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Second Life Birthday: March 02, 2007
Opensim (Metro.Land) Birthday: January 03, 2010
DreamGrid Birthday: September 28, 2018


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If you like it, you can have it. For free!
'THE MAN' - this statue is one of the only surviving objects from the original 'Linden Town' area that was developed in Second Life during the earliest alpha stage of its developments.
My replica of 'The Man' I built in Opensim. It's not an exact copy, but nearby. And since I don't have the textures, I used others. BTW: It's simple prim-work. (Feb./March 2020)
You found the statue 'The Man' for your home here:
Antonia Ling Fine Art Gallery | OSGrid | The Art Factory

A 'must see'... the Yayoi Kusuma Spring Show.
Coordinates: OSGrid - The Art Factory (50, 93, 26)

Tonight - OSGrid - 'The Art Factory' - don't forget!

This Week - 15 February 2020 - Saturday! 2pm - 6pm PST
The Art Factory (355, 332, 1220) - Moderate @

2 pm - Ernest Moncrieff
3 pm - GoddessOksana
4 pm - Greybeard Thinker
5 pm - Fake Name
6 pm - Hobbit Bagration

View from my little island...
OSGrid | The Art Factory
And don't forget, tomorrow...

You like contemporary art?
You like hoodies?
You can have both!
Visit my Gallery No.8!
You'll find it her:
TP to the region: Butlers Creek (163,115,27)
Everything is free!
Want to paint like Jackson Pollock?
Yes? You can do it!
Where? OSGrid - The Art Factory!
Here you find the studio: The Art Factory (252,226,1130)
The Art Factory (252,226,1130)
Be an artist!

I love this music shop!


The Kiss - Design by Antonia Ling
Renault 4 GTL


Oh... I love this car. It's wonderful!


Art is everywhere...
OSGrid | The Art Factory


Ellens birthday on Sunday at
The Art Factory | OSGrid.
Everyone is welcome!


My New car.
OSGrid | The Art Factory