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Luscious Adult Resort
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ADULT Beach Resort - Nudity or swimwear suggested. A fun place to hang out and explore. Try our our new, experimental surfing! Lots of places to cuddle and shag. LGBT freindly (and owned!) This is an adult-rated region, so no child avatars please.
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Damn Skippy
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Hyacinth's place.
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This needs to happen. lol

Pagane: Great! What should I do if I like to dress shamelessly and still can't reach 50 kg weight even after my 60s? 1 month ago

Another wretched avatar not from SL.

Spax Orion: YOU GO GIRL! The real challenge is making legal attachments look impressive! Kudos to you! 3 months ago

My poor, matronly, nun-like Ruth2 avatar.

How does one get a "Verified" checkmark?

Hyacinth: I went pro and got the star. I want the check too, so I can really throw my weight around. haha 4 months ago
I managed to get a couple days off from RL work, and have been enjoying my fleeting freedom and building like mad.

If you like sailing and exploring. i added some sailboat-rezzers. Our grid is actually pretty huge. 2600+ SL size region land area, and most of it is connected and sailable islands and wilderness.

note: Our grid does have a TOS, like may others. If you don't like it, there are tons of other sims on other grids to visit. We welcome and hope you enjoy our place. Just be a nice guest and don't give us a load of bollocks. lol

Come join is Christmas Eve 2PM - 4PM PST at lovely Eday with DJ Samsara!


Come join us at 11am - 3pm Thursdays - groovyverse.com:8002:damn skippy


I have been working on some waves and surfboards the past week and slowly descending into madness. lol


Marianna : I went to edit my comment and it got deleted, I am so impressed by your work Hyacinth I see such potential here. The wave is beautiful and if you get your board to have tricks like SL surfboard you w... 10 months ago

I will be spinning some tunes, and wearing bubble bath suds at 1PM. Come. Have fun. No kid avatars. No complaining. lol

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Your sim is lovely. <3 I filled out the backdoor TOS shit. It didn't hurt much at all. ;)


Beautiful regions! Really nice to wander and explore.

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