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The garden has become a mall. The Garden Mall is under construction, but already has a large selection of athena clothes and shoes in the Secret Stash. There are mens clothes and shoes. Also, giant animations store by Jazzi, brought from all over the opensim for you. The furniture store has bedrooms...
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Athena Store in the new Charmed Mall on Patchwork Garden. I've also added several new items. Work in progress. Thank you for your patience!

Under construction... New Charmed Mall is coming to the Garden.

More mens clothes added - 14 more!

New in the Mens Store - 14 New Outfits

Also in birch.

Newly added. Take the teleporter to furniture.

Hidden Terrace

Jazzimations is filling up with dances!

Secret Stash


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It's not free if you have to pay for it.


Best club, best DJs and hosts and very friendly folks!

Temple De Balarama

Why is this on the directory if no one has access? Seems a bit silly to me.

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