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Love building and landscaping!

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People with knowledge on scripting and building to nag with questions! :P

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I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
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Hi everyone, continuing with the focus on masc items at the new Starchild Beauty location, I have added a few stand poses!
It comes with an instructions notecard on how to leverage Firestorm AO functionality! There's a stand in front so you can test them too!
Locations is DIFFERENT from usual: hop://

Jordan Melody: Would be nice if more couple poses were also brought in. 19 hours ago
NEW Ares EvoX Skin for FORD Head + Cassius Hairbases & Beard
Some more on the male section.
Ares skin fatpack (on the darker skin tones) and;
Cassius Haribases & Beard fatpack (this one is not the one shown on Ares, but as close as it got).
Locations is DIFFERENT from usual: hop://

LaylaHart42: i wish you can bring good women Skin over to there is not much places where you can get women skin 3 days ago
I wanted to leave it at that - but thought I would bring at least 1 face skin + eyes to go with the skin tones!
Bear in mind it's in a new location (since I plane to bring some more items on this theme): hop://

Aurora Starchild: Damn...he too hot :O 4 days ago
(2/2) ...not enough skins in the previous post? Oh well, here another 2 styles in 16 additional tones. As well as 5 full fatpacks of body hair!
Bear in mind it's in a new location (since I plane to bring some more items on this theme): hop://

Blake Hayvenhurst: Thank you Aurora, love the chubby one! 4 days ago
(1/2) As mentioned...stuff for men! The Jupiter skin comes with 3 styles (Fit/Normal/Muscular) in 33 tones! Includes all add-ons and neck fades!
Bear in mind it's in a new location (since I plane to bring some more items on this theme): hop://

Right, I 'threatened' I've decided to bring some body stuff, focusing on males - watch this space for new cool skins!

Blake Hayvenhurst: We do! Hair, skins and proper clothing (not the bad boy type). 5 days ago
Another steamy furniture, great to blend in with public venues in adult sims (bars, or outdoors). A vending machine with stocked with everything you need, from dildos to condom. Not its main use, though! Have all the fun against it with the +300 animations it comes with.You could also, make the mesh invisible and place it on any wall!

Uber: hop://
Hi folks! Been a while since I posted something. Out now is this semi-circular sofa, named by the public, sitting up to 8 avatar (4 couples) and with tons of animations.
Some of the texture available look better on a 'latex' type of shine.
Remember the furniture store is located: hop://

Khaos Reign: I'm really struggling to get to the store, it keeps dropping me in the water and when I cam about I can't seem to find it :( I haven't had a chance to get to any of the stores that you have. Hopefully... 7 days ago
As some of you might have seen, the region hosting the Shoppe has divided into four themed ones, and so have we!
- Starchild Shoppe: Furniture: hop://
- Starchild Shoppe: Odds&Decor: hop://
- Starchild Shoppe: Landscaping: hop://
While the previous location is still available, it will be decomissioned soon!

Chelsea Louloudi: Wow, it is spectacular, Aurora. 11 days ago

Hi folks! You can find some pride items at the entrance of the store!
Will keep adding a few more slowly, through June/July
hop:// Boutiques/388/356/23

Jared Seda: Thank u so much for the awesome pride stuff! Much appreciated! 1 month ago

Ellous lovely people! Not 'dead', just working hard on the new store[s] (more info to come soon), will upload soon some Pride items!

This one is from @Mandy_Candy for all of us.
A cute coffin float, with more than 300 poses both inside the...coffin, and on top of it!

Uber: hop:// Boutiques/398/395/23

CyberGlo CyberStar: I hope it goes over better than my chicken house memorial gardens. I had created a sim with chicken houses, and people could come there and name a chicken after their dead spouse, parents, or child. ... 2 months ago

Lazy Sunday morning outfit, and some shopping at amazing @Pilar 's Tierra de Volcanes

Aqua Lounge Bar OUT NOW!
More a lounger set than a bar! The Aqua Lounge Bar comes with three pieces packed with animations:
1. A barstool
2. A dance pole
3. A bar tap
Both the tap and the stool sit several avis in various combinations. Comes with the texture had, as well as some guidance to change the glow and light. Enjoy your soaked fun!

Uber: hop:// Boutiques/392/401/23
Just wanted to send another huge shout out at @valerieluv0 's work ( )
In the past, as I guess many others in OS too, we had to have a 'paging' system for rentals, get involve in each transaction, assign permissions... it was an administrative nightmare.
Now we can manage almost 300 parcel rentals (both free and paid) spread across 8 regions (and planning on another 72!) SEAMLESSLY!

