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Musician Looking to Promote their Music
I have made a lot of songs over the past year, and would like to start getting it in the ears of people. I arrange, compose, and make the music in the songs i have made, and i even own the commercial usage rights to use and sell without paying royalties. So basically what i m trying to say is that this is my music, and I would like to start letting people hear it. I can dj the songs at a club, or even play them on the radio that has a good amount of regualar open sim listenens. So if anyone has a fit they might think is for me, let me know. I attached a link to my soundcloud so you can take a listen before hand. All the best,

DJ or Singer Needed

Today's Tunage preferred but not a deal breaker, some K-pop (korean or japanese pop) would be kewl too. Contact me here or in-world please. Penny Heberle@aviworlds, region owner/grid staff

Many Thanks
Thank you very much for yesterday evening to everyone who took part in our country evening. You are the best audience a DJ can have!

Vielen Dank für den gestrigen Abend an alle, die sich an unserem Countryabend beteiligten. Ihr seid das beste Publikum, dass ein DJ haben kann
St. Patrick Day Float Parade!
We will be doing a Float Parade for St. Patrick Day!!! - If you would like to join please contact Social Mouse via Inworld or on discord @ or reply to this post or pm me ------ in order to sign up - we will send out float packages and instructions
Open Source Hypergrid Content
I have a feeling that the other thread will disappear, so I'm starting a new one. Please excuse the redundancy.

This post was originally written in reply to Jupiter Rowland's post in that thread.

Jupiter Rowland wrote "Other names which, AFAIK, stand for legal content, but who have disappeared, are Hylee Bekkers and Selea Core whose works are somewhat easier to find but still kind of rare; besides, AFAIK, they've never put them under any license."

Hylee's boxes can still be found here and there, and she has a shop in Wright Plaza (at 158,17,21) in OSGrid. Her boxes usually included a notecard saying what license it was under (Creative commons, as I remember).

Also in Wright Plaza is one of my favorite creators -Potion Locke, aka the "Cobbler's Trading Company". She gives away a lot of texture packs under a non-commercial creative commons license. Her shop is at 119, 16, 21 in Wright Plaza.

Caro Fayray on OSGrid also releases a lot of content under a creative commons license; she has a shop on wright plaza as well. (wright plaza 48, 128, 21)

Of course, there's also Nebadon Izumi, who has a shop in Wright Plaza that is full of Creative Commons licensed items as well.

Selea Core's stuff is still around here and there as well. I remember it being explicitly released under a Linda Kellie style license (do whatever you want with it), but since there's no surviving proof of that on the web no one can really say one way or the other.

This isn't a definitive list, there's a ton of creators I haven't mentioned (e.g. Vbinnia Radek, who's region Steam is in osgrid). I've focused on osgrid because those items have been there ~10 years, and will probably be up as long as the grid is up.

To address the thread The Social Mouse made:

If you're looking for "legal" items for your business, all, some or none of these may suit your needs. A business ought to have it's own legal team to evaluate that -I wouldn't even try.

If you're looking for "legal" items out of a sense of personal ethics (which is a good thing!) I still can't guide you, except to say that all of the items I've listed were meant by their creator to be used out here in opensim and (with the exception of Selea Core) are distributed by their original creator.

I'm Han Held and thank you for coming to my TED talk
Legal content

Are there any legal content in opensim?? Is the a region like diamond Galleries still around with legal content and only legal???

Couple Poses?

Hello :) I'm looking for couples poses for photos.. does anyone know where I can find some? Thank you!

