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Sharing the metaverse with a creative genius has its moments, thank goodness he asked me to share them.

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Married -Content

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3D Modeling-Photoshop-Blender-Rhino

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"Sort of a onion ring meets a peanut butter cookie vibe..." Reyn Softly
"To be an artist is to be "dysfunctional" David Bowie: (Mar. 31, 1998)

My Heroes

Reyn Softly, Trey Magnifique, and that Ferd dude, yep the guy is 'maizin helping us create our DreamGrid, thank you Ferd

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DreamGrid v3.898

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Firestorm 6.4.5 (60799) Jul 23 2020 16:09:33 (64bit) (Firestorm-Betax64) with OpenSimulator support


CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5820K CPU @ 3.30GHz (3292.38 MHz)
Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 960/PCIe/SSE2

My Regions

Savoir Faire Faire 0 Users
A place to dance the night away-beautiful ballroom and gardens
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Winter's Magic's Magic 0 Users
A magical winter wonderland, online seasonally. November through January.
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Virtual_HG 0 Users
Headquarters of the Virtual-HG Magazine
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PacificNorthwest 0 Users
Cannabis Information Center - Leafly is the world’s largest cannabis information resource, empowering people in legal cannabis markets to learn about the right products for their lifestyle and wellness needs. The Leafly team of cannabis professionals collectively share years of experience in all ...
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Sandbox 0 Users
A sandbox open to the community 24 hour return policy Please clean before you go
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Mudflats 0 Users
Mudflats Well, you see, the Landlord is a tightwad, so's we started with a small budget. Tiny, some would say, not me, I'm happy 'nuff. And I needed a place I can do the Experimentin' what sometimes leads to the Explosions. And the Landlord, he's allays whining about the noise and dust and broken...
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Monentes Jewelry Jewelry 0 Users
Home to Monentes Jewelry My jewelry is free and full perms so that you may customize as you desire. To those who love my jewelry, thank you it is much appreciated.
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iknimaya 0 Users
A work in progress...built in 2010 at Virtual Highway RP based on the movie Avatar, many brilliant creators contributed. Building it again, gradually. There is a box of Free Full Perms Pandoran Flowers by the landing area. These flowers were created by torturing prims. One flower created ha...
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Abandoned Ghost Town Ghost Town 0 Users
...dust kickin', boot stompin', girl chasin', gun slingin', chew spittin' (yes we have spitoons) dirt roads, weeds, saloon, mercantile with free gifts , barn, with barn dancin' I think you get the idea. This is a rip roarin' kinda town, not for the squeamish of heart! work in progress...
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Bastion 0 Users
Bastion a tropical beach welcomes you-Freebies-Dancing at Rockhenge created by Reyn Softly ~Gloebit enabled region for tipping entertainment~
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As requested...Captured Heart bento rigged...Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Please pick up your copy of Virtual-HG magazine to read about Satyr Aeon of Opensimworld, and Joe Builder's Lost World! If you have articles or ads you would like published please send to or please drop off notecard at the mailbox at Headquarters.

Flirty Heart earrings, shimmer when you wear them. Free/Full Perms Jewelry

A place to dance and walk the gardens, romantic evenings are just a tp away. Faire

We just published March 2021 edition of the Virtual-HG Magazine!
In this issue please find:
Journey of Tiers
Joe Builder's Lost World
Exclusive Interview Satyr Aeon of Opensimworld!
From the desk of...Savoir Faire
Please pick up your issue here :
Grid and region owners please consider adding a kiosk to your region!

A beautiful Pandoran region, unlike most you have seen. Lush tropical plants, there are free plants at the landing, a nice place to unwind.

