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Bachelor in Social Communication, with speciality on Cinema. Rio loves technology and actually is learning HTML, CSS and how to create virtual worlds in blender. She works on Content Marketing and Growth Hacking at M3ganeura.

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About Myself

Universe daughter who is touching the stars in 3D worlds, surrounded by talentuous people. In RL I create content for Social Networks like Instagram or Facebook. Soon I'll start my own business.

My Interests

Design, tech, TICs, Communication, art, photography. I use Blender but not as a pro, 'cause I'm still learing, but what I like the most is to texturize objects and to add scripts to them.

Favorite Quote

“True love is born from understanding.”
― The Buddha

Music I Like

Pink Floyd, classical music... I love all kind of music.

Films I Like

Natural born killers, Jodorowsky's movies, Millenium mambo, El gabinete del Dr. Caligari, Nosferatu, Acorazado Potempkin, Metropolis, Modern Times, The great Dictator, Citizen Kane...

Books I Like

Motivational and spiritual books, also books of marketing, technology and all kind of learning's book.

My Heroes

God, but not the one who lives on the clouds, my God is not a man, is energy. ;)

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Feel welcome to our latinamerican community. We leave some special gifts for you!
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Río Fénix is our photography and Digital Marketing business where we try to transmit good vibes and feelings with our body and soul to create art and help our own society.
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Merry Christmas to all!

Visit this new sim made with love and Christmas Spirit for all my friends in Osgrid. It will be upt until February 1st, so hurry up and take your presents.

Under construction still. I have to say that all objects there, except for a bridge, were taken from other sims. I just placed them creating stories with my daughter.
Hope that you have fun!

Teotl in náhuatl means Cosmic Energy (prana). Here you'll find a new friendly place where to have fun. Río Fénix is our photography and D.M. business where we try to transmit good vibes to create art and help our own society to succeed.