Read my sneak-preview article about the upcoming art-project "Reconnaissance In Times Of Darkness here: .
Now Renting Regions.....

now renting regions to non residents, come check out our prices @Barfoot-dreamers beginning at 5$ USD monthly full region


We Are Now Open and Ready for you to Explore this unknown place ,Grins have fun and enjoy :)

FULL REGION 50% OFF Only 10$ monthly get 1 Free month
inverted colors
somehow i managed to invert the colors in my firestorm viewer... no idea what I did! Hoping it was a bug, restarted pc and reinstalled firestorm. Thought I was going crazy for a bit, that my region settings had orange water... sigh...
"The Most Powerful Alkaline Battery in the Universe"
The Most Powerful Alkaline Battery in the Universe"
Stevie Zee will bring the tunes @ 10 am grid time @Zuzions Events and I would hate for you to miss your taxi to the party. Come and show some support.
How to tell if your sim got hacked.
Well usually the signs are obvious. Missing items, White items, even possibly 100's of scripts missing. How do they do it? Simple. Viewers like hydrastorm and darkstorm have options such as God mode override hack, which let's the user become a god on your land. The viewers also can let someone delete items from your sim, clone items, and even take the scripts. Well that's fine, you say, my opensim blocks hydrastorm and darkstorm. Except these viewers have a feature that lets them masquerade as regular firestorm, singularity, hippo, and others... It tricks your simulator into thinking the person is not using hydrastorm, but is instead using firestorm. But there are other hacks as well, the reverse friend permissions hack, sim crashers, and more. So what's a good defense? Some packages like dreamgrid, include an option to autobackup when you like. And keep N number of backups before recycling them. Dreamgrid also makes it easy to back up your inventory to an IAR. I suggest you use features such as these, or if you're on linux, learn to save your oars from the command line, as well as your iar's. While hackers can and often do use a vpn to gain access to a sim they plan to attack so their ip cannot be traced. For example PIA (private internet access) gives their users thousands of servers to choose from, with many different IP addresses. So blocking by ip address is nothing more than a temporary snafoo for hackers. If you block by name, they come back with an alt. Also there's a setting in opensim that allows a grid owner to edit the attachments of people that come to their grid, and it's trivial to turn this feature on. To sum it up, some people are just jerks, and all you can do is backup, backup, backuppppp.
Sim Stats Monitor, Scripts Monitor, Sim Version ALL redone in osdrawtext as green on black displays.

perfect for your personal in world computer needs. :) heheheh

New Shootable Target!

Just point your wand at the target, in mouselook, and when you hit the target a hole appears where you hit it! Get it now on the 2nd floor of WhiteLand Wizard Store!

AMV First Annual Jolly Jamboree House Party
AMV First Annual Jolly Jamboree House Party. I cordially invite you to attend and bring your ice skates and Hot Cocoa and bring your Christmas spirit. And come on out for our full day of Christmas entertainment we have DJ Jazzi Love, DJ Kawaii Unicorn, Elvis Wilber, One of our newest DJ Jaxon Kane and DJ Princess Gotti. So bring your donations of a Holiday Gift must be full perm and be prepared to have your socks rocked off Christmas day. See you there
New Teleport of Nargus Asturias - Modified & Awesome
Now has a rotating magic platform, and blue beams of light. Just put them anywhere you want to teleport in your region, and change the description field of the object to that name, then reset the script. Example: Office, mountain, dungeon, lake, etc. Incredibile Special effects!!! added by me! CyberGlo CyberStar

Anyone has a Mistletoe they are willing to give me or point me in a direction where I can find one need it for a project!

Shopping at Wright Plaza
I was shopping at wright plaza, and a lady came up to me rudely accusing me of stealing things from osgrid. All I said to her was I think it is time to block you. So I blocked her, and immediately her alt pops up and begins to cuss me out. I mean. Excuse me, but People use my scripts in osgrid that got them from 2nd or 3rd parties, and I never say a word, so I don't see a big deal with getting free stuff from any grid. But if you go to wright plaza and get attacked by this woman, just ignore her, it seemed to me that she is just trying to drive people away. I changed my nick, and had my account deleted b/c of a nasty group constantly persecuting me until I boiled over in a meltdown. Don't make the mistake I did by interacting with them, just block them and go on with your fun.

Temporarily closed all news you can find here.

Virtual Discovery Tour Mardi 20 Octobre 2020
Virtual Discovery Tour Mardi 20 Octobre 2020
Mardi 20 Octobre Virtual Discovery Tour sur la Grille Astralia ,nous irons visiter une région Féérique !!!
Rdv à l'accueil de Virtual Dream à 20h45 !!!