It gives us great pleasure to announce Virtual-HG will now feature a column by Fitheach Eun – Opensim Roleplay where she will discuss techniques, strategies, and also Roleplay etiquette. We will have a monthly column and I also think it is a great idea if you could submit your Roleplay questions to Fitheach so that she can focus on that as a topic, it will be helpful for all who roleplay. Please look for Fitheach’s first article in April! Welcome Fit!! Please submit questions to:

Monentes Jewelry created exclusively for you. Jewelry

We appreciate you stopping by and leaving mail at the mailbox. Thank you! We love featuring you and enjoy sharing your news! If you would like to be included in the Virtual-HG magazine, please submit your grid or region info by the 15th of each month to be included. Promoting you is a pleasure, so please consider contributing info to the magazine! We have a mailbox at Virtual-HG headquarters where you can drop off notecards with your info. Please include images to the notecard, or send to
Right next to Virtual-HG headquarters is a great coffee shop Virtual Grind. This is where I spend time working on articles for the magazine, it is a nice place to relax and catch up on current events. Please stop by anytime to chat about the projects you would like us to feature of your grid or region. There is also a mailbox where you can drop a note too, anytime. Thank you for your continued support, we love promoting all grids and residents of the metaverse.
Virtual-HG is taking shape for March! This issue will feature
Savoir Faire our new Ballroom by Luna Lunaria
Satyr Aeon of Opensimworld-Exclusive Interview
Joe Builder's Lost World a peek of his multiple regions!
Journey of Tiers the journey continues in search of Madame B!
We will be publishing March 1st-stay tuned!

Heartflora ring-Bento Rigged for Athena-Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Please read our exclusive interview with Lone Wolf of Wolf Territories. Thank you Lone it is such a pleasure to visit your region. Well done!
For those of you who have not picked up a Virtual-HG magazine, we have it published online too. Please read about Zweet Zurroundingz our Grid Showcase Thank you Peter for contributing this beautiful region to opensim visitors. It is much appreciated.
Reyn Softly in all his glory! EEP skies are so incredibly fun to play with. I added my Surfer Reyn image as a Reyn Cloud at Bastion Region. Only this cloud doesn't bring rain, lol he brings the shade cause our future is so damn bright! Try adding images to your EEP skies, the results are amazing!
Virtual-HG just published!! In this edition please find:
Exclusive Interview-Lone Wolf
Region Showcase-Zweet Zurroundingz
From the desk of...create your own mesh Avatar, create your own brand
Journey of Tiers: 7 - Astounding (Inter) Views
Please pick up your copy at

My Pretty Valentine bento and classic ring, Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Virtual-HG just published!! In this edition please find:
Exclusive Interview-Lone Wolf
Region Showcase-Zweet Zurroundingz
From the desk of...create your own mesh Avatar, create your own brand
Journey of Tiers: 7 - Astounding (Inter) Views
Please pick up your copy at

We are back online!! New jewelry added to the store, please stop by anytime!

Inlaid Diamond bento rigged-Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Floral band in white gold-Bento rigged-Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Created a shark tooth pendant on a leather neck cord for my friend Little, for the guys. It is in the Men's dept. on a table. Free and Full Perms

Created this Outworldz Dreamgrid ring with @Fred Beckhusen 's permission you can find this ring at Monentes Jewelry store too. I have it bento rigged and also Classic! Thank you Fred! Jewelry One note though the bento rigged avatar cost is way up there, it has to do with the data in the rigging. The classic avatar ring is much lower cost, I am wearing it and it works with my bento hands too.

Many styles to choose from, free/full perms Thank you very much for the tips I received it is much appreciated! Jewelry

A beautiful Pandoran region, unlike most you have seen. Lush tropical plants, there are free plants at the landing, a nice place to unwind.

I created a bento rigged set of three bangle bracelets with two pinkie rings. Please know that because there are five pieces the avatar cost does go up so the secret is when you are adding your clothing choose wisely, shoes, hair and clothing with jewelry the cost naturally goes up. Depending what you wear is what the final avatar cost will be. Free/Full Perms Jewelry
Iknimaya...beautiful Pandoran region with lush jungle. You can hear the gibbons. We placed free flowers in a box that I created using prims by torturing them into neat shapes. There are beautiful vines that curl and twist with pretty flowers. That is what you see on the log bridge.
I once was told that nothing ever stays the same except change. We should be constantly changing and adapting to not only ourselves but with our friends too. If we all work each day to improve one little thing for the better, our lives will be enriched in a year, benefiting those we love as well as ourselves.

