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Hello, I am the current owner of My Virtual Beach Grid. I have been in opensim for a few years. I am a lifestyle Mistress of 8 years in real life as well as online. I have extensive knowledge in BDSM but even tho I may not know everything I can answer most questions. I enjoy meeting new people as well as building on my regions. I also enjoy playing games with others in opensim like greedy and going fishing. please check out my listings and I hope you enjoy. I am also owner of Virtual Beach grid

My Interests

I love to go hiking and camping and fishing. Karaoke and dancing is a hobby of mine and most of all I love to travel.

Favorite Quote

an act of kindness creates an endless ripple

Music I Like

Classic country
country music
50's , 60's , 70's and soem 80's
I also like rock in roll and a lot of other music

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My Regions

Furniture vault
1 0 vault 1 Users
this is the original Furniture Vault that Amber has given now for all
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Virtual Club Zone
2 0 Club Zone 0 Users
Welcome to the Four Elements, here you will find four club. Wind, fire, water and earth. Each venue as something different as well as music. Not ready to party yet, hang out with friends or play a game of greedy at our telehub.
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Water World
2 1 World 0 Users
Welcome to Water World, plenty of boats to sail as well as a racing course. there is also an airstrip and a lots of hidden places and islands. this is a huge 8x8 so come and have fun.
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Virtual Beach Resort
2 0 Beach Resort 0 Users
Welcome to VB Resort, if your looking for a great vacation this is the place for you. VB Resort is all inclusive, on the water front villas complete with pool and bedroom. We also have plenty of dancing on the beach and all your food is included. there are games to play and you may find the fish are...
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Virtual Beach Headquarters
2 0 Beach Headquarters 0 Users
Aloha Welcome to Virtual Beach Headquarters, come and join the island life. This is my grid office, a very nice place for those wanting more info about the grid to come and chat. We are always looking for new members.
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Virtual Beach
7 0 Beach 0 Users
This is our current welcome region, a nice island for you to sit and relax. There is also a tp board to check out other regions of Virtual Beach. Please enjoy your stay for new registration please visit our web site
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University of BDSM
6 0 of BDSM 0 Users
Welcome to the University Of BDSM where anyone can come to learn/test there skills in BDSM and other forms of kink. There are many rooms to explore and learn in. there are 2 classrooms and one detention room as well as , private rooms, main dungeon, social areas, round table, outdoor grounds and mu...
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Club Electric
2 0 Electric 0 Users
Welcome to Club Electric, main club is on the roof. Get Electrified on the dance floor or grab a seat and relax with friends or hit up the hot tub. Feeling kinky, head inside for a bit of kinky fun no matter Mistress, Master, sub, slave, or a kinky person this place is for you. nice dance floor with...
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Virtual beach theme park
6 0 beach theme park 0 Users
Welcome to Virtual theme park also known as Cateulala, plenty of roller coaster, water slides, water ride and many more to keep you having fun. test out the race track and or grab some food in the pavilion just click the table. find the fairy inside the triangle to hear a song, just give her a click...
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Paradise tropical island
4 0 tropical island 0 Users
Come hang out where any party is paradise, Come dance on the dance floor as if you are the dj and pick a station and grab a partner. sit and relax or explore the island you never what you will find.
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1960's Woodstock
2 0's Woodstock 0 Users
Welcome to one of the Grooviest places in open sim, come back to the 60's as we rock out and relive one of the best decades in time. Looking For Trebel plays all your favorite tunes. Need a place to crash, plenty of tents, beetles and Volkswagens to hang out in. We also have a small market with vari...
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Imagination cruise Ship
4 0 cruise Ship 0 Users
Welcome aboard Imagination cruise ship, grab your room key and enjoy your stay. there is plenty to do, including karaoke lounge and tiki bar. also if you have gloebits you can have fun in the casino
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Hello everyone, Amber has been so generous to share this oar with the public, i have put it out for all to come and shop. if anyone wants to contribute to the store please contact me.

COMING SOON! Yes you heard right, VB theme park is getting a new exclusive coaster engine. All current rides will be updated as well as new rides added. Some terrain and surrounding areas will get updated as well.


Hello everyone, you will notice some of the listings in virtual beach show offline. I promise they are not offline, the new update to dream grid is having issues with the beacon keys in server. later today we will probably roll back.

JoshBoam: If there is anything I can help with let me know! Sending Best wishes.. 1 month ago

Hello everyone, Virtual beach grid will be offline until we can roll back versions. server completely froze and keeps doing it. please bare with us while we fix the issues.

Hey every check out the new hotel at Virtual Beach Resort. Rooftop swimming pool, saunas, 30+ guestrooms, restaurant and more. Coming soon 2 new stores will eventually be added inside the hotel.

