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Retired happy single woman. Had many jobs as I am very enterprising

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About Myself

Raised as the youngest in the family. My work was almost 25 years being a butcher in the Netherlands, i quit as i had enough of being in the cold all the time, then started as Market Manager on the biggest market in Beverwijk near Amsterdam. After that i changed my job from always standing and walking work to a sitting job for the cancer society in the Netherlands untill i broke of the many terrible stories, that has passed me. Those are only 3 of my jobs. Have been entrepreneur as well with a cheesestore with cheeses from all over the world. What a blast that was! Now I'm retired and totally into the spiritual site and 90% off the grid living, souverinity as I don't use the system they created to be thieves from a hard working human being. I love Vipassana meditation and into creating a more beautiful world and we will getting there.. the 5th dimension is rising!

My Interests

Meditate, Fishing on the beach, walking long walks with my dogs, somewhere landing on a cozy terrace with a Marguerita and Nachos. Talking with totally strangers is fun!

I'm Looking For

Peace on earth, food for everyone and houses for the homeless and get ridd of dictators that enslaves the people.

Favorite Quote

I am Born Free, to be Free!

I am the Light
I am the Truth
I am the Love

Music I Like

Classical, Country, Rock, Opera.

Films I Like

Footloose, Dirty Dancing, Ghost, Samsara, LOTR,
series, Yellowstone, Outlander, The Crown, Prisonbreak, Lost, Outerbanks.

Books I Like

Dr Joe Dispenza, "Become Super Natural" all de God conversations from Neil Donald Walsch, Louise L Hay, "You can heal Yourself" etc etc

My Heroes

Al Pacino, Maria Callas, Clint Eastwood, Max Verstappen, Rafael van der Vaart from my village, Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts, Michael Jackson, Prince, David Bowie, Robbie Robertson.
Parmahansa Yogananda, Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Verdi, Mozart,
Scott McKay, The Patriot Streetfighter. D. J. Trump

My Regions

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Vipassana Medition by S.N. Goenka. 10 days course 100 hours of meditation. Zen Garden, woods, rivers with meditation area...and so much more.
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Hop over to Samsara for a look or a chat. Im always willing to talk. Samsara is the place to be! TP system added.

Buddha enlightened

Another extension on Samsara... a beautiful pond with many relaxing moments

New added to Samsara! You can practise your Tai chi here in the beautiful environment of Samsara! Teleport system is added

Jerralyn Franzic: Cool... where may I score a similar outfit? Would love to visit soon, but I'll feel more at home with the right clothes. :) 22 hours ago

Beautifull spots for a deep meditating with the sound of the running river in the background

Entrance to the Dojo..for sparring

Entrance to the Dojo..for sparring

Tranquility, peacefull, mindfull. Come hop over and sit there and listen to the streams from S.N. Goenka himself and follow your 10 days course all for free, like in RL to keep it pure and honost. Everyone can join All over the world. Information in the Vipassana education room with a short interview from S.N. Goenka himself.