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TrisTH 4 days ago
Hello, can anyone explain how to do it?
SheaButter 1 month ago
They USED to let us AVW, copy and take home. But now they do not allow anything off their grid.
NIGHSHADOWS 4 months ago
ask if the the owner changes his stuff from copy to buy for 0 that works almost allways
OpenSimWorld 5 months ago
you create posts in the region page. They are added automatically to the slideshow
Aaack 6 months ago
Ratings are mostly a suggestion in OS. If you want to keep it safe for some reason I suggest you to contact the sim's owner and ask directly, it's a bit convoluted but that's the only way you have to...
Jupiter Rowland 6 months ago
OpenSim has a rating problem in general. In my opinion, the Second Life rating system doesn't work nearly as reliably in OpenSim as in Second Life. For one, there's no consent on what which rating me...