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∞ Humane Female Mature playing as a Female Avatar. The Tonal. Voice Yoga. Chua Ka. Body Sculpting. Arica Institute. Tensegrity. Nagual. Tibetan Pulsing. Insight. Sanyasini. Vulcan, Klingon.♥♥Love and more love for Miguel Rotunno, for his love, friendship, generosity, patience, works of art, sims, Isla Bonita and the magnificent appearance of Dee Ferry, the avatar, a living doll.♥♥Profile Photo by Miguel Rotunno∞♥My Forever Love. My Forever Friend.

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Respect is earned, as is friendliness. - Michael Burnham

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Call me stupid, I just do not understand why objects on sims for free sale are not full perm? What part of free don´t I understand?

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Soto Belmond

VIP and free. Romantic and Special. Very good visit to this sim. Stores offer variety, volume, and quality items in an eye-candy setting. Residents are friendly and helpful. Yes, I shopped until I dropped. Will be back. Much more to see and do. Big thumbs up!

La Toya

I ike La Toya! Great costumes! Friendly place to visit. Sylvia is cool. :)


Wow, just recently found this sim again. Caro immediately responded to some buy/copy issues I was having. Great customer service! Ty, Caro!


If you like the Classics and Flex hair and apparel, you will love this place. Ty Anette. Big fun :)

Fashionistas island

New Bettys Styling Proposals (BSP) go great with my morning coffee. I look forward to seeing them. Unique. Ty, Miss BSP!

OSGrid Destinations

I like it! If you list it there, we will come.

Lunaria Emporium

Ty so much for the generous holiday shopping goodies. A happy time was had by all.

It's Five O'clock Somewhere

Would love to visit this region, however, get this message: Teleport failed. Unable to verify identity. What does that mean? How do I verify my identity? Thanks.


☆゚. * ・ 。゚, Sweet fantasy sim ☆゚. * ・ 。゚,

The Last Utopia


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