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Sharing the metaverse with a creative genius has its moments, thank goodness he asked me to share them.

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About Myself

Virtual and RL Jewelry Designer/Creator
“We have a saying, my people. Don’t kill if you can wound, don’t wound if you can subdue, don’t subdue if you can pacify, and don’t raise your hand at all until you’ve first extended it.” Wonder Woman grid began with an .oar file we created from Kitely. Most of the items you see were directly imported from our region Sierra Sonnet. We also had Kitely deliveries and had many deliveries in the beginning.
We also brought in content from various 3d sites such as Sketchfab, much of it was purchased. Because of this our content may not be copiable. We do have other items we found around the HG those items we give freely, so are the items I create exclusively. If however, you see questionable content please just ask, we strive to take down anything illegal and have a dmca agent.

My Interests

3D Modeling-Photoshop-Blender-Rhino

Favorite Quote

"Sort of a onion ring meets a peanut butter cookie vibe..." Reyn Softly
"To be an artist is to be "dysfunctional" David Bowie: (Mar. 31, 1998)
"Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas."-Marie Curie-
"I hope to inspire people around the world to look up at the stars and not down at their feet; to wonder about our place in the universe and to try and make sense of the cosmos." Stephen Hawking

My Heroes

My Mom, Reyn Softly, Trey Magnifique, and that Ferd dude, yep the guy is 'maizin helping us create our DreamGrid, thank you Ferd

OpenSim Version

DreamGrid v4

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Firestorm 6.4.13 (63251) Mar 1 2021 14:53:45 (64bit / SSE2) (Firestorm-Releasex64) with OpenSimulator support



My Regions

Mind Odyssey Odyssey 0 Users
An art exhibit created by Reyn Softly. Beautiful park with cobblestone paths that lead you to Gate/Arch - walk through and you will be teleported to sky galleries of art. Please consider adding your art to the exhibit.
more info
Monentes Jewelry Jewelry 0 Users
Orig home to Monentes Jewelry
more info
Savoir Faire Faire 0 Users
A place to dance the night away-beautiful ballroom and gardens Offline during winter months
more info
Winter's Magic's Magic 0 Users
A magical winter wonderland, online seasonally. November through January.
more info
Virtual_HG 0 Users
Headquarters of the Virtual-HG Magazine Editors Reyn Softly Fitheach Eun Trey Magnifique Marianna Monentes
more info
PacificNorthwest 0 Users
Cannabis Information Center - Leafly is the world’s largest cannabis information resource, empowering people in legal cannabis markets to learn about the right products for their lifestyle and wellness needs. The Leafly team of cannabis professionals collectively share years of experience in all ...
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Sandbox 0 Users
A sandbox open to the community 24 hour return policy Please clean before you go
more info
Mudflats 0 Users
Mudflats Well, you see, the Landlord is a tightwad, so's we started with a small budget. Tiny, some would say, not me, I'm happy 'nuff. And I needed a place I can do the Experimentin' what sometimes leads to the Explosions. And the Landlord, he's allays whining about the noise and dust and broken...
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Monentes Jewelry Jewelry 0 Users
Home to Monentes Jewelry My jewelry is free and full perms so that you may customize as you desire. To those who love my jewelry, thank you it is much appreciated. My first real life order delivered today, a nice review from the client "I’m so excited. They are perfect. Just what I wanted"...
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iknimaya 0 Users
A work in progress...built in 2010 at Virtual Highway RP based on the movie Avatar, many brilliant creators contributed. Building it again, gradually. There is a box of Free Full Perms Pandoran Flowers by the landing area. These flowers were created by torturing prims. One flower created ha...
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Abandoned Ghost Town Ghost Town 0 Users
...dust kickin', boot stompin', gun slingin', chew spittin' (yes we have spitoons) dirt roads, weeds, saloon, mercantile with free gifts , barn, with barn dancin' I think you get the idea. This is a rip roarin' kinda town, not for the squeamish of heart! work in progress...
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Bastion 0 Users
Bastion a tropical beach welcomes you-Freebies-Dancing at Rockhenge-Surfing-Windsurfing-Jet skiing created by Reyn Softly ~Gloebit enabled region for tipping entertainment~
more info


When you arrive at Mind Odyssey, lush and beautiful landscaping surrounds you. You will see cobblestone pathways that lead off into the distance, which brings you to gate archways. When you walk through you will be teleported to little sky galleries which are just now being created. If you would like to contribute your art please contact for more details.

