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Creator/owner of Phantom Rose, originally in SL, then Inworldz, GCG and now Phantom Rose Grid. Came to SL in 2005, the metaverse in 2008, Inworldz in 2010. I love to create environments. Phantom Rose is an non-commercial grid. I have had a website for many years: and I have a blog (needs more updating),

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Phantom Rose Ocean Rose Ocean 0 Users
Phantom Rose Ocean is a 4x4 water sport region. You start out at the Marina where you can swim in the two pools, play games in the club house, rent boats and jet skis, swim, laze on the beach, tube, or kayak. Explore the vast water area and find Tiki bar island, Couples Cove or Dive Shack island. ...
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Phantom Rose Nile Rose Nile 0 Users
The Phantom Rose Nile Region (2x2) is an expanded version of my Phantom Rose Egyptian Adventure at 3RD Rock Grid (3RG). Whereas in 3RG, the Victoria Hotel is just a facade attached to an off sim bank of the Nile, here its a fully functional Hotel that you can visit and explore. There is so much to...
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Phantom Rose Steam Rose Steam 0 Users
This is my homage to Jules Verne and Steampunk. Fantasy Victorian theme, where you will take the balloon elevators at the Tower to visit the Steam Phantom Rose Opera House, Conservatory and the Royal Observatory. There are steam powered balloons to use to explore the beautiful landscape and buildi...
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Phantom Rose Nature Rose Nature 0 Users
Phantom Rose Nature region at Phantom Rose Grid, is a 2x2 dedicated to outdoor activities! Horse back riding, kayaking, tubing, swimming, white water rafting, trail hikes, hang gliding (free gift), donkey rides up the mountain, rock climbing with poses made by Lannorra, archery, and more. PR Natur...
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Phantom Rose Welcome Rose Welcome 0 Users
Welcome region for the Phantom Rose Grid. non-commercial grid that has many unique freebies, hunts and Adventure Quests! Phantom Rose originated in SL from 2007 to 2015, at Inworldz from 2012 to 2017, and now a stand alone Grid! Bringing all your favorite unique Phantom Rose regions into one plac...
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Phantom Rose Bayou Rose Bayou 0 Users
Phantom Rose Bayou, on the Phantom Rose Grid, is a Role Play region for dark Fantasy and gothic creatures. Magic, quests and more! Bayou has two distinct faces. Set in fantasy New Orleans in 1798, the City is has the culture and elegance of any European locale. It is the Regency period in Europe...
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Come join the fun at Dark Nights at Phantom Rose Bayou. Tons of role play opportunities for gothic creatures. Here is a sample of the Demon level:

Phantom Rose Steam. View of the main square with the tower. The Opera house is on the first tower level, accessed via a balloon elevator. The Royal observatory and the conservatory are on the 2nd tower level, also accessed via a balloon elevator. From the 2nd level of the tower you can take a hot air balloon and do an aerial survey of the entire 2x2 Region. Get maps at the region welcome center!
Mysterious Island Adventure is open! Take passage from the main dock next to the welcome area, to Mysterious Island! Survive the shipwreck and scale the rocks to find the inner lush jungle. But beware of the Dino's! Cross treacherous paths to find the Tiki camp. You will see the Adventure Scroll with information on this exciting quest. Will you have the courage to face a T-Rex as you cross the jungle? Can you figure out where the hidden cave is? Follow the clues and earn your reward!
Help with landing people at coordinates other than 128,128,0
When people copy my HG address from Opensimworld, it always puts them at 128,128,0... is there a way to over-ride this. I tried putting a region telehub, but it did not land visitor at that place. I did not use beacons before I built my regions, so some of them, it is totally wrong landing at 128,128,0. If people come via the beacon itself, it lands them near beacon. But it is unlikely that most people come that way. I think most people just copy and paste from the opensimworld HG address on the region itself.

Swim with the whales

Phantom Rose Grid has extensive underwater features for Mer folk. At welcome area, take the regional TP to Grotto. From there you can travel thru the grid underwater, via the Mer Portal. Phantom Rose Welcome has free fins made by Lannorra and a Mer Playground with merry-go-round (original by Bad Katz and customized by Lannorra), swings and a treasure chest to find. Each region on the grid has its own unique mermaid area.
It is almost July and Phantom Rose Bayou, my newest region will be opening in a few days! A large part of Bayou is my Dark Nights Role Play area. It is a Dark Fantasy RP with Vampires, Witches, Demons and Voodoo! Here is a look at the new Demon level of Dark Nights. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

(Grid URL:
Phantom Rose Grid's newest region: Phantom Rose Bayou Opens in July!

Another sneak peek, this time of the Phantom Rose Bayou Opera House Summer Forest Fairy Ballet:

Phantom Rose Grid's newest region: Phantom Rose Bayou Opens in July!

Another sneak peek, this time of my Pagan Dance circle:

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