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Lots freebies I've made, including buildings, women's mesh, prim, BOM, system clothes and mesh shoes, animesh avatar and Ebody Reborn complete outfit. Feel free to copy and modify any of it, but please DO NOT SELL IT to anyone, anywhere, ever.
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For all you Bladerunner fans, I've made a mesh Ennis House tile. As always full perm, for you do do as you wish with, as long as you never, ever sell them!

I realised, llGetWallclock time functionality differs between SL and OpenSim, so I created a blue LED clock that shows SLT (it will only work in OpenSim, as it uses the osGetPSTWallclock function).

However, f you take the red LED clock into SL, it will show SLT not GMT :)

I made a clock thingy, it's meshy (but hardly at all), it's scripty (quite a bit), it may or may not explode your sim, but its free and full perm, so, fill your boots :)

snik snoodle: It uses, exactly, zero textures, too :) 2 months ago
With all the new UAP/UFO disclosures happening, I thought now would be a good time to make my old UFO available again, should be full perm. As always, do with it as you will, but please don't sell it.

Merci Slingshot Bikini - Just Released!
For e-body reborn. 10 colours with both slingshot and normal bikini bottoms

AngelicKisses: So cute, Snik!! Thank you:) 5 months ago
New stuffs coming for the ebody reborn, but as I'm old and drunk and not actually ripping it from secondlife and i'm slavishly creating it vertex and face and material and UV map from new, it might take me a day or so :)

Aaack: We all need more vertex pushing drunk slavery =D 5 months ago

New wedge platform sandals for EBody reborn available at Home of Merci!

A few more bits and bobs, of old stuff, in Home of Merci, I suspect I may be one of them :)

good event idea

snik snoodle: twe's on fire tonight :) 12 months ago

spinning a few tunes at Events, if anyone might like to come party with us :)

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