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∞ Humane Female Mature playing as a Female Avatar. The Tonal. Voice Yoga. Chua Ka. Body Sculpting. Arica Institute. Tensegrity. Nagual. Tibetan Pulsing. Insight. Sanyasini. Vulcan, Klingon.♥♥Love and more love for Miguel Rotunno, for his love, friendship, generosity, patience, works of art, sims, Isla Bonita and the magnificent appearance of Dee Ferry, the avatar, a living doll.♥♥Profile Photo by Miguel Rotunno∞♥My Forever Love. My Forever Friend.

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InWorld I am known as: Dee Ferry, Seven OfNine, and Captain Janeway

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Respect is earned, as is friendliness. - Michael Burnham

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Seeking Wanderers

Suggestions about where to find these lovely babies are most welcome. Thanks. **Hope this is posted in the correct forum**

And then suddenly...

I cannot remember where to get clothes for a classic body female. Suggestions are welcomed.

Jupiter Rowland: Are you looking for layer or mesh clothes? If it's mesh, Damien Fate is your friend. Try Deva Moda in the big yellow house in the southeast corner of Klamotto ( and... 12 months ago

Call me stupid, I just do not understand why objects on sims for free sale are not full perm? What part of free don´t I understand?

Johnny Rebel: bIghel'a'? tIq rIHtaHghachwIj. :) jatlh = Ahh, you are a Trekkie to? haha! :D Live long, and prosper. :) "smiles" & waves" 1 years ago

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Always a pleasure to visit. Big fun. ●ヽ(゚∀゚ヽ)♪♪(ノ゚∀゚)ノ●


Sending you many stars for customer service! <(* ̄▽ ̄)ノ☆;:*:;☆

Arkham Grid

I have and always will love visiting Arkham.

Home Furniture Dream

*** Today Bella accused me of being a thief because I was taking my time looking and deciding what to buy. I don't buy everything. I have a large inventory without her crap. I am more interested in accessory decor than her precious sofas and beds and shite. I have been to her sims many times before. I joined her groups. Worse is we were friends with my Kitely avatar. She is having a mental ...


Dress warm! Beautiful snowfall. Feels like winter. Wonderful to visit!

RidgeWay Falls

d(☆▽☆)b Well done! *̣̥☆·͙̥‧❄‧̩̥·‧•̥̩̥͙‧·‧̩̥˟͙☃˟͙‧̩̥·‧•̥̩̥͙‧·‧̩̥❄‧·͙̥̣☆*̣̥


Just finished shopping at Tosca winter shops. Outstanding variety. Organized. Unique items. Well done, Friend! ( ᗒωᗕ )


Organized. Big Up. Well done and thank you! d(´¬`)b


Bring your umbrella and rain boots! Keep building, friend, you have a great start!



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Your good at choosing names. I like your in-world names. haha! :) <--- detailed Vulcan language. Klingon can be found there to.
Live long, and prosper. hugs :) | Ha-tor wu, heh smusma. Teraya-martaya : ) | Yin long, 'ej chep. Hugs :)

hehe. :D
Johnny, I apologize, I did not notice this message until today. I have bookmarked on my pc, both funtranslations sites. Hope you are well. Sincerely.
Anyone, knowing Klingon and Vulcan, is on my list of cool ... Cheers and Happy exploring !