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I am 55, a transgender woman. I was told I was being "too political" when I told people who I was. If YOUR politics cause you to hate me, then I guess.. yeah.. I am being political, being me. :)

I have been in OpenSim since the first year it existed. I am owner of the 6th largest grid. I am an OpenSim developer. Otherwise, I have no power over what people think or say. If you are an LGBT person, and feel alienated sometimes. I can only tell you that I welcome you, value you, and believe that you matter! Having a safe, supportive community and environment to be yourself IS ABSOLUTELY the most important function of OpenSim. That is why I invest so much time, money and effort here.

I am probably going to avoid the comments and posts here, because of previous troubles. If you want to talk to me, just come to groovyVerse and say hi. :)

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GroovyVerse - We are a very large, but peaceful grid that is home to a lot of wonderful, creative people. Our grid is owned by a transgender woman, and we welcome LGBT folk, anyone of good will, and.. groovy people! There are lots of beautiful places to explore. You can hop on a train that winds...
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After a decidedly NOT fun couple of weeks, I'm working on something fun. We're making a big 6x6 surf island. Just M-rated. The design (other than the rollercoaster park) will be kind of in the style of Martinique. A tropical island, but with more like french colonial style villages and houses. We don't need bamboo everything everywhere... :) I'd really love to have LGBT meetup dance parties for fellowship and support. Get something positive and non-confrontational going...

Sam's working on the villages today and tomorrow, and I'll make some roads through the forest and have little 3-wheeler island cab tours. It will be fun.
The railroad line goes about 70 kilometers all the way to the Welcome region. It's fun to ride, and we have about 300km of continuous track running so far. Stay tuned!

Hyacinth: We tried out Lilly's surfboards tonight. She definitely has the best surfboards! Thank god! I am so sick of working on mine. I am free! haha 6 days ago
I had left the site for a time, the bad mojo happening was too much. Third time is a charm... :)

I have no control over how people think, or how they act. And I wish I had not got so mad and had acted a little better myself. But I just want people to know, if they feel abused by a few people, those angry people are in the minority. Most people in OpenSim just want a peaceful place to be themselves. Even the angry people, they are working their own stuff out too I guess.

Moving forward, I think we should all just cool it, and remember the person on the other side is a human too. This isn't just a "game" What we do and say matters, and can hurt or help people.

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