Monentes ~ Jewelry ~ Wave Bracelet with Turquoise rigged Jewelry

Please stop by and pick up your copy of Virtual-HG magazine. This issue is packed with over 60 pages of info. A great read for Sunday morning.

Another ring in the Divalicious three stone line. This ring is bento rigged. Sapphires
Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Beautiful Onyx Solitaire with a little silver pinkie ring-Free-Full Perms-Bento Rigged Jewelry

I gave it a good go but the rigging of the jewelry caused the avatar cost to go up too much. I have decided to pull some of the bento because of complaints about the avatar cost. Before rigging the jewelry is decimated until it loses it's detail, so I am decimating as much as possible. I will keep playing with it until I can get the cost down. Thank you Typhaine.Artez for taking the time to help me perfect the jewelry. It has been a battle because it is such fine details which cost huge on some pieces no matter how much I decimate, or clean up. The other issue is, when clients wear mesh shoes, hair, clothing their avatar cost is up there, then by wearing my jewelry it goes up let's say the same as a pair of shoes, but because the jewelry is usually added last, the jewelry is to blame!! It is all adding to the avatar cost. Back to the drawing board. Thank you for all the support!!

I put in an area for the Bento rigged jewelry. It is located in the foyer to your left. Jewelry

Divalicious with two pinkies-rigged for Bento-Free/Full Perms

Heart Bezel with Diamond, diamonds also adorn the band
My Sweetheart rigged-Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Set of three rings, two pinkies and a heart, Free and Full Perms, Rigged :) Jewelry

Rigged pinky rings at Monentes Jewelry! Yes I said rigged :) More rings coming soon. Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Thank you FreyaJo8 for giving me inspiration. In the beginning when first learning to create jewelry I asked about rigging. It was suggested to me at the time to not rig because it gave to many issues like the necklace doesn't lay right but instead flops around unrealistically. So with that I shelved the idea of rigging and did not want the added expense of Avastar. So Freya commented that the rings float and don't lay right, so it prompted me to research again to see what is new with rigging. As it turns out there is a kit for Maitreya with mesh hands that are rigged so it is just a matter of placement of ring on model. I have MS so have a very hard time with dexterity and vision so getting it to place just right is the challenge for me but it is a new year with new goals and this is one. I will work hard at trying to get all "new" rings rigged, just please be patient with me :)

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My Reviews

The Art Factory Reloaded

Thought provoking gallery. Viewing the art pieces gives you pause and a chance to reflect on thoughts we rarely explore. I love this gallery. I love how it is presented, very nice work.


This installation is a magical exploration of thought and creativity. It feels so familiar as if I have dreamt this dream. At home I am surrounded by books which I will never part with, I have ideas to make objects for my home using books, like this too. I love this Story region. Nice work!

Wolf Territories

Impeccable details here, amazing textures. When I visited the Grand Ballroom I felt as though I was visiting a RL Ballroom. I have never seen textures applied this beautifully wow, not only the selection of the textures, but also they are expertly applied, well done!!

Belle Terre

mmm the sweet scent of cherry blossoms will greet your arrival as you wind your way along the winding path to the maze. This is a pretty region with a secluded tree house for that romantic dance. Looking forward to the Belle's performances this winter, I see too there is a masquerade ball on the calendar in December, nice work Freda!


The details of this region is just impeccable. From the pathways, to the worn wagon wheel tracks through the meadows. I love the details here, this reminds me of the early days of SL when you venture out and discover a place where you lose track of time, a place that you find yourself wanting to return again, which I definitely will. You will love her ships :)

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