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Sharing the metaverse with a creative genius has its moments, thank goodness he asked me to share them.

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Married -Content

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3D Modeling-Photoshop-Blender-Rhino

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"Sort of a onion ring meets a peanut butter cookie vibe.." Reyn Softly

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Reyn Softly, Trey Magnifique, and that Ferd dude, yep the guy is 'maizin helping us create our DreamGrid, thank you Ferd

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DreamGrid v3.75

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Firestorm 6.4.5 (60799) Jul 23 2020 16:09:33 (64bit) (Firestorm-Betax64) with OpenSimulator support


CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5820K CPU @ 3.30GHz (3292.38 MHz)
Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 960/PCIe/SSE2
Alienware keyboard and mouse

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Winter's Magic's Magic 0 Users
A magical winter wonderland.
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Virtual_HG 0 Users
Headquarters of the Virtual-HG Magazine
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PacificNorthwest 0 Users
Cannabis Information Center - Leafly is the world’s largest cannabis information resource, empowering people in legal cannabis markets to learn about the right products for their lifestyle and wellness needs. The Leafly team of cannabis professionals collectively share years of experience in all ...
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Sandbox 0 Users
A sandbox open to the community 24 hour return policy Please clean before you go
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Mudflats 0 Users
Mudflats Well, you see, the Landlord is a tightwad, so's we started with a small budget. Tiny, some would say, not me, I'm happy 'nuff. And I needed a place I can do the Experimentin' what sometimes leads to the Explosions. And the Landlord, he's allays whining about the noise and dust and broken...
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Monentes Jewelry Jewelry 0 Users
Home to Monentes Jewelry My jewelry is free and full perms so that you may customize as you desire. To those who love my jewelry, thank you it is much appreciated.
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iknimaya 1 Users
A work in progress...built in 2010 at Virtual Highway RP based on the movie Avatar, many brilliant creators contributed. Building it again, gradually. There is a box of Free Full Perms Pandoran Flowers by the landing area. These flowers were created by torturing prims. One flower created ha...
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Abandoned Ghost Town Ghost Town 0 Users
...dust kickin', boot stompin', girl chasin', gun slingin', chew spittin' (yes we have spitoons) dirt roads, weeds, saloon, mercantile with free gifts , barn, with barn dancin' I think you get the idea. This is a rip roarin' kinda town, not for the squeamish of heart! work in progress...
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Bastion 0 Users
Bastion a tropical beach welcomes you-Freebies-Dancing at Rockhenge created by Reyn Softly ~Gloebit enabled region for tipping entertainment~
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Winter's Magic Gingerbread Village's Magic

@Amaranthim Talon's sweet little house! Inside is just darling too, she has made a sofa with cookies and candy canes that is so beautiful!! Voting starts Saturday, December 5th at noon, and goes all the way to Dec 23rd at 7PM awards will be given on the 24th Christmas Eve Thank you everyone for participating all the houses are now in. Some are finalizing a bit before Saturday, please stop by and see!'s Magic
Olo'eyktan Clan Leader

Roleplay Leader or Clan Olo'eyktan positions available at Iknimaya Pandoran RP.. Olo'eyktan's are the Leaders of Iknimaya, there will be three one from each clan. We are seeking individuals who have the desire to work and live as a Na'vi in the most spectacular Opensim Na'vi RP Region.

The selected candidates just need the desire to work and grow with a new RP region. Skills sought are
1. Public Relations
2. Community Organizer experience is plus
3. Knowledge of the Movie Avatar
You will be given the necessary materials to understand Na'vi way of life and Iknimaya Pandoran RP Region

General duties include, but not limited to:
*Accepting RP Applications
*Designating Clan Members to their clans and roles.
* Accepting clan back stories for each clan member
*Leading your Clan in RP

The selected candidate will be required to give at least 4 hours (divided up if needed) each week or more.
Please express your interest to: Marianna Monentes

Here is the house that John Sheppard built!! It is very cute John!! Nice work!'s Magic

This little house by @Tainted Angel is Adorable!! You have to come see this!! It has great little heart entry too, I love this!!'s Magic

Here is my little gingerbread house! This is too much fun! Please stop by and see the little village is growing!'s Magic

@Hairy Thor 's Gingerbread House is adorable! Look out @Gary Hodges you have competition now!

