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Gentle Fire Grid is now Open for Visitor and for community , Friendship , Land for sale , and customize region for those who Just want to Move in and enjoy. Freebie Mall and A university for class, meeting for those that like to teach and share what they have learn over the years.

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Building Music Exploring meeting new people.

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Everybody wants to Change the world but nobody wants to change the toilet paper Roll its up to you to make the difference .

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GREAT SOUND OF THE 50 , 60 ,70' 80' pop music , Funk, ROCK , COUNTRY Jazz , Blues, Just to name a few LIVE music from Dj some of the Most awesome singer In Open sim. come Join us at our Events

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Opensim 0.90.20 YET DEV

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Greenwood Estate
1 0 Estate 0 Users
supper market , wedding chaple , Great to Visit , over night Motel Opensim Dining at At Catch 35
more info
Gate Keeper
1 0 Keeper 0 Users
Great Place to socialize Travel, visit other regions There is boating from the welcome center to the Gate Keeper on the Oxidane River
more info
Hidden Cove Ranch
3 0 Cove Ranch 0 Users
Farming , horse back Riding , Living the country style . Hidden Cove come In 3 parts 1 Hidden Cove 2.Tropical Fanta 3 zoological Garden Great place to Visit . Still work in progress so Kind for give me for my Mess but your welcome to Visit.
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2 0 0 Users
start out home and Parcel private , Listen to the Music you want great looking community , make Friends walk around enjoy the Parks and go swimming or floating in the pool. please read all and the covenant make sure this the place for you . free home !
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3 1 0 Users
Wild West - Great Place to Visit take horse Ride thorough the western town with your family or friends .
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Outpost Condos
2 0 Condos 0 Users
Out post The Tales of world when man Kind is using a Testing Zone In the future recreating and replacing some of the themes as in star trek The condo for living space and concert hall club Join the Grid and enjoy future living
more info
Dinkie Village
12 1 Village 0 Users
THE MAGICAL LAND DINKIES VILLAGE In Two thousand BC Dinkies Were born in a faraway Land Unknown to man Kind Lost to Human eyes. The long years began to take their toll on the Dinkies no one knew they Exist now-getting-older Dinkies, they want to share their wonderful Village, looking for any excu...
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River Silkweed
2 0 Silkweed 0 Users
free small Home , beach use and other social spot and Places on the region for your use .
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10 0 0 Users
Home to Majestic Club , Music , Live singer Dj and Much more take a walk and see some of the romantic spot just to chat ,wedding ,romantic dining Birthday party Just speak with the owner,
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22 1 0 Users
Freebie Mall shopping, mash clothes, furniture ,Great Hair , classics clothes ,Gift shop ,decoration need Help lets us know
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Demo Island
6 2 Island 0 Users
Beautiful region for roll Play Elf , fairly ,koalas, tines, and adorable dinkies The Elven Forest come Visit
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Gentle Fire Grid
39 5 Fire Grid 1 Users
Welcome To Gentle Fire Grid , A Place to call Home, Buy land and build your dream world or your Dream club its up to you. Make your special Place at Gentle fire Grid.
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Rock and roll with Dj Jon and his awesome Hostess Topsy
where in London Join in the chatter and lets party

Join us in London with Dj Jon and Topsy at 12 :00 Noon Gt
nothing but great Music and of couse you and fun chat .
at Gentle Fire grid .

Bring that mean Green outfit and have a green Beer us with dj Tek

MYYST Club in London City is going al Glam Rock for this event. Some of the best70's glam rock anthems from the biggest bands of the era. 2 hours of Fun and music from DJ Jon Temple and lots of friendly chat.
hop:// City/95/147/27
Coming soon but your welcome to stop by and your welcome to add Poster for Travel Just Im adore Mint thank you Hope to see you soon excuse we still putting thing in Place GrandOpening coming soon !

Join Jon and Topsy for the awesome show you will love it see you In London CITY AT 12 gT TIME

DJ Jon and his Hostess Topsy are at it again come Join in with the fun and rock and Roll, I know the bad Boys will be there , lol
come down to majestic. Sand club we are having a blast.

Akasha_Lilith: gracias a todos por acompanarme los quiero un mundo besos 2 months ago
coming to Gentle Fire on Friday at 2:00 Grid time every other week with the angel of all Voice's its wosy the Drinkie and Friendly Joyful Cuddles WHERE DINKIE Village at the KoolKats Club . Dinkie (Village got a face lift )
Features of this land include a beach area to just relax , sunbathe and swim
maybe take up fishing, cookout area for just vegging out , a small community store
with odds and ends, a area for jet skiing.
Take the bridge over to the Dinkie club and dance dance dance!
The homes are plentiful and ready for moving in.hop://

Charlene McNally: Anyone know where I can find a Dinkie avatar? 3 months ago

(Event at Dinkie Village every other Friday 2:00 pm gt) at the KoolKat club.
With the Loveable Wosy and the Dinkie's Friends. Human are welcome Join in the fun.

Join us on the 9th with the Great Elvis it will be a blast from the past with Elvis , dj Jon and his Hostess

Jon us at Tuesday , Thursdays and Sunday Have and enjoy the awesome Music .

