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Just a fun loving gal that ran away from SL and has never looked back.

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About Myself

I am fun loving and kind hearted. I wear my heart on my sleeve.

My Interests

I love crafts of all kinds and computer games as well as just chatting and listening to music.

Favorite Quote

"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans" - J. Lennon

Music I Like

All but rap and fusion jazz

Films I Like

John Wick, Kingsmen, Harry Potter, Love Actually, Oscar, Princess Bride

Books I Like

Loved the Harry Potter Books

My Heroes

My Late Dad

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Firestorm (Phoenix Settings)

My Regions

grid.virtual-worlds.zone:8002:Strike-A-Pose 1 Users
Full Sim, with 3 floors of photo backdrops in both flat and 3D. Many one-of-a-kind and never seen before or anyplace else. Something for everyone. Rez your own poses, props, lights, etc. Please clean up after yourself. One hour auto return. I also have many free poses, pose scripts, pose stands, et...
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Islands dreams
grid.virtual-worlds.zone:8002:Islands dreams 0 Users
Welcome to Kitty's Retreat on VWZ Grid. Tropical Region With Lots Of Activities, Such As; Dancing, Boating, Two Types Of Fishing, Wind Surfing, Hang Gliding, Surfing, Swimming, Free Movies To Watch, Cuddles, Relaxing And Much More. You Can Explore Our Many Docks, Islands, Our Under Water World Wh...
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Can't Copy Items

Why is it that so often I can not take a copy of something even if it is set for copies? This is driving me nuts. Is there a way or setting that I can do to fix this? Thanks

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Big City Shopping Mall

no such place. maybe the address is wrong?


No access. too bad


OMG so love this place. So much fun and amazing things. A must go to place for sure


Love love love this place. I visit often, so fun to look around and some cool items too

Dyvalls Shopping Fun

Love, Love, Love this place. I go back all the time for the new items and trying to win the pink Dinkie. So nice to wander around the pretty areas and amazing items. Keep up the great work.


So very, very pretty and well done. I just love some of the buildings they used and wish I could find such ones. Nice place to visit and relax

Desperado County

Very fun place to explore and the owner is very kind. Had a wonderful chat with him and can't wait to go back and explore more. So big it will take time to see it all. So many hidden little places too.

All Free Shopping Spree

Owner is very nice and so much to see and get here. Thanks for all the wonderful things :)

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