Iknimaya has been given the kindest gift. @BettyFashionLover took time out of her day to help me create poses for our Hawpanyu. So that we can utilize the Flow of Healing and also carrying the sick. These poses are giving us life in our RolePlay. Thank you very much Betty ❤
The Na'vi people who inhabit Avatar’s planet Pandora are very connected to nature. I came away from the movie feeling touched by the "interconnectedness" of the story which teaches how all living things are connected to one another.
If you already feel a connection with nature the habit of hugging trees, walking barefoot , or dipping your feet in the ocean is a profound respect for nature and life.
In roleplay there are many characters to choose from in the Na’vi Hierarchy, one role in particular the Hawpanyu, or healer utilizes ecotherapy, a natural free and accessible treatment that boosts wellbeing. Healers are the medical experts of the Na'vi. When a Na'vi is sick or wounded in some way, they are tended to by the healers. They are experts on what trees and plants have medicinal purposes and in converting these plants into medicines that can be either taken orally or placed on the skin.
All members of the clan have some knowledge in healing, however there is one skill that is exclusive to the healer class. That skill is called " The flow of healing." It is well known that there is a network of energy that surrounds all living things. A healer is able to tap into this energy, and use themselves as a conductor to turn the energy into a healing force. Not every Na’vi can perfect the Flow of Healing but all are gifted with the art of healing. This effort, however, is not always successful. The success of this is dependent on the seriousness of the injury and the skill of the healer.

We are offering Hawpanyu classes, where we will teach you about the plants of Iknimaya, and their healing properties. We will Roleplay the methods of healing, to teach you the method, or flow of healing.

This process is extremely hard on the healer. The healer can only perform this a limited number of times before they become too exhausted to do anymore. This can include many patients with small wounds, or one patient with a massive wound. The more experience the healer has, the longer they can perform this type of healing. This classification is one of the most respected in the clan. It is also one of the most highly sought after. And it is also one of the most difficult to pass.

We invite you to sign up, classes start January 2021.
Look how darling, this is Gary Kohime's house under construction! Please stop by and watch the houses as they are being built and added to the region at Winter's Magic. Please no voting until Dec 5th, any votes prior will be deleted. Voting starts Dec 5th at noon.'s Magic

@BettyFashionLover has brought to my attention that page 28 had error. I apologize. I am updating now and adding to the kiosk, thank you Betty for bringing this to my attention. Sara, I apologize.

Thank you contestants for entering! We have closed the contest for entrants, the Gingerbread houses will be placed by Dec 5th, that is when we ask you to please come vote for your favorite. To the many people who have come by to visit thank you!
We published our December magazine. In this magazine you will find:
Exclusive Interview-Sara Diamond-Fire and Ice Grid
Grid Showcase-Utopia Skye
Trey is back with another chapter of Journey of Tiers
From the desk of...Gary Kohime invites you to his Winter & A Dream
Please pick up your copy at various grid locations,
We have planted more plants to give the region a jungle feel. Please stop by anytime.
This is a tour of the region on the Great Toruk
RP is encouraged here.
The gingerbread house building contest has three plots left. If you would like to enter a super fun building contest with a chance to win 1k, please consider entering. We have a box of building supplies to get you started. No worries on prim count, the size plot is 10 x 10 please come and choose yours. The date to have the house placed is Dec 5th. We will allowing building at the region too starting on November 26th !'s Magic
We have four plots left! If you would like to enter the Virtual-HG Gingerbread House building contest, please come claim your plot for building. Building begins November 26th with house to be finished and placed by noon Dec 5th! Come and join in on the fun. There is a prim to copy and rez on the plot of your choice. Please join the group so that you can rez the prim. Have fun!'s Magic

Reyn has been adding more plants and awesome rock formations at Iknimaya

We just opened our region Winter's Magic, we will have the Gingerbread House building contest here. I have a few things out that you may copy, if you see anything that isn't that you would like please just ask. We will be working on the region it is a work in progress. If you would like to enter the contest, please join the group to rez a prim on the house plot you want. We will start building November 26th, till December 5th. The prize will be 1k gloebits there is a box of building supplies here please feel free to copy. Prims and mesh building parts, this is a 10 x 10 parcel.

Winter's Magic our new region is taking shape. We will have the region open soon.

