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OpenSimWorld 28 days ago
No, they are not. Do they have regions here? thanks
Jujujones 1 month ago
Here is a refinement. If you have a beacon in OSW and you ban an entire grid, can't there be something in OSW that says why?
Pagane 2 months ago
If you make this really then 35-40 SIM from top 50 will move after 1500 position:)
OpenSimWorld 2 months ago
Actually we've explicitly allowed to have regions closed to group members. There are legitimate reasons for that, such as e.g. roleplaying sims. It is up to the owners of course to provide a good exp...
OpenSimWorld 3 months ago
If you want to exclude some avatars from being counted as active users you can add their names to a notecard named exclude_list . The beacon will ignore them when counting users. I dont see a rea...
TrisTH 3 months ago
That requires a change in the viewer, right? Or at least in Jopensim in user management