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Fred Beckhusen, aka Ferd Frederi 22 days ago
The HG DNS name is what you want., Look in Settings. That is the name people find you by. setting for
Copper 1 month ago
Why dont you ask satyr directly?he can surely answer
OpenSimUser 1 month ago
I guess no one knows, sad.
Essensual 3 months ago
try dumping your cache and relogging.
Jerralyn Franzic 3 months ago
I'm using 6.6.14 in Linux. I don't have any issues with blurry photos with outfit phots. Uploaded to my Alternate Metaverse account. The Linux viewer doesn't use any Windows DLLs. The Linux FS viewe...
Symphony Vive 3 months ago
a sick render mesh on sketchfab by: 3dcreation_lyon low vert...