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Shimada Yoshikawa is a builder, merchant, artist and landscaper. he has been active in Second Life and other grids since 2007.

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In the real world, I am artist, cinematographer and virtual world builder, Alex Aurichio.

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Avalon Reborn
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Avalon Reborn is a massive 4x4 region on the Destiny Grid. It is the creation of Virtual builder and landscaper, Shimada Yoshikawa. Places to visit in the region include; New Risa, a Star Trek / Sci Fi crossover theme, clothing optional beach club, where you can enjoy our lovely alien NPC hostes...
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I just added 2 side graphic surfboards to my Shopify store. Check out the shopping district to browse or shop my online stores, and enjoy the in world freebies!

I love applying my RL textures to my mesh clothes in world. I'm going to start leaving some in the shops as freebies.

Alleycat Planks Custom Skateboards

A2Creations Sportswear

I'm adding my real world Etsy, Shopify and Board Pusher shops to my shopping district. Right now it's just the Etsy store with some sample images and a QR code on the wall. Scan the code off your screen with your smartphone and it takes you right to my Etsy store, where you can browse all of my products.

Things are definitely getting weird around here.


Spooktacular things going on at the Northern Island! Scary! Ooooooo!!!

Very Spooky! Stay Tuned!

Things are getting spooky!

Doing some texture upgrades, spiffing the place up a bit. I have to renew my shoutcast stream, but thinking about having a party after that. Anyone up for a party?

New exterior on the gallery too.

New art in the gallery and looking sharp in a shirt with my own AI art on it.

I don't usually share articles, but this one cracked me up.

All new pics in the Titan Gallery! Adults only.

I've been importing a lot of my Midjourney created seamless patterns and applying them to skyscrapers in Metafoundry City. Getting some cool results.

I had to roll back to Destiny Grid, until I can see if OSGrid can host the version I built on. There are just too many script errors to correct everything.

CyberGlo CyberStar: Yes this happens to a lot of people switching over to osgrid, due to the changes made to the scripting engine in the latest releases of opensimulator. Good luck to you! :) 1 years ago

I'm still working out some script bugs in my balloon and reef rides, but Avalon Reborn is on OSGrid now!

At long last, Avalon Reborn is back up!

Still waiting for this mysterious server owner to return from walkabout. In the meantime, visit my Etsy store for some cool stuff.

Lone Wolf: STILL!? - Wanted to ask about Etsy as a plat form I want to do merch for Wolf Territories Grid do you think it's okay? 1 years ago

Who deleted my post and how? WTF?

Lone Wolf: The one about your host is still there? Hope you got things sorted. 1 years ago

Who deleted my post? I'm posting on my own page. I'm not violating any rules. WTF?

I'm really at my wit's end. I can't get any kind of straight answer as to when I can expect to have my region back up. Whoever owns the server that my region was moved to, travels and has no idea when they'll return. (who lives like that?) They're apparently just waiting for this person to return while doing nothing to contact them. The only backup that was kept is from 2021. Which isn't going to cut it. Grrrrr

Spax Orion: Host the server yourself and then you get to control when the backups occur and you might save a little time and frustration... It works for me. Peace! 1 years ago
Apparently my region lives on a private server, somewhere in Australia, where they're experiencing power failures and the server owner needs to be home when the power is on, so we can retrieve the OAR for my sim and transfer it to a server in Europe. I apologize for the inconvenience. I'm not real happy about it, as they can't even give me an ETA for when it will be back up.

Lone Wolf: I really hope you don't lose your amazing region. 1 years ago

Server has been down for a couple of days. Power failures are to blame. Hopefully we'll be back up soon.

I just added dozens of new AI Art images to the Titan Gallery (teleport pad is on the top floor of the main AI gallery)

Hello people of Open Sim! Destiny Grid is seeking new members. They have one of the best prices for sim rentals ($15 per month for up to 4x4 sim! $5 per month per 5000 extra prims). Use my avatar name: Shimada Yoshikawa as a reference.

Adding some hidden camping sites for couples. Avalon Reborn is an Adult sim, so come explore and play!

I added a couple more sports cars on temp rezzers at the parking area. Enjoy!

The balloon tour at night is very cool

Lots of wrecks and ruins and fish. Enjoy!

The Coral Reef Tour is open for business!

The Avalon Reborn balloon tour is open for business!

The balloon tour is working! It departs from the Welcome Island, does a complete circuit of the region and returns to the start point. It's a nice long pleasant ride, and a great way to see the whole layout. Coming soon, Submarine tour of the reefs!

Adding some fish to the reef

Vibranium discovered in Avalon Reborn! Rise Talokan!

New and improved Avalon Freeway is finished ahead of schedule. It's much better than before. I just took a few laps and it's much more drivable. Let me know what you think.

Shimada: It's still a little wonky in places. If anyone know how to make banked turns, let me know. Let me know of any problem spots if you run into them. 1 years ago
I'm starting a major roadway rebuild on Avalon Freeway. I wasn't happy with the mesh roadway and how cars behaved on it. I did a test, using regular prims and they worked better! So I'm rebuilding it all, a section at a time. Some parts might be tricky, but we'll see how it goes. It will probably take a few days to finish. Stay tuned!

Shimada: Roadwork is progressing nicely. It's about 60% finished. Should be done and reopened by sometime tomorrow. I'm widening the road and removing the draw bridges. 1 years ago

Strange visitors from another planet? Oh, I hope so!

Taking a balloon ride at dawn. I have a scripter working on a balloon tour script for me, so I'll be adding that as soon as I have it. Then the ride will do the full tour.

Wide view of Avalon Reborn from the north at sunset.

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