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Club Electric
grid.myvirtualbeach.com:8002:Club Electric 0 Users
Welcome to Club Electric, main club is on the roof. Get Electrified on the dance floor or grab a seat and relax with friends or hit up the hot tub. Feeling kinky, head inside for a bit of kinky fun no matter Mistress, Master, sub, slave, or a kinky person this place is for you. nice dance floor with...
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Virtual beach theme park
grid.myvirtualbeach.com:8002:Virtual beach theme park 0 Users
Welcome to Virtual theme park also known as Cateulala, plenty of roller coaster, water slides, water ride and many more to keep you having fun. test out the race track and or grab some food in the pavilion just click the table. find the fairy inside the triangle to hear a song, just give her a click...
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Paradise tropical island
grid.myvirtualbeach.com:8002:Paradise tropical island 0 Users
Come hang out where any party is paradise, Come dance on the dance floor as if you are the dj and pick a station and grab a partner. sit and relax or explore the island you never what you will find.
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Virtual Beach drive-In Theater
grid.myvirtualbeach.com:8002:Virtual Beach drive-In Theater 0 Users
Welcome to the newest drive-in theater where you can come on in and find a spot to watch videos galore. head on over to the concession stands for soem great snacks and drinks and thne sit back and enjoy the show
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Imagination cruise Ship
grid.myvirtualbeach.com:8002:Imagination cruise Ship 0 Users
Welcome aboard Imagination cruise ship, grab your room key and enjoy your stay. due to loosing everything in eros resort by no fault of our own, I apologize for the way it looks. I didn't have a full saved copy and right now wont waste my time fixing it to the way it was as its too much work. I will...
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come on over as the grand opening starts now.

In jut 11 hours it will be one electrifying party, come hang out with the Electric Thunder band as Dj Fever spins the tunes. dont forget to check out the Electric girls while your at it.

Grand opening
Where: Club Electric
When: 2 days ago [20 Sep 2021 11:00 SLT]

Club Electric is back baby with an almost whole new look! Come and lets get Electrified on the dance floor and dance up a storm. Dj Fever will be spinning the tunes. 1-3 pm CST

I am looking for a dj that would be available once a month to dj, for a couple of hours and donate there time. If interested please shoot me a message. I will temporally dj until regular dj can come back or i find a new one,

Club Electric is back, if you were in eros resort grid you knew club electric. While it has got soem upgrades its the same club feel to get you electrified. Please pardon the dust while we finish the updates.

The Drive-in Theater is back, a few things need to be re added but in the mean time enjoy the show

opensim world chat

did the chat room on opensim world go away?

since gloebits are back up and running so is the casino, if you have any problems with any of the games please let me know in game :)

Fireworks are so pretty at night on the island, there re 3 to choose from but why choose just pick all 3. also there is a hidden hot tub on the island perfect for a getaway

river fishing game was added, feel free to check it out, no gloebits are given as there still down

Beach fishing game was added, feel free to check it out, no gloebits are given as there still down

Eros Tropical island is back under a new name Paradise tropical island, while a few updates will be done please enjoy a party in paradise.

the casino is down until Gloebits can be fixed, sorry for the inconvenience

the theme park that was in eros resort is back, we now have a new name which is my Virtual beach, please come check out this cool theme park and our grid

I apologize for the way it looks. I didn't have a full saved copy and right now wont waste my time fixing it to the way it was as its too much work. I will however get the casino back up and running.

this region and all of eros is offline until further notice, some technical issues are being looked at, hope to have it back up soon

Casino is back up and running

for anyone that has gloebits the casino is temporarily down due to the website being down, I have no idea what is going on but hope its back up soon

Please pardon the dust while I repair the ship. something has happened that made things go out of sync

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walked in here not knowing what to expect, took a look around for a bit and almost left until I searched more and came upon some great stuff. this has everything you need for a club, dj, band or whatever. and the guitar selection is amazing as well as the radio stations. make sure to look at everything!


this is great quality stuff without the hassle of clutter, as I do love a ton of freebies, it was nice to see a non cluttered space. cant wait to see what else they come out with. some perfect stuff for my home land was perfect.

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