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lovely place with quality items .... only wish i could get the butterfly picture that is by the entrance :p (wow!! not long after i submitted this, the owner contacted me and gave me the artwork i had asked about !! thank you so much Nina !!!) but seriously, thank you for taking time and sharing !

Elegance City

what a great place, so well designed and put together, and wonderful free content. thank you so much for your obvious hard work and for sharing with others !

Free House Gallery II

wonderful houses, buildings, commercial buildings and beach builds. Rakis has done a great job, lots of hard work involved in setting this up and he is kind and ready to help if you have any problems or questions !


this would be really nice if not for "one item per day", it makes no sense. (after i reviewed Edo gave a rude reply and now i can't get to the region...) so i took away my one star and made it zero stars. its very sad that a person is so small minded they would do that, instead of seeing how many have said the same thing and maybe changing the policy instead of acting like a child.

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