Mistressdalgato: i havent tested this yet but the mailbox i use for my rental system for hg users works great for free parcels. but this may be interesting if i ever decide to go back into pay for land. 2 months ago
===Starchild Kin: On the Order of Celestials===
‘…the humans inquire about the Hierarchy of Angels, as they call us. They have conceived a hierarchy of what they call choirs, which does not seem inappropriate, for there is a First Song, that is also the Last...'
'...And from the First Song, that is the Last, the Song without Sound, condensing like pearls of harmonic melody, came the Seraphim, falling like rain upon the mountain, and they Sang to the Song, and there was Harmony....'
[The fragment below is a continuation of the prologue to the background story of the Starchild family at Darkheart’s Playground grid in OpenSimulator and the future development of a HUD (akin to Bloodlines in Second Life) that will foster a roleplay of vampires, demons, angels, and other races.]
===Starchild Kin: A prologue===
The story above is prologue to the background story of the Starchild family at Darkheart’s Playground grid in OpenSimulator, and the future development of a HUD (aking to Bloodlines in Second Life) that will foster a roleplay of vampires, demons, angels and other races.

Sodasullivan: This is a great idea Aurora. I do not really RP very much, and one more HUD is usually one too many for me, but i have found having the "history" of Avedon Park laid out helps me as a map of sorts as ... 2 months ago
Sunset Dreams Sectional out now!
A new section PACKED with tons of animations, and sitting up to 6 people!
This has always been a favourite of mine, not sure if due to the shape & look, or the nice sitting and cuddle poses!
The couch texture comes with 2 basis tintable layers. While I have put some colours via hud, you can always tint with your own!

Uber: hop:// Boutiques/371/380/23

Carmen Jewel: I have also found a perfect spot for this couch :) 2 months ago
A new amazing shower with state of the art animations (yes, fewer than what we are used to in other furnitures, good!).
Comes fully integrated with Sally Jackson's Cum System, with its own submenu! So you can get messy, and get cleaned, and messy, and cleaned all over again!

Uber: hop:// Boutiques/384/399/23

Sodasullivan: I like the shower so much that I am redoing my whole bathroom now. Love the hot and cold water =) 2 months ago
Seabound Bench OUT NOW!
A cute little bench with very nice weathered wood textures, and packed with around 900 animations sitting 4 avatars.
Two-somes, three-somes, name it!
Nice cuddle animations as well!

Uber: hop:// Boutiques/385/385/23

Sodasullivan: This bench is awesome! I should mention to everyone that it comes with 16 great bench textures including some beautiful painted woods, and the blanket has over 30 texture options! Beautiful! 3 months ago
Poolside Towel OUT NOW!
This one is extremely versatile: has animations both on top of the towel on the pool side, on top of the prop tube (yes, including threesomes on top of it!), as well as floating/in-water animations. You can always make the towel transparent to put it on a deck, or by the seaside! The prop tubes also change texture on-click.
Comes with Texture HUD, material layers...
Uber: hop:// Boutiques/399/369/23
A new outdoor piece, a beach cabana that sits up to 4 people!
More than 1300 animations in several configurations.
Comes with a HUD for the textures.

Note: Please click once on vendor, and WAIT. Specially if HG-ing. Spamming it will only send debug to all region.

Uber: hop:// Boutiques/392/352/23
No, it's not a texture HUD... This one will rezz poseballs so you can have fun anywhere!
Brand new animations in both items, and sounds!
Remember that, like the walls, you can/should make this box transparent and place it anywhere (instructions inside). They HUD only needs attaching!

Uber: hop:// Boutiques/391/359/23

Sodasullivan: *sings Justin Timberlake's "I am bringin' sexy box!" 3 months ago
They say that it's the journey, not the destination... So why not have fun while you get there? And bring along another 4 friends while you are at that!
Mariner's Lustful Speed boat comes packed with +1200 animations. But I thought we could add some more, so I integrated the menu with the Underwater sex ones...because I can!
Speedboat is fully drivable and include some sounds!

Uber: hop:// Boutiques/388/411/23

Aurora Starchild: Hey lovelies - I know some are getting some region errors...please click on the vendors just once and wait. It does take some time if you are from another grid. 3 months ago
This one was a special request for my dear friend Ed. While I am not fond of gender-labeling poses, there's some value on highlighting the focus. This hammock comes packed with +400 animations tailored around MaleOnMale poses.

Uber: hop:// Boutiques/389/368/23
NEW: This circular/pallet bed comes packed with +500 animations, some decor, and HUNDREDS of textures.
I have spent a good amount of time making sure you get all the versatility and can change the texture of each piece of the set individually, pillow to pillow!

