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Rebuilding Land of Xzar in the Genesis Grid. 5th time. It is going to be better than ever!

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Building, art, music, reading, writing.

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Only tears of sorrow can wash out the stain of shame, only pangs of suffering can blot out the fires of lust.

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My Sister Ms. Kitty shared this with me this morning. She finds the best stuff! Especially when she knows I have an interest in something. This is around 18 minutes and worth every minute of your time. It will open, blow, and astound your mind. At least it did me. A thousand kudos to the creator of this short film!
I hope it is OK to post a link here. I just want everyone to watch this. SO creative.
I finally came up with something I could use these textures on. Executioner's Pavilion. It isn't easy to photograph and probably looks better in person. When you walk in drums start pounding with a script that starts it up when you get close, so they aren't going all the time. Things are coming along...

Whispering Forest now "Whispers". Opening to the public soon.

Luna Lunaria: Nice work Star, love the atmospheric feel :-) 13 days ago
I have a new shop at the Mall on the Genesis grid!! Star Ravenhurst Designs has original content, mostly prim twisted. You can take a TP to the Specialty shops to find it. Perhaps you will find some Christmas gifts for your friends and family! Also, check out the many houses and buildings at the mall on the lower levels. I have a few free buildings for you and will be adding more of my builds and content. There are also many builds by Thundergod Thor, Lavia, and Gramzy. Much Love and Peace to all of us in the New Year! Al Kahov

Thirza Ember: outstanding ! 1 month ago
Sanctuary of the Ancients

My newest build because I wanted a larger cathedral and now it is available to share with anyone who may want it. You can view it, walk around inside of it, and take a copy of the box which also contains church pews with various sits that I built specifically for this cathedral. I have other builds in this area of the mall you may like as well. Al Kahov

GramzyNang: AWESOME WORK and it's gorgeous!! 1 month ago

~The Magik of E'Valean in The Land Of Xzar~
Grande Reopening Soon!

Gnome Invasion

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The Garth

This is the best-organized freebie shopping place I have ever seen making it easy to find what you are looking for and I found a lot of things I didn't even know I needed! Every area is clearly labeled which I found to be a big help as I was looking for something specific. Sadly, I am still on the hunt for it but I am happy I discovered this awesome place! I will return again and again. Thank you...

Wyldwood Bayou Rockin' The Blues

I have been going to Wyldwood for going on two months for different events they have hosted and I am so happy I found this place. Kith is warm and welcoming and a genuinely kind person and the tunes he spins speak to me. The dances are the best too! A big plus! I can be socially awkward and going to places on my own is never easy, but Kith and the Tribe as well as the other DJs make me feel like I...

ieko land

What a charming place! Take your time exploring this region as it has a lot to offer. The circus is one of the best I have ever seen in SL or OS. Such fun! I loved everything about my visit and will definitely visit again and bring friends. Thank you for a wonderful tour. Such a treat!


The region is beautiful and well done. The farm is one of the best I have seen in OS and the town/village is charming. Time stands still as you explore the peaceful region rich in color and textures. It is a place you will want to visit again and again. 10 Stars!

Arabellos Veil

What a beautiful, magical place! This is the type of region that captures my heart and awakens my senses! If you just land and cam, you are denying yourself the wonderful experience of exploring a region that will take your breath away! Well Done!!


This is one of my favorite Designers and I am so thankful to have such beautiful clothing to wear. My Avatar is a classic I have had since beginning in OS 7 years ago (I have tweaked the shape a LOT) and it is often hard to find nice system clothing. I think I "bought" out the store! They also have a lot of nice clothing for men. Be sure to look outside the shops as well because they have many uni...


This is a must-see if you enjoy Lord Of The Rings/Hobbit storytelling as the region is a story come to life! You will love exploring this fantastic Hobbit Village rich in color and detail! If you explore on your own, you won't feel lonely as there are busy NPCs everywhere you look which brings the village to life and makes it an immersive experience. One of the best builds of this type I have seen...


When you enter this region, it is like stepping into a painting. Roland has created a beautiful piece of art with this build and it is stunning! For the photo enthusiast, you won't find a more lovely place to take amazing photos. don't miss exploring this gorgeous world of magic, for a relaxing environment and a feast for your eyes.

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