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∞ Humane Female Mature playing as a Female Avatar. The Tonal. Voice Yoga. Chua Ka. Body Sculpting. Arica Institute. Tensegrity. Nagual. Tibetan Pulsing. Insight. Sanyasini. Vulcan, Klingon.♥♥Love and more love for Miguel Rotunno, for his love, friendship, generosity, patience, works of art, sims, Isla Bonita and the magnificent appearance of Dee Ferry, the avatar, a living doll.♥♥Profile Photo by Miguel Rotunno∞♥My Forever Love. My Forever Friend.

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Respect is earned, as is friendliness. - Michael Burnham

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Call me stupid, I just do not understand why objects on sims for free sale are not full perm? What part of free don´t I understand?

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Cherokee Cove

In my view, this is/was a good sim. You will be missed. Update 06202021: Just visited new Cherokee Cove. Well done and well said. This visit had the opportunity to meet and chat a bit with Cherokee. Lovely to meet a new friend. :)


Fun Fun Fun! Lots of fabulous masks.


Groovy. Fun to look around. Feels like Pandora.


Sim Looks Cool. However. No tp allowed. Group joiner no response. Not able to copy anything. Must be me.

Rayvn's Roost

Been here a few times. Good for my texture fetishes. lol. Ty!

FemDom City

In my view, this is a friendly, well organized sim. 100% no issues to take your time to look around.


Beautiful creative collaboration from partners. Friendly. Lots to see.

La Toya

I ike La Toya! Great costumes! Friendly place to visit. Sylvia is cool. :)


Wow, just recently found this sim again. Caro immediately responded to some buy/copy issues I was having. Great customer service! Ty, Caro!


If you like the Classics and Flex hair and apparel, you will love this place. Ty Anette. Big fun :)

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