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Hello, I have been in opensim for a few years. I am a lifestyle Mistress of 8 years in real life as well as online. I have extensive knowledge in BDSM but even tho I may not know everything I can answer most questions. I enjoy meeting new people as well as building on my regions. I also enjoy playing games with others in opensim like greedy and going fishing. please check out my listings and I hope you enjoy. I am also owner of Virtual Beach grid

My Interests

I love to go hiking and camping and fishing. Karaoke and dancing is a hobby of mine and most of all I love to travel.

Favorite Quote

an act of kindness creates an endless ripple

Music I Like

Classic country
country music
50's , 60's , 70's and soem 80's
I also like rock in roll and a lot of other music

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My Regions

Virtual Beach Beach 0 Users
This our current welcome region, a nice island for you to sit and relax. There is also a tp board to check out other regions of Virtual Beach. Please enjoy your stay for new registration please visit our web site
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University of BDSM of BDSM 0 Users
Welcome to the University Of BDSM where anyone can come to learn/test there skills in BDSM and other forms of kink. There are many rooms to explore and learn in. there are 2 classrooms and one detention room as well as , private rooms, main dungeon, social areas, round table, outdoor grounds and mu...
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Club Electric Electric 0 Users
Welcome to Club Electric, main club is on the roof. Get Electrified on the dance floor or grab a seat and relax with friends or hit up the hot tub. Feeling kinky, head inside for a bit of kinky fun no matter Mistress, Master, sub, slave, or a kinky person this place is for you. nice dance floor with...
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Virtual beach theme park beach theme park 0 Users
Welcome to Virtual theme park also known as Cateulala, plenty of roller coaster, water slides, water ride and many more to keep you having fun. test out the race track and or grab some food in the pavilion just click the table. find the fairy inside the triangle to hear a song, just give her a click...
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Paradise tropical island tropical island 0 Users
Come hang out where any party is paradise, Come dance on the dance floor as if you are the dj and pick a station and grab a partner. sit and relax or explore the island you never what you will find.
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1960's Woodstock's Woodstock 0 Users
Welcome to one of the Grooviest places in open sim, come back to the 60's as we rock out and relive one of the best decades in time. Looking For Trebel plays all your favorite tunes. Need a place to crash, plenty of tents, beetles and Volkswagens to hang out in. We also have a small market with vari...
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Imagination cruise Ship cruise Ship 0 Users
Welcome aboard Imagination cruise ship, grab your room key and enjoy your stay. there is plenty to do, including karaoke lounge and tiki bar. also if you have gloebits you can have fun in the casino
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if you see a virtual beach region offline on osw, it doesn't always mean its offline. something is going on where its deleting the beacon keys. this will be worked on in the next coming weeks. I do not know what is causing this but it is doing it more then once.
well i am now facing the wrath of Priscilla.Kleenex , that's the latest avatar. I dont know what her plans are but she was at my Woodstock and university today.

it looks like she is just copying items, not sure what she was doing in university, I was afk and cant see server end as that's in another grid.

update: also what is with these profiles that comment on some ones post and then u click thee name and says user not found?

fyi i dont mind people taking free stuff, but this post was to say she isn't doing her usual behavior for a griefer.

Charlene McNally: Another thing is for grid owners add Pricilla.Kleenex or Pricilla Kleenex to your avatar list then disable the name so she can’t register… 8 days ago
Hello everyone, I have some great news

I am now full owner of Virtual beach, I now have to learn big magic lol

I will be looking for dedicated people to join the grid as staff like DJ, greeters, maybe land sales.

New pricing for land will come out within the next few weeks. All current residents will get to keep there land at no cost. Any new residents will be subject to the new pricing once in affect.

Hello everyone, I have some great news, I am now full owner of Virtual Beach.

I will be also looking for dedicated people to be staff, like djs, greeters, maybe land sales and etc.

I now get to learn big magic, also I look foward to meeting new people, other grid owners and becoming a good grid owner myself.

Now presenting the Rublight that you can rub on anything. hold it in your hand and dance the night away. Available for free on the advertising sign next to the stage.

Hello everyone, on Saturday early afternoon the grid will be down for schedule maintenance. it should not be too long and be up within a few hours. if you try to get online and you cant get in, this is why.