Uber: hop:// Boutiques/391/354/23

Aurora Starchild: @sodasullivan - didn't you want textures!? There you go 21 per each of the 6 pillows, 13 for each of the 4 throws lol 3 months ago
My favourite out of the latest 3 new items. Comobo of stand alone gaming chair with really steamy animations, as well as a fully linked set of the same chair animations + additional ones on the station itself.
Comes packed with hundred of textures as well, and of course - materials! (amazing material layers on this one, by the way).

Uber: hop:// Boutiques/391/354/23
Prepare for some notification spam! First new item is a set of two new urban-styled barstool.
As per the new update en additional work on the new items+review, comes with a texture HUD and materials.
Great looking alternative to the two other type of barstools we have at the store (also different set of animations).

Uber: hop:// Boutiques/391/354/23
Out new, a new chaise focused on threesomes. 490 animations and all possible combinations: FM FF MM FFM MMF FFF & duo pegging FMF.
Includes [AV] select, and HUD with all textures - as well as materials. I have also replaced the usual box for a add-able unpacker.
Uber: hop:// Boutiques/381/373/23

Sodasullivan: *googles "duo pegging" and swallows my gum. That is a LOT of animations I will likely never use, but the chaise looks SO great I have already found a home for it in the Park. 4 months ago
Okay, this one goes out to @sodasullivan who keeps moaning about me only bringing alcohol. So some Hazelnut Coffee it is...and a 'Hidden' wine cellar.
Both items dispense drinks with hold/drink animations: Cellar 2 different ones.
Cellar frame is scripted so it moves and hides the drinks! Pourover dripping is scripted too.
All include bumpiness and shine layers and values.
Uber: hop://

Sodasullivan: Thank goodness. I thought I was going to have to start a virtual 12-step program. Seriously though, these look beautiful. Thank you for the hard work you put into everything. If anyone has not shopped... 4 months ago
Not dead! Taken a bit to get back to next step at Starchild Shoppe: furniture review. During the first months the goal was to make available as much as I could. Now it's time to refine, some based on your feedback, it will be a slow process, but Float and Mattress are done!:
- Bumpiness and shine layers now included.
- Permissions have been reviewed so they are Copy+Mod
- Wear props have been reviewed with Matthew Stevenson's fix so they rotate properly.
- Includes a HUD, and I have added the remaining 15 textures.
The updated items will also get their vendor updated, so just click on the screen for those (rather than the usual GET button).

Sodasullivan: Yay for adding materials! I honestly do not understand why so many creators do not bother with this simple process. It is fairly easy to do and adds so much benefit. and if you have not been to Starch... 4 months ago
New drink item at Starchild Shoppe. Board and decor champs mimosa glasses both dispense a wearable, hold+drink+animated smaller glass via prop. Bubbles animated too.
Comes with 2 hold+drink poses (initially Male Female, but just renamed them to Pose 1 and 2)
Uber: hop:// Boutiques/389/350/23

A couple of new decor items at Starchild Shoppe. Little easter plates and basket too.
Uber: hop:// Boutiques/389/350/23

Hi folks - if someone hasn't tried @valerieluv0 's rental system, please do. Amazing stuff... and she is super supportive.
Small details that show that the person who designed it knows about he process (like, being able to set the picture for the main office in each box, so you can take it and drop it as you rezz them!)

Playgrounds Keeper: Agreed Aurora, it's a fantastic product! 4 months ago
For some, it seems to be sometime tougher to be kind behind pixels. Our values and standards should not change, just because there isn't an immediate and apparent accountability to what we do or say. Be kind.

