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OSWRS (OpenSimWorkingRadioStreams)This region has several commercial free radios free to copy with full permissions to change however & whatever the new owner wishes. Keywords:OSWRS.OpenSimWorkingRadioStreams,OpenSim,shawnkmaloney OSWRS,free,commercialfree,commercial free,no ads,no talk,listener su...
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I forgot I had these, their yours if you want them. Go get a copy.

Fresh updates

Fresh updates

OSWRS Radios Updated 9/30/2021

French & German OSWRS Radios found at landing point of
The shame of it all is that the AllFranceRadio OSWRS actually has 33 24/7 CommercialFree streams found, but only a few of those have url's that can be used in OpenSim. The thing about stream urls is, some use 1 or 2 formats and some many more than that, and finding the exact ones that play inworld is a headache. Really would be great if OpenSim were to accept any and all. And yes, I know, I have no clue as to what exactly, having that happen would entail.
AllFranceRadio OSWRS









AllGermanRadio OSWRS



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When I went to jump to this new place I found, I was expected to open my browser and agree to some junk before being allowed in. Thanks to Jimmy and his Convo with an NPC, I am glad it wasn't me. So yea, Kubwa did me a huge favor by throwing his restriction up. :) I was hoping to get info on the old Kubwa visitor board that showed the profile of last visitor, or at least see a working one.

Holiday Haven

I'm actually looking forward to meeting this "super trooper nice" region owner.


The lack of a usable commercial-free radio to enjoy the region with, and a teleport board at the landing point with Selea Cores shop on it, and a Visitor Board of Truth at LP, AND these two pics in the Opensimworld Uzuri page slide show steals the 5 star rating it should deserve.... ..... ..... I a...


Fantastic every year. :)

Psybient Sunset

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