Renovations are under way for 1960's Woodstock

Spax Orion: That sounds like a fun recreation. Some NPC shows could be FUN, will Jimi Hendricks be there??? Watch out for the virtual drugs... Those candy corns will take you out of this world! 19 days ago
Hello everyone,
I have a few updates regarding the future of Virtual Beach grid, the grid is slowly being brought back online, you may still find a few regions offline still. but hopefully a few days it will be fully back on-line.
I am now part owner Virtual Beach and sorta taking it over, so any questions you can also message me.

I am really excited for this adventure and the future of Virtual beach so bare with me as I will be learning some new things.

hopefully with in the next few weeks we will also do some much needed maintenance and updates and when that happens we will give a heads up.

Anyone who enters the University as a child avi will now be banned. Never thought I would have to do this but had a child avi come in twice and also told me how pretty I was as if they were trying to get with me. if it wasn't for that last part I would just nicely ask them to change to adult or leave.

SnoopKing: It is curious to read how people insist on defending what does not need to be defended, and how others are determined to offend the private and personal practices of each person. Personally, I think t... 24 days ago

it appears that virtual beach grid is offline, hopefully its back up soon. sorry for the inconvenience.

This new fountain was custom made for me by storm mephisto and I myself added the 4 elements you see the statues holding. eventually you may be able to sit on it.

Happy New Year

there are some new things in the University, you can now use your submissive as a human chair or table. Also the café has been taken out and a kitchen has been put in its place. Our staff can cook whatever you would like otherwise its a perfect time to teach your submissive about domestic work.

From our grid to yours, Merry Christmas.

since this gets hardly any traffic I am thinking about taking this out and putting a 1960's Woodstock in it, a stage, tents, vw bus, places to have sex. what do you all think?

HanHeld: I don't think there's a large enough user base to try to appeal to demographics of any sort. It's a good idea and worth running up the flagpole but not for the sake of traffic (which I don't believe r... 1 month ago
hello, so upon looking at the theme park, it seems that the new version of opensim is conflicting with bullet sim. Making the cpu jump and that is why the rides are so jerky, however it has been tested on ubode with the new version and that works better. hopefully soon it will be switched over. there may be a server issue but above seems to be the most cause of the difference. fyi the rides do jerk some but not suppose to jerk a lot like they were doing.
some of you may have noticed that suddenly the rides that were not jerky suddenly are. Well the newest upgraded in opensim is causing that issues. so until creator can look at it and fix it they will still look like that. Sorry for the inconvenience.

OpenSimUser: Yes thats why i havent updated to the newest just yet. It is possible for you to rollback to a previous version, but Fred would have to tell you how to do that. That is if you are running Dreamgrid. 2 months ago

Hi everyone, you will noticed that some of my lands are offline sadly, well hopefully by the new year they should all be back up and running. sorry for the inconvenience.

How about a nice relax in a bath house, maybe try the sauna or get a message. now where did that towel boy go.

We have added a TP board to other BDSM places, if you have a BDSM club or place and would like it to be added to the board. please send a picture and a hg url.

its Christmas at the University so why dont you come celebrate

Check out the sleigh that u can sit in and whatever other naughty things you can think of

The University now has a horse stable to put your pony's in

Hello, I am looking for a yacht similar to this one is second life. if anyone has one or one for sale please message me .

Hi everyone, I have a new adventure, University Of BDSM college and i am very excited to get to finally show it to everyone. There will be a few things added in the next month or so as well as a hospital for medical play. I hope everyone enjoys this and has fun.

all of my lands seem to be offline, hoping to have it fixed soon, sorry for the inconvenience.

Added this bungalow to the outside of the BDSM college, now you can relax after a day of learning. when i got it the furniture was unscripted. I have scripted everything to best I could.

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First off I want to say personally for me child avi/skins are not for me nor do I want to see a child avi so that section I stay away from. However I will say since this region has been updated it looks amazing! I do wuv mesh baby's but the really little ones in diapers and so many good stuff its hard to choose just one room set for a baby. I will say I will be mixing and matching. I only have ...

The Furniture Vault

this is really great stuff, i am sad to see it close


walked in here not knowing what to expect, took a look around for a bit and almost left until I searched more and came upon some great stuff. this has everything you need for a club, dj, band or whatever. and the guitar selection is amazing as well as the radio stations. make sure to look at everything!


this is great quality stuff without the hassle of clutter, as I do love a ton of freebies, it was nice to see a non cluttered space. cant wait to see what else they come out with. some perfect stuff for my home land was perfect.

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