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region beacons
can someone please help or explain simply how to get a beacon hud went to sl marketplace like i was told its not on there. secondly it sent me to some farm page to get it again cant seem to find anything there finally found a page that said add your region which i would like to but it says i need a hud and its asking for a hg thingy for the aviworlds grid and support today is down i think which is very unusual how do i get it pleaseeee

Hello guys I need some help, I am using the last version of firestorm and I am still not able to see animesh in grid I wonder if there is anything I should do in my server, please help

Nameless visitors?
What does it mean when your visitor board records lots of visits but no names?

i can not log in into Foundation, nor Sacrarium gid
can you help me somehow? i can not log in into both grids. has someone else these problems too?

How do I set up my own grid?
This is something I have recently considered doing yet I have no idea where to start, even searching on google hasn't helped, so I was wondering if anybody here could talk me through it?...yes I will be building from scratch with no prior experience of having built one before

Thanks in advance for any support given

GRID Question for this website!
Hello Everyone! I would like to have my grid registered here on this website. How do I add my grid?

Streaming videos
I'm guessing the answer is you can't do this but is there any media player or anything that can play videos so that everyone sees them at the same time?

I am trying to clone myself to put in my dance ball however my hands always come out splayed even if I fix them before cloning. Does anyone know how to fix that or if that is even possible? I am using a mesh avatar with bento hands.

Social Mouse is looking for a DJ for Saturday and perhaps on a more permanent basis Please message me if interested

meele animations
I working on a simple meele for for fantasy era weapons. I need to find a source of full perms animations (i.e. hold weapon, swing to the left or right, thust, block etc.). If anyone can suggest a location to acquire them please let me know! Also, no copybot or stolen please...

Another threat
Threat number three.

Opensimworld Threats
I just received threats accusing me of being a hacker. As soon as they post they delete account.

I'm looking for dance pads, preferably with a leader pad but not necessary. If you don't want to share the dances that's fine. All I want is the pads with the scripts. I can put my own dances in. This must be a prime item because no one seems willing to share them. If need be I can purchase them with Gloebits if someone knows a shop that sells them. Many thanks in advance!

Where is the best place to get free gestures? Recommendations?

Search Start Destination script with displayboard

Has anyone downloaded the script Checkpoint v2

I see alot who have an slide show with there pictures on the site. How do I get such an thing ?

issues with logging in...
i rerezzed a truck and hit active and it does nothing...

all it says is: [12:48] SatyrFarm Seller Truck OSW: Activating...

Please help.

Houses on Opensim
There are so many nice houses in Opensim however 95% of them you either can't walk through the doorways or you fall through or both. Checking Phantom worked on one house but I've deleted already about 25 houses that I just can't get to work.

Does anyone have a workaround for this for either issue?

Thanks, Amantha
Hypergrid Beacon teleporter
Can someone help please?
I have tried for 2 days to set up the open sim hypergrid TP, I followed all instructions exactly but when I paste my key and click submit nothing happens and I have message above the TP board saying Not Initialized.

Req. Bento Wings Animations
Hi dear community, i'm looking for Bento wings animations, so far found only 9, it's for a free full perms Hud for all of us :) Thx in advance :-)))))))

Hi can anyone help
Hi i am trying to solve a problem i have been wondering why my sim was not being visited for over a week now. I realised that when i try and teleport from my grid to others it keeps saying unable to verify identity. I'm not sure exactly what the problem seems to be but all ports are open that are meant to be i have been trying the obvious trying to change the MyWorld.ini and opensim.ini but nothing seems to be helping i can not hypergrid anywhere.
Login Fail
First time user on OSworld. Using opensim enabled Firefox Viewer. Keep getting Login Failed. Incomplete login credentials. Check your Username and Password.

I used the same login/password I have on I miss something?

Evening everyone, does anyone know how to get an Icecast server going on a Ubuntu 18 server? I think I'm doing something wrong but not sure. Any help is appreciated.

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Social Mouse 1 month ago
What is it?
governor.littlebird 2 months ago
Hi! The answer is yes.... kinda... The standard media streams (MOAP, etc) will do exactly this... so long as everyone is present and has the viewer setup to automatically play media from prims AND noo...
governor.littlebird 2 months ago
sorry I'm late! So... you have a bento-capable mesh avatar. If your hands(, ...etc) and not cooperating with the animations, then you need to ensure the animations are bento-capable :) hope it helps. ...
cero m 2 months ago
glad you found it!
Jasminecliodhna 2 months ago
ty all fixed now
HeyItsMyWorld 2 months ago
You will find the beacon here: