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Callsen Bracken 9 days ago
Or you can visit OSW from a mobile phone. The scaling puts the box at the bottom of the page, after all the entries. And while I rarely go all the way down, I have never the chance to see it ;)
Aaack 11 days ago
Ratings are mostly a suggestion in OS. If you want to keep it safe for some reason I suggest you to contact the sim's owner and ask directly, it's a bit convoluted but that's the only way you have to...
Jupiter Rowland 11 days ago
OpenSim has a rating problem in general. In my opinion, the Second Life rating system doesn't work nearly as reliably in OpenSim as in Second Life. For one, there's no consent on what which rating me...
Craig Denimore 13 days ago
Ok, seems there is a problem with the server that Tombstone is on, so it's Digi's problem. I just got the beacon to show a list of regions to TP to. I apologize to OpensimWorld, it's not your fault. A...
OpenSimWorld 20 days ago
Thanks i have fixed those links to point to the correct page. The beacon works on any grid that is connected to hypergrid. You do not enter the hop link in the region settings page, we only need the ...
Jupiter Rowland 20 days ago
Okay, looks like we'll have to go to very basics. First about the Beacon. Have you ever seen a (usually) grey thingy in-world with a display that reads Opensimworld teleporter Click for destinations...