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Charlene McNally 1 month ago
Ask the grid owner, or send an email to them asking to remove your complete account. They must do this is you ask.
Copper 2 months ago
Right. Only with a console for your sim / region: I prefer a grid where I have my own control of sim , and not always to ask an admin. An IAR can get ve...
Aaack 2 months ago
You just need to have access to a console/terminal on the same grid. to save a iar: "save iar name surname / password /path/whatevername.iar" in this case you would save your entire inventory (/) if...
Typhaine Artez 2 months ago
I kinda disagree with both previous comments, but the important is I prefer mesh body and the reasons for. Well, the only valid reason is the look. If you prefer a mesh avatar (body, head, whatever),...
Aaack 3 months ago
I prefer system bodies, while mesh bodies have better hands they all look the same and you have very little flexibility for customization unless you want to go deep into blender. Also I don't think it...
Jupiter Rowland 3 months ago
As far as I'm aware, there are no halfway realistic human prim bodies. There are a few animal or cartoon avatars that are put together from prims, but no regular humans. What you're referring to is p...