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I been into 3d gfx and building for a very long time 18 years this year 2019 , was in SL for 14 years and b4 that, way back to the blaxsun WVR days always building and creating Unique Builds for others to enjoy and experience.Now Here in 2019 in the opensim multiverse building some iconic sets from film and TV , please enjoy.

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building in 3d, DJ,ing , Clubs, Friends, Helping others

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to many to name ;)

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a Beast lol

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!!! Note the Server goes off line For Maintenance Some Times !! !!! Or Doing A Full Back Up of all The sims!! (This One take the longest :( If Off Line Try Again Later A small island Surrounded by 8 water sims with 14 homes ( claim yours Today) also we have a main Homestead Hub Here you can jump ...
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!!! Note the Server goes off line For Maintenance Some Times !! If Off Line Try Again Later Regions Are all in 1 Now !!!! AS THIS IS A HUGE VAR REGION SET YOUR VIEW DISTANCE TO ABOUT 304, b4 Boarding The Train!!! Slollywood Studio1 Studio Back Lot ( Eastenders set and Back to the Future) Also ...
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!!! Note the Server goes off line For Maintenance Some Times !! If Off Line Try Again Later As part of Studio1 and Slollywood We Present Another Tv Location , Storybrooke From ABC Once Upon a Time , I have built the whole town and a Urban Area ( This is for Places Such As Mills House, Swans Home,...
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Still looking for a Stargate that has pics insted of the water

i seen star gate that lets you select next location Grid Wide and will show a Pic of the sim in the Porthole and also tells you if that Region is On-line Or Off Line, Any idea where i can get One ?

at Night Slollywood (At Studio1 Sim)

New Homes In Slollywood Hills ;)

More Updates From Studio1 Backlot

Updated Pics For The BBC Eastenders set Here At Studio1

Acen8: BBC Eastenders Set (WIP) 1 month ago

Updated BTF Pics

Acen8: New Pics 1 month ago

Updated BTF Pics

Acen8: Updated BTF Pics 1 month ago

Updated Pics Of BTF

Is there any Custom Scripters who can help me on a project?

hi , its so hard to find Osgrid People who can script, if you can and like a changeling IM direct

Buzzy Cnayl: You could try the group here at 1 month ago

New Store Opening soon

New Store Opening soon

Social Club Bar

Inside the Residents Social Club

yes as there is a UK convention that links with Once, i will be welcomeing you all to step into storybrooke VR ( no you dont need a VR head set lol ) just sign up for free account to Studio1 sim here , it will be live from 13th of june click to sign up for free studio 1 account

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This Sim is a great place, well stocked and great layout, Each area Is Full of Stuff , what a great sim will be back again :)

Freebie Store 2021

All i can say is Wow, What A Packed sim, some great Items Here, Highly Recommended, Kudos to the sim Owner , Thanks

Home and Gardens

Wow what a great Region, some great stuff in here all you need to set up a Perfect Home , Well Done Amazing Region


All i can say is Wow , what a great place to shop, and Cristin McGregor is very welcomeing, if you need a home this sim as a great selection, and all the stuff yo need to fill that home as well , very nice sim recomended , if you love to shop you will love it here, thanks to Cristin and her hubby, the items are all top meshes so please pay a visit :)

Needful Things

Great place loads of shop love it , Great work At Needful Things A++


great place if you need homes or shops , grate lay out :)

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