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ChopperGausman 2 days ago
Wow!!! What a statement!! I guess the cat's out of the bag now...LOL Yes, City of Serenity has moved out of AW and over to AT for better performance as compared them before choosing where to go due to...
Copper 2 days ago
Gretings Roisin. I have no doubt about your inworld experince. What people at OSW try to warn about is that character who dumped grids more than 13 times, and people who invested their time and money...
River 2 days ago
They aren't record pushers, lol.
CherylFurse 2 days ago
Great idea. On the pony farm on littlefield you find such a board. For "little" adoptions to find a Daddy or Mommy it could be nice. In SL there is something like this too. I saw this some months ago....
Jasminecliodhna 2 days ago
wow thank you so much Roisin, and yes you left an impression on me your tastes are unique but i loved doing this house for you your input was so helpful. When i furnish a house or do a complete body ...
Glenys Bieler 2 days ago
Um.... where did I mention "paying for it"???? I specifically mentioned you pay for it in SL, but it would be different in OS as there is no standard money system and I don't want to make any money ...