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Welcome to Virtual theme park also known as Cateulala, plenty of roller coaster, water slides, water ride and many more to keep you having fun. test out the race track and or grab some food in the pavilion just click the table. find the fairy inside the triangle to hear a song, just give her a click. wanna shoot some zombies, check out the zombie game near the burning building. Grab a gun and go into camera mode and then start shooting, can you make it all the way to the boss level.

NEW ITEM! Check out the bumper boat i put together for everyone to enjoy and have fun. grab it on the 3rd floor.

The final updates to the theme park are complete. Check out the stellar bumper cars in the Sci Fi Park, why not try the cool Bumper Boats in the main park and while your there you can check out some of the new decor.
NEW RIDES! check out the all new Sci Fi Park exclusive to Virtual Beach Grid, tp board at the entrance of park as well as all ur current fav rides upgraded with a new engine script.

updates are still being made and will post as they come.

Milly Money: That looks AWESOME!! :) 5 months ago
COMING SOON! Yes you heard right, VB theme park is getting a new exclusive coaster engine. All current rides will be updated as well as new rides added. Some terrain and surrounding areas will get updated as well.
hello, so upon looking at the theme park, it seems that the new version of opensim is conflicting with bullet sim. Making the cpu jump and that is why the rides are so jerky, however it has been tested on ubode with the new version and that works better. hopefully soon it will be switched over. there may be a server issue but above seems to be the most cause of the difference. fyi the rides do jerk some but not suppose to jerk a lot like they were doing.
some of you may have noticed that suddenly the rides that were not jerky suddenly are. Well the newest upgraded in opensim is causing that issues. so until creator can look at it and fix it they will still look like that. Sorry for the inconvenience.

OpenSimUser: Yes thats why i havent updated to the newest just yet. It is possible for you to rollback to a previous version, but Fred would have to tell you how to do that. That is if you are running Dreamgrid. 1 years ago

Great news! I finally fixed the Ferriss Wheel, the led lights still are not right but the Ferriss Wheel is back up an running. Idk how but some of the tracks deleted themselves.

Please pardon the dust of the Ferris wheel while its being fixed, it seems that January 14th or before caused it to break down. Issue is unknown and didn't know it was broken until recently. hopefully soon it will be fixed.

the theme park that was in eros resort is back, we now have a new name which is my Virtual beach, please come check out this cool theme park and our grid

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