Haiku Bot: Gentle hand outstretched, Warmth spreads like the sun's embrace, A grateful heart blooms. 5 months ago
[About Chelsea’s Point]
Chelsea’s Point is the [work-in-progress] result of the Darkheart’s Playground vision on a VIP residential home region, and Brandy Darkheart’s aim to offer a high-end designed home option.
It is also the labour of creativity and love (and frustration!) of Anael Starchild, who crystallises this vision in a residential region with furnished homes with fully landscaped surrounds.
[What is different about Chelsea’s Point?]
Darkheart’s Playground already offer free land to all grid member, and parcels with higher prim allowance to VIP members who support the grid through its Patreon tiers.
Many of us do however come from virtual worlds where there are designer homes and parcels for those who want the perks of a fully furnished home integrated into a landscape, without having to go through ordeal of landscaping of furnishing it themselves!
People who have been there also know that designer sims or home in other virtual words have a waiting list, and a custom ones goes for around 800$!
Chelsea’s Point offer a holistic cohesive designed blended across each parcel. Each home is fully integrated into the landscape – parcelling only happened AFTER the design was ready.
[Why ‘work-in-progress’?]
The full scope of Chelsea’s Point is a 4x4, that is…16 ‘sims’. While it might not be sound like much in OpenSimulator, the level of detail has been matched to other virtual worlds where the focus is at a ‘sim’ level.
First Phase is now ready, and we wanted to make it available as we continue landscaping the rest of the region.
[How can I rent a home?]
Any DH VIP member can rent a home at Chelsea’s Point – check out our tiers at Patreon! Once subscribed, please contact @Anael Starchild in-world.
For the initial first 2 weeks VIPs who do not own a residential region (i.e. tiers of 5$ or 10$) will take priority – this is to ensure that we priorities members who might subscribe for access to them.
[What are the ‘specs’ of the homes?]
Each home is decorated differently, while keeping the overall design of the region and it surroundings. As such the parcels might vary.
[What are the particular conditions?]
Homes are rented AS IS: i.e. With everything that is included. New furniture can be added indoors, or outdoors if it doesn’t conflict with the overall design of the region. Pre-existing furniture might be replaced via contact with Anael Starchild (this is to ensure that the home can be ‘brought back’ to its original design if rental expires, and new renters can enjoy it ‘as it was’)
Rental doesn’t need to be renewed – it lasts for as long as the VIP subscription does.
Skyboxes are allowed, at a reasonable height (above 2,500 meters).
All renters, and other VIP member, can enjoy the ‘Chelsea’s Point Commons’open area.
[Next design steps]
>>>Design outline: The ‘southern’ part of Chelsea’s Point (left and right of current development) will be Phase II – and it will follow the same ‘style’ of landscaping as the current developed area. More modern to the right, more suburban to the left. Phase III will continue up to the north with a lakeside area. Further phases will continue up to the mountain range that will have a small village at its bottom.
>>>>Early ‘bookings’: If you are a VIP member, and have a vision about your ideal home style, that you think would fit within Chelsea’s Point overall design, we can take ‘advance concepts/bookings’ to design it for you and include you in the process. Please contact Anael Starchild in world for that.

Sodasullivan: I agree with Sally, it looks really amazing. The pics are great but everyone should go look in person. 5 months ago
Great modern-mess looking bed, with some decent textures. More than 500 up to date animations (you will find some similar ones to the Lithe bed, but they are all improved!). Has FF/FFM animations as well and sits up to 4 avis!
Local Uber: hop:// Boutiques/373/411/23
Other TP options:
New out at the store: Woohoo Armchair
Named it after the couch that's already in the store, because of the same look, but some different animations. Sits up to 2 people with +200 animations and 9 different textures to choose from!
Local Uber: hop:// Boutiques/358/367/23
Other TP Options:
Ps. Yes, it rezzes the screen that the Game pads 😛
Really cozy and nicely textured daybed, that sits up to 3 avatars in all possible combinations. Comes packed with 459 animations, and plenty of cuddle ones!
Local Uber: hop:// Boutiques/388/384/23
Other TP options:

Charlene McNally: Will have to check that out 5 months ago
This lounger is available in no less than 16 colours/textures! Sits 1-2 avatars, and headrest will change depending on the pose. Some specific submenus on spanking and feet 😛 And TONS of cuddle anims!
Local Uber: hop:// Boutiques/388/384/23
Other TP options:
So, our friend @DukoNobusho asked me for a 'couple things' and kinda got carried away on the dirty/notty side of things. So... I give ya...the Nobusho Megapack!
This is really 10 posts in 1. Now in the store 10 (yes, TEN) very dirty items: from urinals to filthy mattress, amounting to 1700 notty notty animations in day-to-day objects to landscape and have fun at the same time! Some items come in several colours & textures.
Local Uber: hop:// Boutiques/404/409/23
Other TP options:

DukeNobusho: It is good to be the slumlord! 5 months ago

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Thanks a lot for being open to feedback about re-sharing stuff, great communication :)


Amazing, original, scripted stuff. They rental system is breath-taking. And Valerie is extremely supportive to guide people through challengues!


This is THE place to go if you have to landscape. As Frank says in another review it's extremely well organised, easy to find massive packs of stuff. And the sim looks amazing as well.


Went to visit today, and what a treat! Gave me R.Lion vibes (and that's a good thing!) so much stuff that I had to just bookmark and decide to "raid" it later. All newly brought stuff too! Amazing work! Thanks for that!

Parrots Bay

Great place: good parties and amazing support!

Moonrose Shopping

I love how the mall is arranged around the plaza - very easy to navigate and find things. Nice selection!

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