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∞ Humane Female Mature playing as a Female Avatar. The Tonal. Voice Yoga. Chua Ka. Body Sculpting. Arica Institute. Tensegrity. Nagual. Tibetan Pulsing. Insight. Sanyasini. Vulcan, Klingon.♥♥Love and more love for Miguel Rotunno, for his love, friendship, generosity, patience, works of art, sims, Isla Bonita and the magnificent appearance of Dee Ferry, the avatar, a living doll.♥♥Profile Photo by Miguel Rotunno∞♥My Forever Love. My Forever Friend.

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Respect is earned, as is friendliness. - Michael Burnham

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Call me stupid, I just do not understand why objects on sims for free sale are not full perm? What part of free don´t I understand?

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Arkham City

The sim is designed to be fun and it is! Winter sports are promoted. The owner of the sim was really nice and helpful. I will be back to sample more of what is on offer. Thank you for adding me in the group and allowing me to see this great sim, Felix.

Hidden Christmas

I visited Hidden Christmas sim yesterday. The sim owner was kind and willing to help. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to see everything on offer. I'll be back to finish my journey. Your patience will be rewarded with a well-organized scrumptious variety of holiday themed goodies.


Enchanting Encantada! Generously shared. Product delivery magical. Clear, concise labels. Creativity, yes!

Santas Winterwunderland

So festive and cheerful. Beautiful winter wonderland sim! There are many holiday goodies for both the naughty and the not-so-naughty... hehe hoho!

The Garth

I had a terrific time just looking at everything available for copying. So beautifully planned, divided into named categories, and delivered quickly. I spent much time there and have not seen everything there is to see. If you're new and want to expand your inventory, this is one of the sims to visit. Care, share, you betcha!

Magical Winter

Incredible, generous sharing of sui generis items. It is clear this build is joyfully designed. Ride the carousels, skate, walk around, shop, and enjoy the winter and festive splendour!


I agree with Allie, Migizi, SwashyMark, and JuliaThePirate! The owner is pleasant and kind, and I'm sure all of the people engaged in this development are as well. The construction is still a work in progress, yet it is already a work of art. I plan to return frequently to see how this gorgeous sim develops.

GOR Sardar Fair

The people who run this grid, literally were and are the first friends I made when I came to opensim. They were warm and welcoming then as they are now. I read a few of the books and decided the lifestyle probably would not work for me full time. However, I visit there often to say hello and have a look around. I have ALWAYS been treated with the utmost kindness and open welcoming arms. I am ...

La Toya

I Like La Toya! Great costumes! Friendly place to visit. Sylvia is cool. :)

Rayvn's Roost Concourse

Because the sim is growing, I visit here frequently. It's excellent. I'm a bit of a noob and a recurring sim visitor, so practically everything is new to me! I say well done.

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Misty_Falls 3 months ago
Anyone, knowing Klingon and Vulcan, is on my list of cool ... Cheers and Happy exploring !