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Jasyluna 2 months ago
Lamento la mala experiencia vivida en Royal, no supieron valorar tus conocimientos y la buena disposicion para trabajar.
Copper 2 months ago
Researching at HG business site might sometimes also help. There is an old one from 2014 out already. Maybe script could be altered to your needs (pictures). It has destination info already: https://w...
Jupiter Rowland 2 months ago
It's even better if you see it in-world. Oh, and it can handle a full HG Safari as its audience without breaking down.
Suzi_Avonside 2 months ago
Amazing stuff Cute!
Jamie Wright 3 months ago
I have felt that way a fair few times sharing content. So I totally get it. I decided after awhile I that make stuff for me...stuff I like. If someone else benefits, great. But it helps me take critci...
Nico Kalani 3 months ago
Don't let other people define who you are or what you do. Otherwise, you are giving them control over you. Don't give in to bullies.