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Marianna 5 days ago
One way is to use a mesh object. Mesh objects are objects that are made up of multiple smaller objects. If you make a mesh object that is the same size as the boat, and then make the mesh object invis...
Copper 2 months ago
I always wonder that ppl have so much money left for such...Maybe a better deal would be a donation for Ukraine people who freeze at their homes!
Hyacinth 2 months ago
I went pro and got the star. I want the check too, so I can really throw my weight around. haha
HanHeld 2 months ago
I'm a pro member, but don't seem to be verified either?
Buzzy Cnayl 2 months ago
Do you mean the star (✦) next to your profile name? If so see
Pagane 2 months ago
Same as real world....... big problem:)