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Aaack 11 days ago
OSGrid doesn't supports display names, so don't pay attention to what the viewers say, even if you could change your display name once per second it wouldn't be shown to others.
Han_Held 11 days ago
As far as I know, the only grid that supports Display Names is Mobius grid. It doesn't work anywhere else.
Justyn Tyme 11 days ago
Thats osgrid for ya
Copper 1 month ago
What exactly are you looking for in this help section? Was reading your text 3 times to figure out. Also hard to see where a sentence ends and a new begins. You maybe look for a script where one holds...
Justyn Tyme 1 month ago
yes many hotels have them they do here in Pa where Iive.
Neil Duclos 1 month ago
JAND Consulting rents land in OSGRID. Contact them. Many different sizes of regions. from $5 US up a month !