To all Member of Opensim and Gentle Fire Grid and their Family I like to wish a warm and happy Holidays .May the spirit of of Joy, love, faith ring out to you for the New Year and May there be peace on earth and Opensim . From the Team Adore. PP. , Llia , Topsy ,Jon Emily , Una ,And Howie WE ALL WISH YOU A MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS .

Marianna : Thank you, and best wishes always to your grid and family! 3 months ago
Tomorrow is a specials Day for Gentle Fire Gird two awesome singer are coming at you .Join then for Their debut at Majestic Club its formal code men and women , but I Promise you it will be worth your while. Music is to the soul come Join
Putri Solo at 12 grid time and at 1:00 Crew they both are well Known in second life Hope to see you there and they are Live .
that Wednesday starting at 12 : 00 Ghop:// TIME .

Gentle Fire Holidays
Decoration, free Gift , and Lots more enjoy the Holiday's

hi Folk,s
hope this Sunday find,s you well
this Sunday today we are delighted to
welcome LadyJo
Who is spinning some tracks with a varied wide
scope of the 70,s to nineties so something for all your tastes casual dress non formal at 12 noon until 2pm
So it,s LadyJo at club music this Sunday
12noon until 2pm we look forward to seeing you !
Taxi attached
Half time

Zoree event at majestic

Join us on Tuesday , Thursdays ,Sunday every other Friday and every other Saturday at Majestic. At Gentle Fire Grid

Dinkie take over Majestic club lol

Just want to chat and listen to music Join us at Star cups coffee shop
Every week . At Dwell mall hop://

Lilastone: This is the most awesome place to hang out and talk with friends so come and hang out with us here at the coffee shop. 5 months ago

Gentle fire is now open and regions are Up and Running welcome to Visit other region's, malls and clubs thank you for your Understanding all is smooth Hope to see your there.

Hello Opensim at the Moment Gentle Fire welcome is Open to the public and Dwell Mall is so please enjoy . We are doing some maintenance or our Grid so other regions May not be open to Visitor but your welcome to Visit us at the welcome center
or to our website for more information about the Grid thank you and have wonderful day !

📝 Having Fun

Just hanging out at Centrefire Grid

Come and get wet with us still loads of great music and fun
Your ride to the London .I like congratulations to the winner of the contest , LadyK

London event with Dj Jon
Winner of the Disco Contest pp.Mint
The event was a Blast Thanks all for being there .

Join dj Join for Dico contest win Gs and party and have fun
where in London

Welcome to Gentle Fire Grid , where Looking for a few Good Greeter's and hostesses. Pick your hours and days . a free Home and you keep your Tips for hosting . Come in and fill out The Form at the welcome Center office and yes you Must live on the Grid here is the Link if your interested
Thanks and enjoy.
12-2pm Grid Time
Beach Wear or Casual wear what youfancy-
Just come along for a friendly and happy get together. with the Gentle Fire gang all are invited, the last time we did this it was a blast!
No DJ as Jon is not back yet so it will be Radio but it didn't stop us from having a great 2 hrs together in beautiful tropical surroundings.

Join Gentle Fire Grid Visit many region , and free shopping, Build your own world and make new friends and old from Avtar ,Drinkie, pixie ,furry you will find a home here.

Taliya: Was visiting you and I have to say I felt very comfortable. Was received very nicely and would love to come back. 7 months ago
JOIN US AT THE NEW Majestic Club /Ballroom / Great place for wedding ,Birthdays Party , Event , for most Holidays Dress up or down Opening On Sunday at 12:Grid time . ♥Simply fabulous♥


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Gate Keeper

Welcome to a region with you in Mind, social apmosphere a meetting place with Travel from one region to a other or if you like to travel to other Grids with for shopping , finding some Different a Long way , stop in for Boating or sailing the ocean Jet skiing or Just hang out with friend and family Yes its the GATE KEEPER Visit and enjoy , if you Like to add your region to the Gate Keeper...


I saw this build out this Morning on one of my exploring time its Just like the Picture a Art to be seen. Great Job 5 stars and more thank you for sharing .

Land of Melody

really is amazing and awesome building its a Must to see and Great entertainment, take your time come in and enjoy the Music thanks for sharing a awesome region

Needful Things

Great Place to see awesome shopping and a really cool Name thank you so Much for sharing

Free Life Auto Avenue

always a Great place to shop and visit

Dinkie Village

If you had read the story on the Village , come Visit find your new Adventure or your new Dinkie home .

Magical Land

Magical Land a Place of wonder fairy and magical flowers and Trees Free houses and a Lovely town to walk through and still more Free things to Pick up as you move a long The street, of this beautiful little town , Stop by and see the Mental Health Center learn about the Different Health issues and their symptoms. a other way of being a part of the Mental Heath Awareness. Great Job hipsharri...

Free Home

will be awesome region , cant wait to see it when its done


very well thought out Dallas and update of your Place is Just awesome thank you for being such a good person and sharing

Freebie Store 2021

Great Place to show had so much fun Just looking around , The owner is a pleasure to talk very Helpful thank you for sharing

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Welcome to Gentle Fire Grid where having fun is away of life make new friends and talk wiith Old friend enjoy Event , social, Travel or explore new place ,shopping Join Gentle fire have your new life began
Everybody wants to Change the world but nobody wants to change the toilet paper Roll its up to you to make the difference . Wish it was my words! Because this is so true!! Thank you Adore for the great words.
Thank Diamond