hidden Dreams and why did you create it." I wanted to make a place where people could enjoy their hobbies and interests. Whether you enjoy sailing, kayaking, auto collections, surfing, underwater worlds, satyr farming, racing.....I wanted to make a place for YOU to enjoy. Bring your friends and enjoy the activities!
BOATS! BOATS! BOATS! We have over 70 boats to see at Hidden Dreams! Sailboats, speedboats and Yachts! Use the TP board at Hidden Dreams to go to our Hidden Harbor Yacht Club.......and then enjoy the 484 sims to sail around! Hidden Dreams is about YOU!
Have you ever wanted to sail....and get away from everything, but you can only go so far? Maybe you have a nice fast boat......but it is hard to enjoy the speed in tight circles. I just added 322 sims of open water to the Hidden Dreams a total area of 484 sims or 31 million meters! Hidden is about YOU....and what you like to do!
When I created Hidden Dreams, I wanted it to be about YOU.

Because of this, I have started Hidden opportunity for some special people to live in Hidden Dreams....with each house being different! I want to find people who love Hidden Dreams as much as I do!

You may see all the available houses here:

I do not charge monthly rent..
Life's a Beach! Grab a friend....and head to Hidden Dreams Beach this weekend! Surf, swim and get your buns in the sun! After enjoying things topside......head underwater to Mermaid Cove and the Coral Reef!
SURF'S UP! Hidden Dreams Beach offers 3 different surfing waves, 5 styles of surfing kayaks, 3 boards, 2 windsurfers and body surfing! As your skills progress, you can master doing backflips on the boards! Learn a new an amazing little beach!

Some of the new features at Mermaid Cove. Special thanks to our friends at Magical Isle!

Hidden Dreams has a working Satyr farm. I have had many Satyr farms and love them! If you are a farmer....stop by and lets chat!

Kylei at the new Whitewater Kayaking area at Hidden Dreams. This course has been designed to be a challenging ride.......with many drops which will send you under! Experience something Hidden Dreams!
Ever wanted to live on the African Plains....with views of beautiful animals? I have decided to open up a few unique housing locations for people who may want to live at Hidden Dreams. House #1 - Tree house (shown). House #2 Lighthouse on the Beach, House #3 Italian Villa House #4 underwater in mermaid Cove. These are unique homes...and I want to find people who would really love them!

White river kayaking is the newest feature at Hidden Dreams!. There are at least 6 drop offs where you will get wet! start at the top of the mountain and kayak all the way to the ocean!

Mermaid Cove at Hidden Dreams......a fantasy world that is waiting for YOU! Put on your tail and come enjoy.

The Bandini main track at Hidden Dreams is set in city by the ocean. Your drifting skills will be challenged as you go through the hairpin curves! This course is for those who enjoy a challenge!
This was a nice little off-road course......until I got ahold of it. The desert setting blends in with the many twists and turns. Now, you will also be faced with stumps and logs . rocks that will send you flying...and boulders to jump. Give it a try......if you 've got the guts!
Yoga on the beach! Over 40 yoga and exercise animations available including: Pranayama, Tai chi, Lotus, Samakonasan, Savasana, Peacock pose and many more! Hidden Dreams is about YOU....doing what you enjoy!
There are 3 surf waves available at Hidden Dreams. With the sizes constantly changing, you will always be challenged! Hidden Dreams is the place to surf with: body surfing, kayak surfing, long board, short board and wind surfing. Come on out....the waves are perfect!

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Rock City

The best club in Open sim! Anybody can have a club...but these people make you feel great and the music is soooo good. I do not live on Digi....but they have always welcomed me!


I just visited the Falene 2 region and I am so impressed by the creativity and skills. Falene is an Artist!

Vicky Dreams

excelentes recursos para la comunidad hispana!


much to see at this Japanese paradise!

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