Tuesday October 20 Virtual Discovery Tour on the Astralia Grid, we will visit a Magical region !!!
Meeting at the Virtual Dream reception at 8:45 p.m. !!!
Out for a ride at Wolf Territories
Curious about Featured Sims

How does one get one's sim "Featured"

How often are sims checked?
It seems rather arbitrary- what determines how often a grid or sim is checked for traffic? I am looking at my page stats and it says 2 hours ago. Sometimes it checks every few minutes- I have been walking about and landscaping and stuff- so it's not like it thinks I am not really there- I do have a couple of NPC's but they are listed in the exclude list..
I was even giving an alt self some items to take back to her/my other grid-
Social Mouse Cares
If you are experiencing a bit of issue and need a place even temporarily due to the grid being down or your grid has recently closed permenantly ((GCG or otherwise)) message me for a region - WHile Supplies last -- Social Mouse Grid Cares about all of opensim BIG Hugs Stay Strong RL has gotten too overbearing recently with the onslaught coverage of all the death tolls resulting from covid -- some of us are at home going stir crazy -- we login here to escape and an escape is what we all need --- LOVE YOU OPENSIM FAMILY!
The Spoiled Diva Freebie Store
Funny how thieves try and play victim......AquaTranquility......Of Tranquility grid you and Cris Tranquility are going down for what you have done to me. You will not continue to steal, and harass people in SL or opensim. I'm not everybody. I support my friends, mind my business and enjoy my virtual life which I have done long before you came in game. But you stole my money and inventory.....and you think I'm going to say nothing? I letting the world know about you and Cris. You not getting away with it this time.
The Spoiled Diva Freebie Store
Funny how thieves try and play victim......AquaTranquility......Of Tranquility grid you and Cris Tranquility are going down for what you have done to me. You will not continue to steal, and harass people in SL or opensim. I'm not everybody. I support my friends, mind my business and enjoy my virtual life which I have done long before you came in game. But you stole my money and inventory.....and you think I'm going to say nothing? I letting the world know about you and Cris. You not getting away with it this time.
creators wanted

Hello all we need clothes creators for baby mania baby and quinns baby and bumpkin baby...thank you so much

Hello, everyone,
Parties in otterland are suspended until further notice.
It has been shown that too few people visit us,
we would not deny the expense for an event in the future. Thank you all and thank you for your understanding.

El-Bunker Disco & Bar

Welcome to Virtual Forever Estate!
Thanks for showing your interest. We are offering a full Region a great place for residential and light commercial kindly check the Landmark OFFICE
► Full Region
► 15K Prims
► Full Rights
► 4$ monthly
9$ - 3 months
15$ - 6 months


Search start target script with displayboard

Anyone know of a place you can play golf or mini golf?

Atcradar Opensim Freightmasters 24 /7

In case someone missed this Firestorm has released a new version for opensim! Part of there 6.3.9 release this opensim only version has been long waiting.... Link included to Firestorm

Where can I find a copy of "ActiveNPCs/Controller" ??

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Mystic Moonlight 2 months ago
hello Rogue you may find some of the couple animations and poses and bvh files on these to sites helpful
Social Mouse 3 months ago
Thank you all for you response! Please keep it alive and going! I know wayda items tend to have license with then usually CC as she pulls them from a website and she includes the link! I don't know wh...
Social Mouse 3 months ago
Thank you and I really appreciate this response
Han_Held 3 months ago
I neglected to mention the content from Outworldz and from Zadaroo, both of which are explicitly open source.
Han_Held 3 months ago
Yes, there certainly is legal content in opensim. If you're worried about it, stick to open source content such as Zadroo and Outworldz, or to creators such as Marianna (
HeyItsMyWorld 3 months ago
Nothing seems legal in opensim to be honest. Its hard to make things legal for opensim and in hopes that everyone complies and we know that is rare too! If you want just legal content then just accept...