Kelso.Uxlay: Nice concept! 17 hours ago
Metaverse Brilliant artist Cherry Manga presents her art at Mind Odyssey. A phenomenal presentation of vivid visuals. Please see the exhibit here Odyssey Thank you Cherry~

Kelso.Uxlay: Superb 17 hours ago
Mind Odyssey welcomes Cherry Manga art to the region!! Cherry's psychedelic art trip is something you must see!! Thank you Cherry for giving the region an amazing art experience!! We are asking artists to consider placing their psychedelic art at our Mind Odyssey exhibit, we welcome all! Odyssey

Cherry Manga: Can't take Jefferson Airplaine's white rabbit off my mind now hahaj 8 days ago

You simply must visit Lost Gardens of Apollo

OpenSimUser: Where might this be located? Care to share a link? Thank you 8 days ago
I worked on our teleport HUB today at VHG! Great destinations added, Phantom Rose, HG Safari, and others! Next time you visit Virtual-HG HQ check it out~Thank you Encantada for the beautiful Ball Fountain!
When I first began reviewing regions and giving interviews in opensim, my hope was to inspire others to work with me promoting all the amazing and talented people of the Metaverse. At one time we had Sunbeam Magic and her team that highlighted opensim with great articles and interviews, she is missed. A couple of weeks ago I see Thirza Ember back wanting to promote opensim again with region reviews and interviews, with her HG Safari!! She just posted a great Counter Earth interview on her website that you will enjoy reading. To learn more about Thirza Ember please read our Virtual-HG interview here

Apollo_Star: Great the HG Safari's going to start again. 11 days ago

Created a new Exclusive bracelet for GCG, will adding it to the GCG Monentes Jewelry store today. Jewelry

Created a little "Owl" Bangle bracelet. Free/Full Perms in the foyer at Monentes Jewelry Jewelry

Latest release the 2022 Wave Bangle can be found in the foyer of Monentes Jewelry Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Please read our Virtual-HG Exclusive Thirza Ember of HG Safari

I just updated the Virtual-HG archives and placed them at the Virtual-HG headquarters in a box by the kiosk. There are great articles of the year past! This is one of my favorite covers. Check them out!

Now onto a new year with great regions to feature!! We look forward to visiting your grid or region. We will be stopping by soon!

Celebrate the New Year in this great new ring! In the foyer at Monentes Jewelry. Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Men's 2022 Glasses!! In the foyer of Monentes Jewelry Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Merry Christmas everyone, hope Santa was good to you this year!! I created these 2022 Glasses because our future is so BRIGHT! Free/Full perms in the foyer at Monentes Jewelry Jewelry and also at the GCG store!
Christmastime all snowy and white, bundled up in my little cabin I think of all of you. The many friends I have made in opensim thank you for all the great times and laughter. We will be in a New Year soon, as Brad Paisley once said, "Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one." -Brad Paisley. It can be anything we desire. I love that! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Keep making opensim awesome!!
Last Christmas we had a Gingerbread House building contest and had an excellent time! I left the region Winter's Magic up so that we can visit the gingerbread village any time we want to. If you ever want to have a gingerbread house-building contest please just ask, I have lots of house parts of candy that I am happy to share! If free come see the cute houses!'s Magic
Christmas Lantern Snow Globe. I found this great snow globe at Sketchfab. It needs to have falling snow inside, it is free/full perms please never sell it is for personal use. In the foyer at Monentes Jewelry Jewelry
We all have our own reasons as to why we admire and respect Fred Beckhusen. I just added another reason too. He created the Wonder Woman avatar to be low poly and clothes are painted on. What is so awesome about her is she is perfect for HG teleporting, clothes stay on and rez fast when arriving, she is also beautiful. I love her and think I will keep her. Thank you Fred!
As a GCG Member each year I would create Region Owner rings. This year I created the ring to represent "flight" soaring endless flight. This is much thanks to @Fred Beckhusen for caring, and @Roddie Macchi for never giving up. It is going to be a great New Year!

