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I want to make the world a better place. Even the virtual one.

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About Myself

I am an American living in Japan. I love animals and spend a lot of time and energy rescuing animals around the world! I live internationally and love to explore. I am adventurous and a risk taker, especially when it involves dangerous animals. Sharks are a favorite! And lizards. Really big lizards! I also love art and promoting artists.

My Interests

I am a wanderer and seeker. I love to learn new things, visit new countries, and experience new cultures. I am a fitness fanatic and dance/exercise teacher.

Favorite Quote

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

Music I Like

Latin, Dance, High energy.

Films I Like

Oh so many. Silence of the Lambs, The Departed, Pulp Fiction, and many, many more.

Books I Like

Some classics, some mystery, lots of informational reading.

My Heroes

My Nana. My dog Shadow.

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My Regions

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A lovely memorial region for honoring Ladylove Envee. Please leave flowers, notes, photos, or memories.
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Island Delights
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Please visit a beautiful memorial to pay homage to one of the most beautiful humans to join Opensim.
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Ladylove Envee Memorial
Where: Island Delights
When: 2 years ago [11 Feb 2022 00:00 SLT]

This region was made to honor and remember our beautiful friend, Ladylove Envee, Lola. Please come by any time. Please feel to drop a notecard in the memory book for her. The region is open for anyone to rez something in memory of Ladylove. Stay as long as you wish and share the landmark with those who love her.

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My Reviews

Arkham Grid

Always such beautiful items!! Thank you for all you do for us, Felix!!

Rachels Citadel

I love this region so much and all of a sudden I am banned from it. I have no idea why? I am denied access to this private region or banned but I can not enter anymore. Such a beautiful place!!!


So adorable and the owner is very, very sweet!!!!

Isla Exotica De Gala

Very cute and tons of nice items! Thank you!

Dyvalls Winterzauber

Stunning winter wonderland!


Access denied. FS banned by the region.


Charming and beautiful! Well done!

Dyvalls Shopping Fun

Everything here is beautiful! Amazing build, beautiful buildings, and wonderful free gifts. Thank you!


Why can't I enter the region? Is access restricted for everyone?

Moonrose Shopping

I can never find the new items you advertise.

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