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Aaack 3 days ago
the original creator can DMCA the grid with the stolen content if in fact is stolen. That's not much but it could set a precedent for legal action if needed. BTW, I would argue that sharing is thiev...
River 7 days ago
Oh, lol, you can find me on FB: River Lonetree.
Jupiter Rowland 8 days ago
Aaack 14 days ago
Legend says if you copy and paste that NFT three times in front of a mirror you turn into an NPC.
Pagane 16 days ago
From years i speak same and same. There is two aspects: One aspect is age difference and this is very slippery..... because all pixels here is really form of anime, manga, cartoons and in some countr...
Justyn Tyme 16 days ago
Id find out where this grid is file a complaint with them, stating you're reporting them. Take pics get the link address of the grid report it to your local authorities and im sure they will deal with...