In the foyer at Monentes Jewelry

I created "Decorating Doves" when Freda Frostbite asked me to decorate her venue one year. Doves carrying different ornaments and ribbon when placed about look as if they are doing the decorating, it is a beautiful effect. I have created a few for you to add, please create your own ideas using doves to decorate, it really is lovely. Can be found in the foyer of Monentes Jewelry Jewelry
We are seeking artists to join our Mind Odyssey exhibit featuring psychedelic arts! If interested please contact me here at OSW messaging for all the details! We will be opening the region for the artists, then we will be opening the exhibit to the public to view their works.
You will see art of Cherry Manga and Amaranthim Talon. Please consider joining us.

Journey of Tiers has posted!! Has Trey found Madame B? Please read to find out~

We have new articles at Virtual-HG! Please read about Fred Beckhusen's Alexandria, and Fitheach Eun explains Magic!

Christmas Frost earrings~Free/Full Perms in the foyer at Monentes Jewelry Jewelry

Romanichel Solitaire-Free/Full Perms Jewelry
please find this in the Monentes Jewelry store foyer.

Monentes Jewelry has been adding Christmas jewelry in the foyer. New items to be released soon! See you soon Jewelry

We have asked Han Held to join our team!! She will be featuring the art of the Metaverse, writing about the regions and grids that appreciate the arts! You will find her articles at our Virtual-HG page by clicking the "Art" tab. Her first article will be in January, we will keep you posted!! Welcome to the team Han! Check out the team page!
We have begun creating our "Odyssey of The Mind" art exhibit. We are currently working on the landscaping and island, then we will begin on the art. For those interested in contributing art, we will be accepting psychedelic mind-expanding works, please contact me here in IM if interested.
Today the 15th of November is the deadline to get all articles in for December. Thank you to those who submitted their articles and ads it is much appreciated. We have made progress on moving our website over to the new site. All the Journey of Tiers articles are now moved, and the Opensim Roleplay by Fitheach Eun. Moving forward we will be adding the new exclusive interviews as they happen. We have very creative residents of the metaverse new interviews soon to come. As we visit regions we will be also highlighting those in our Grid Showcase! We will be stopping by soon to see the projects you have been working on.
Making Progress! Moving the site over to the new Virtual-HG website, we have all the Journey of Tiers articles moved over. The last article is at top, please just scroll down to the first article! Reading it again from the beginning has me smiling, that Trey Magnifique is sumthin' special :)

Ruby Peace, for Christmastime...can be found at the GCG and store Jewelry

Created exclusively for opensim. Christmas will soon be here, I will be placing in the store Christmas jewelry see you soon :)

This is the From the desk of... page This is where I will be publishing my thoughts and also promoting you! The metaverse has brilliant creators who we love to promote. Please consider featuring your region as our grid showcase.
We are making progress, slowly moving the Virtual-HG site over, this has been fun! In time the hope is to have all the articles moved over. The Weebly zip was not compatible so I will have to "copy". It will take some time. We appreciate you guys! Keep building and making your grids and regions great, I will be by soon for interview Thanks for supporting us!

I have been working on a new Joomla site. The hope is to have our Virtual-HG magazine here. Moving it to Joomla. This is it so far, with much work left to do.

We have published our November 2021 issue online! Please read the articles here:

Opensim Roleplay with Fitheach Eun

From the desk of...Abandoned Photo Journal

Grid Showcase Wyldwood Bayou

Exclusive Interview with Roddie Macchi

Thank you for your continued support!

Spinel Pazzaz solitaire, Free/Full Perms a beautiful ring to celebrate fall... Jewelry

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My Reviews

Stella Polaris

When you step into Stella Polaris, Magical Dreams region you will feel as if you floated into a fairytale dream.  Soft pastels, shimmering lights, and sun rays - this is magical.  One must simply ​experience the dreamlike estate to really capture what Bink Draconia has captured. ​

The Art Factory

Thought provoking gallery. Viewing the art pieces gives you pause and a chance to reflect on thoughts we rarely explore. I love this gallery. I love how it is presented, very nice work.


This installation is a magical exploration of thought and creativity. It feels so familiar as if I have dreamt this dream. At home I am surrounded by books which I will never part with, I have ideas to make objects for my home using books, like this too. I love this Story region. Nice work!

Wolf Territories Welcome

Impeccable details here, amazing textures. When I visited the Grand Ballroom I felt as though I was visiting a RL Ballroom. I have never seen textures applied this beautifully wow, not only the selection of the textures, but also they are expertly applied, well done!!

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