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Second Life Birthday: March 02, 2007 - My Opensim Birthdays: OSGrid April 04, 2008 - Metro.Land January 03, 2010 - DreamGrid September 28, 2018

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Running a private Grid only for me with DreamGrid Version 5.25

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Contemporary Art - Pop Art - Photography (real and virtual) - Culture

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God save you!

Music I Like

Music from the 50s, 60s, 70s and some from the 80s.

Films I Like

The Dome

Books I Like

Most of Stephen King

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I have no hero.

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What Mr. Beckhusen prefers...

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Ever the best working version...


It's black and a bit dusty...
Windows 11 Pro is really nice!

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Have you already visited the fantastic 'Black White Castle' region made by Bink Draconia?
It's really worth it...

Or copy and paste this adress in your viewer's map: White Castle

Sodasullivan: It is a wonder idea and really well done! 5 months ago

OpenSim is a really good place to discover all kinds of art.

Join us as the Art Factory goes on HG Safari !

When: 28th of September 2022
Time: 12:00 PST▪19:00 GMT▪04:00 Japan
Where: Art Factory

Visited Tropicana Bird's Nest, it's well done.
Then I met this guy. But he said he isn't Wolfman Jack. I don't belive him. I'm sure... he is!

Guess Who - Clap for the Wolfman (1974)

GeeNakamura: Thank you very much!! very nice photo! 2 years ago
But now another topic. Do you like art?
Then come and visit my gallery '.inspired by René Magritte' in the OSgrid in the region 'The Art Factory'.
There are also other artists represented. There is a lot to see!
This is a 360° snapshot from the 2nd floor with my newer pictures.

Luna Lunaria: I love your work Antonia :-) 2 years ago

...Hair Peace...
.......Bed Peace......
..........Peace On Earth.........

March 15, 2022

Antonia Ling: My Installation in Opensim was inspired by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Maybe not everybody know this Story from 1969. 2 years ago
Inspired by René Magritte
Le fils de l'homme / The Son of Man / Der Menschensohn (1964)

This free 3D-model was found by Avia Bone und fixed by Modee Parlez.

Now in my gallery '.inspired by René Magritte'.
Opensim | OSGrid | The Art Factory
( Art Factory)

Special thanks to

Avia Bonne - @Avia3D
Modee Parlez - @Modee

for their support!
We are still alive!

Don't believe old bitter men. We live in a drama-free grid. Everything runs quickly and smoothly. It is a pleasure to be here. And we didn't have to pay 5.00 Euros to restore our inventory. It was only 1.00 Euro to ensure that fakes and bots do not rush back onto the grid to ensure that your inventory is backed up free of charge. And nothing else...

Thank you for your post @Thirza

“I think everybody should be nice to everybody.” (Andy Warhol)


Listen to the good sounds on 648 kHz (medium wave)

Happy to see the Ross Revenge - the Radio Caroline ship - today from the top of my house on 'The Art Factory'. Ernest postet yestday a info. See here:

'MV Ross Revenge is a radio ship, the home of Radio Caroline, as well as having supported Radio Monique and various religious broadcasters. She was constructed in Bremerhaven in 1960, and initially served as a commercial trawler as part of the Ross Group fleet, notably taking part in the Cod Wars of the 1970s. Following her decommissioning, she was purchased by Radio Caroline and outfitted as a radio ship, complete with 300-foot (91 m) antenna mast and 50 kW transmitter. Her broadcasts began on 20 August 1983; her final pirate broadcast took place in November 1990. She ran aground on the Goodwin Sands in November 1991, bringing the era of offshore pirate radio in Europe to an end. She was, however, salvaged, and is now maintained by the Caroline Support Group, a group of supporters and enthusiasts.' (

New artwork in the gallery

.inspired by Rene Magritte
(2nd floor)

OSGrid | The Art Factory

Coming soon in my gallery
Antonia Ling Fine Art Gallery
Opensim | OSGrid | The Art Factory

Dec. 04, 2021

This dancing guys are so cool!
High quality stuff on ENCANTADA | OSGrid

You are welcome!
The ground floor is done.

Andy Harwol and me in front of my gallery.
OSGRID | The Art Factory

Andy Harwol visited my gallery today.

