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Pagane 4 days ago
There may find script "sheet" and include in any static furniture:
Charlene McNally 4 days ago
Jupiter Rowland 11 days ago
And we have a second instance, this time run by Lone Wolf of Wolf Territories:
Dan 13 days ago
Firestorm fixed the issue in 6.6.9. Unfortunately you'll need to wait for the release.
Spax Orion 16 days ago
The first thing I do when I get a new dance globe is to delete all of the NPCs with that script then insert my own... it is a great timesaver. I update NPCS on my regions once a year... having this h...
Pagane 18 days ago
Profile Picks work. But user interface is absolute missunderstanded however you understand it, it's wrong. Small Save button if you not click in right moment cannot save?! After every new pick better...