Virtual-HG is presenting a Gingerbread house building contest.
December 5th at Noon-Building region now will include LM soon
1000$ Gloebits, we will leave the houses up till January 1st, Voting easels will be up from the 5th till December 23, we will have voting end at 7PM December 23 with the prize money awarded December 24th. I will have the LM posted in the December edition of Virtual-HG magazine. Mesh items- okay to use too, but please don't have the entire house one object, we want to see creativity with lots of cool parts, use the imagination. Enter early for you chance to win, we are accepting entries now, please send to and let me know you are entering.

I have updated my snowflake jewelry at the store, I noticed the boxes were not giving the jewelry I apologize. I have added this jewelry to the Pictures on the wall, and in the jewelry case. Enjoy!

We are right on schedule with our December edition of Virtual-HG in this magazine you will find:
Exclusive Interview-Sara Diamond-Fire and Ice Grid
Grid Showcase-Utopia Skye
Trey is back with another chapter of Journey of Tiers
From the desk of...Gary Kohime invites you to his Winter & A Dream
We will publish on or before December 1st, 2020
*Image is Abandoned region at the grid

Created a snowy fence - Free Full Perms-Enjoy! Jewelry

Christmas tree earrings, with low lag blinking lights. Free - Full Perms -Scripts can be removed too, I had to do it please don't hate me lol it is so pretty! Jewelry

Poinsettia Ring - Christmas 2020 Free / Full Perms Jewelry

Cherry Manga art is captivating. For those of you who did not make it to the Virtual-HG headquarters to pick up November issue, please read about Cherry Manga here
please see her art here Freebies heartbeat - commercial free music on the grid - enabled at Bastion and Sierra region, more regions soon to come. Genre -Chill

The first of Christmas 2020 jewelry. This set is Christmas Wings, earrings and a pretty pearl chain choker with winged heart. Free and Full perms Jewelry

Virtual Grind coffee shop-freshly brewed coffee-French Roast-Cappuccino-Mocha Latte we are open 24/7 Mugs are animated and Free. We are next to Virtual-HG Magazine headquarters, if you have region news that you would like to see featured in the magazine, please stop by and add your info to a note card and drop in the mailbox located at the Virtual Grind coffee shop.

continuum grid is now online 24/7 we have migrated to a new server, please feel free to stop by anytime.

Created a few snow laden trees Free and Full perms. A cold snow blew in before the aspen lost it's leaves. In the foyer at Monentes Jewelry Jewelry

The grid is back online! Please pick up your copy of Virtual-HG magazine and read about Amara and Hairy's "Atlantis" grid is offline today we are upgrading the grid. we will be back up and running later today or tomorrow. we will post a notice to let you know when we are back up and running. see you soon, hugs ❤
We are publishing early due to a power outage in my area due to high winds and fire danger. Virtual-HG November issue is now available at the kiosks at If you would like a Kiosk at your grid please IM, the power is supposed to be turned off sometime today, not back online till late Tuesday. Thank you for your continued support! Please submit future articles to
Virtual-HG Magazine is on schedule, we will be publishing November 1st
In this issue please find
Exclusive Interview-Cherry Manga
Grid Showcase-Bridgemere
Capt. Shadows-Shadow
From the desk of...

Iknimaya our Pandora region. At the landing you will find a box of free flowers I created for the region. Pretty vines, and Pandora flowers

Monentes ~ Jewelry ~ Solana three stone ring-Free-Full Perms Jewelry

Sierras taking shape. Thank you Jimmy Olsen for the great grasses and trees.

Creating a new region "Sierras". I felt a need to plant trees, and bring the Sierras alive virtually. Thank you to the firefighters who worked to save my home ❤

...dust kickin', boot stompin', girl chasin', gun slingin', chew spittin' (yes we have spitoons) dirt roads, weeds, saloon, mercantile with free gifts , barn, with barn dancin' I think you get the idea. This is a rip roarin' kinda town, not for the squeamish of heart! Free items in the General Mercantile Ghost Town
Virtual-HG October issue is available @ In this issue please find Grid Showcase CreaNovale. Dabici and Kelso create with amazing attention to detail, CreaNovale is the place to be during fall... please also read about Kayaker Magic creative thinker who brings opensim Magic...there is also Poetry by Major John Sheppard. Please stop by anytime

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Marianna 2 months ago
Many ask me where can they find free full permission statues, pillars, and building components. It is all free that I see sold here with claims it is their "original" creation. They might have textured the item but the content was created by someone else.