Peace choker and my new rope hoops.
Thank you again to Marianna Monentes.
Free at Monentes Jewlery

Give Peace A Chance
Thank you for this fabolous choker. I love it.
Found here:

Mask or tin foil hat?
Everything is possible!
I wear both - safety first!

Sundown somewhere in the OSGrid.

In my gallery with a lot of Brillo Boxes (Soap Pads). Behind me you see an original photo with these boxes Andy Warhol and his assistent Gerard Malanga made in the year 1964.

Yes - and you see my new look. Only the hair and the clothes have changed and I took of the glasses. Thanks to Ellen Tiratzo.

You find my virtual gallery here:
Opensim | OSGrid | The (Art) Factory

I love Opensim, when...

Well done.
Ruegen | German World Grid

The Cereal Killer - my new bodayguard
Found this nice guy on the Region DEPOT
free to copy - C/M/T yes

Edie Sedgwick | 1943-1971
Opensim | OSGrid | The Factory | New York District

Such a beautiful place...

You need it?
You'll find it!

If you like it, you can have it. For free!
'THE MAN' - this statue is one of the only surviving objects from the original 'Linden Town' area that was developed in Second Life during the earliest alpha stage of its developments.
My replica of 'The Man' I built in Opensim. It's not an exact copy, but nearby. And since I don't have the textures, I used others. BTW: It's simple prim-work. (Feb./March 2020)
You found the statue 'The Man' for your home here:
Antonia Ling Fine Art Gallery | OSGrid | The Art Factory

A 'must see'... the Yayoi Kusuma Spring Show.
Coordinates: OSGrid - The Art Factory (50, 93, 26)

The Kiss - Design by Antonia Ling
Renault 4 GTL

Tonight - OSGrid - 'The Art Factory' - don't forget!

This Week - 15 February 2020 - Saturday! 2pm - 6pm PST
The Art Factory (355, 332, 1220) - Moderate @

2 pm - Ernest Moncrieff
3 pm - GoddessOksana
4 pm - Greybeard Thinker
5 pm - Fake Name
6 pm - Hobbit Bagration

View from my little island...
OSGrid | The Art Factory
And don't forget, tomorrow...

You like contemporary art?
You like hoodies?
You can have both!
Visit my Gallery No.8!
You'll find it her:
TP to the region: Butlers Creek (163,115,27)
Everything is free!
Want to paint like Jackson Pollock?
Yes? You can do it!
Where? OSGrid - The Art Factory!
Here you find the studio: The Art Factory (252,226,1130)
The Art Factory (252,226,1130)
Be an artist!

I love this music shop!

Oh... I love this car. It's wonderful!

Art is everywhere...
OSGrid | The Art Factory

Ellens birthday on Sunday at
The Art Factory | OSGrid.
Everyone is welcome!

My New car.
OSGrid | The Art Factory

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My Reviews


Very nice and large selection of furniture in professionally put together fatpacks. As the owner said, the shop is still being expanded, but you can already get fashion that you don't see everywhere. Thank you!


Incredible - as from a different dimension - you have to see and experience it yourself. You feel like you are moving into another completely different virtual world. Five stars are not enough for this experience. I am really excited.

AvatarLife Museum

Zero stars for TELEPORT FAILED. UNABLE TO VERIFY IDENTITY Tried with my 5 years and 5 months old avatar from OSGrid


Der Kandidat hat NULL Punkte! You were logged out by an administrator. Und das nach max. 10 Sekunden nach dem Teleport in die Region. Welch ein herzliches 'Willkommen'. The candidate has ZERO points! 'You were logged out by an administrator' And that after a maximum of 10 seconds after teleporting to the region. What a warm 'welcome'.

Backdrop City

Really nice region with a lot of backdrops. Take a free HUD at the landing point. There is a HUD for boys and a HUD for girls, every with 20 different poses. Have fun!


The biggest fake in Opensim? Pagane!!!


What a great experience! Thank you for you excellent work. I really enjoyed my visit.


I like places like this, useful and helpful. Thank you!


Lots of funny Halloween stuff, all for free. I'm from Germany and we don't have Halloween here in my town, but I like to see all the crazy things in Opensim. Here you will definitely find what you are looking for.

AI Dreams in Art

Well done, it's a 'five stars plus'! I love the seascapes so much, really a very convincing performance and very inspiring. Thank you for your excellent work!

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