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To start a new grid...
Hello all!
Me and a friend is talking about starting a new grid, that we, when its up, would connect to hypergrid etc.

Does anyone here know about a good server that we can rent from. Cheap with good prices and fast is a plus?
If you want to reliably TP to old grids, set your dns name to all LOWER CASE in both the gird and the entry you add to the viewer. This has been haunting certain popular places for a long time. I think this can be fixed in Opensim code in 0.9.2, whenever that comes out.

Regions and Beacon
How can I add my region to the Opensim Beacon teleporter?

Opensim 0.9 : Textures in inventory with mesh upload
Something that worked in Opensim 0.8.x : if you select "Include textures" during a mesh upload, you get a copy of the uploaded textures in your inventory, under the name " Textures".

In Opensim 0.9.x, it's not the same. If you select the checkbox, textures are uploaded and assigned to the mesh in world, but you don't have the textures in your inventory, so you can refer to them anymore.

The solution is to add an undocumented setting in OpenSim.ini :

MeshModelAllowTextureToInventory = true

The setting will be documented in next release, in reply to the opened issue:
Some LSL Help
Hello everyone, looking for some scripting help. At one time HyperGrid Business had an article about using Google sheets as a database but since they've changed how sheets are handled, it's broken the code. Anyone know how to do this? It's the only method I can think of to make my project cross-hypergrid.

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OpenWorldz 13 days ago
I recommend The best!
Unadecal Masala / Arado 13 days ago
HelloIzak,I know ofthe best serviceto start a grid, becauseIrun it, lol. Very cheap, German data centre based, fully configured and run by me, for the price of just a few coffees per month. Contact ...
Fred Beckhusen 4 months ago
A Free Cross-Grid Database For LSL A simple to use, dedicated, shareable database for all to use to save and persist data across scripts, regions, and grids. The URL is at
OpenSimWorld 2 years ago
a ghost
OpenSimWorld 2 years ago
nice pic
Stone Lunasea 2 years ago
It'd be better to get yourself a cheap webhost and store it in a MySQL database. Google changes their code pretty regularly so using them for that kind of storage will likely cause nothing but migrai...