Hello Avitron users, are you in need of a new home? I am running a land special first 5 people to move to my grid will receive one free any size land, 45,000 prims.

once those 5 free lands are gone I will offer the next 10 people any size land for $5 bucks 45,000 prims.

Thirza Ember: Judging by the photo, you ain't kidding when you say 'beach' 2 months ago

Update, all updates are done and grid is back online.

Grid will be offline probably a few hours to finish the final upgrades.

Virtual beach is back online and all issues have been fixed. Thank you and sorry for the delays.

We are still working on the problem with the grid. Grid will be restarted several times today. We opologize for the inconvenience.

Hello everyone, virtual beach is still offline. We are having issues getting things to recognize the hard drives. The grid should be back up sometime today.

Pagane: issues getting things to recognize the hard drives is one of simptoms of BROKEN SATA cabble. Try to change SATA cabbles 2 months ago

update - grid is back online

Grid will be shut down for a few hours while we move it to a temporary hard drive to get ready for the big move on Thursday to our new hard drives.

Hello everyone, I am in the process of doing a grid wide database back up. Backup will take anywhere from a few hours to over night.

Next Thursday the grid will be offline for a few hours while hard drives get switched out/upgraded.

if you experience any problems its probably due to the backup but feel free to send me a message.

Hello everyone, I am back from vacation. Looking foward to getting back to the grid. thank you Rocky and Trizzy for looking after the grid for me while I was gone.

Hello everyone I have an important update to share to all grid members/visitors.

I will be on vacation starting April 28th-May 8th, that means I will not be around for gird issues, land sales and etc.

if you have any issues or need help you can contact Rocky one or Trizaria Hunter. if you want land you can contact Trizaria Hunter. there is a staff board of others that can help depending on what you need.

I will have limited internet when I am not on the cruise ship but if no one answers and its really important go to and click the email icon to send me a message. I will respond when I can.

I am still around until the 27th but after that I will see you when I get back. :)

Happy Easter from virtual beach grid

So some of you probably noticed the grid was offline after I made the post it was online. apparently unaware to us it had gone offline after awhile but now its all back on-line and should be fine.

For all residents and visitors, if there is any issues with the grid please dont hesitate to contact me or anyone on our staff board. you can also contact me here if the grid is unreachable.

Virtual beach grid is back online

Virtual beach is offline, we are trying to resolve the issue. Hopefully in a few hours.

Thank you for those that came out to the first vb crawl.

We are at Paradise Tropical Island on this vb crawl, the only thing is missing is you. next stop will be vb resort
hop:// tropical island/118/200/28

We are at Paradise Tropical Island on this vb crawl, the only thing is missing is you. next stop will be vb resort
hop:// tropical island/118/200/28

this is going on now, come on over and hop on the crawl

In just 12 hours is the first ever vb crawl, 1-5 cst ( 11-3pm grid time) DJ Kaotic will spin the tunes. Don't forget, find a beach ball and get some free Gloebits. Come say hi to the new owner of vb and have a great time hoping from place to place.

Virtual Beach
Vb Resort
Paradise tropical island
1960's Woodstock
Daggers Edge
Whiskey's Bonfire
Club Electric.

Upadte on vb crawl, Dj Kaotic Persona will play the tunes for this event.

In just a few days will be the Virtual Beach Crawl, come on out to have some fun.

For those that want to join in on the VB Crawl on March 15th you can head to Virtual Beach to pic up your free TP Hud. All destinations are in order of the crawl.

Here is the line up for the march 15th Virtual Beach Crawl, we will start at the first region and will be there for an hour, then 30 minutes at each place until we end at Club Electric for the last hours.

Virtual Beach
Virtual Beach Resort
Paradise tropical Island
1960'S Throwback
Whiskey Bonfire
Club Electric

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I see greedy tables all over opensim and wonder how to get them. this place is so great, it has all the ones I wanted. I took the big box because i new i would love alot of them. i will now place many on my different regions


First off I want to say personally for me child avi/skins are not for me nor do I want to see a child avi so that section I stay away from. However I will say since this region has been updated it looks amazing! I do wuv mesh baby's but the really little ones in diapers and so many good stuff its hard to choose just one room set for a baby. I will say I will be mixing and matching. I only have ...

The Furniture Vault

this is really great stuff, i am sad to see it close


walked in here not knowing what to expect, took a look around for a bit and almost left until I searched more and came upon some great stuff. this has everything you need for a club, dj, band or whatever. and the guitar selection is amazing as well as the radio stations. make sure to look at everything!


this is great quality stuff without the hassle of clutter, as I do love a ton of freebies, it was nice to see a non cluttered space. cant wait to see what else they come out with. some perfect stuff for my home land was perfect.

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