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Alex Leo 20 days ago
очень рад что русскоязычное сообщество продолжает развиваться.
PinkyEssensual 2 months ago
Demy thats so easy ,so long the Officer Keekoo use her Radagast Fake Avis like she was do at Kokomo Beach will Albas Place always not listed on OSW. When did Alba finaly Learn her lesson about that ? ...
Mattt McGregor 2 months ago
Given your previous and current exploits, I'm quite surprised you're asking this... Also, the answer is quite clear in the documentation. In case it's not obvious, this is the guy behind Alba and he...
KrisTina 2 months ago
exclude_list "If you are running Non-NPC bots in your region, paste the names of the bots in the "exclude_list" notecard, one bot per line. Regions which use bots to artificially inflate visitor numbe...
Jupiter Rowland 2 months ago
AFAIK, there's a notecard for that inside the OSW beacon that's empty by default. I don't remember its name right now, though.
Fred Beckhusen/Ferd Frederix 5 months ago
Opensim has always had a severe problem with materials not being saved in IARs. It has only recently in fall of 2023 been fixed. These are safe to ignore and cannot be repaired.