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Pagane 10 days ago
1. Author of event delete event but not delete post with link. 2. Author enter wrong link because of...... 3. You is in ban list of this author:) Or may be he is in your ban list? 4. You have bad s...
Justyn Tyme 29 days ago
Thank you! you as well!
Cosmogenesis 1 month ago
found some script. want to share it --------------------------------------------------- default { state_entry() { llParticleSystem([ PSYS_PART_FLAGS,( 0 |...
Aaack 1 month ago
You can edit a prim cube, go to the menu Build, Object and then choose "Edit particles", Firestorm comes with it's own particle editor, just make the particles you want and when you're satisfied press...
OpenSimWorld 2 months ago
You can add your region here: Just select grid OSgrid and enter your region's name
PhoenixEnigma 2 months ago
Thank you for your help Pagane. I added "Login. " to the address and it works now!