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dutch cheese

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what Im doing!

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too many, stopped looking

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Homo sapiens non urinat in ventum

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too many

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OpenSim Nessie Dev -DotNet 6

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I build my own pc and server:MSI MOBO's,24/32 GB RAM,pc GTX1060,Windows 12½

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Zweet ZurroundingZ
138 28 ZurroundingZ 1 Users
visit ZZ's Shop, to pick up many of my creations. Or, immerse yourself in the ambience of ZweetZ: explore, dance, swim, canoe,speedboat, sit at the beach watching the waves.. I work with Blender, DAZ 3D, Sculptris, MeshLab, Avastar2, L3DT Pro, Gimp, Crazy Bump, PhotoZoom Pro, Image Mender, Power...
more info


Just landed! the Crane family:)

New Items in ZZ-Shop;
The marble column can be changed, there's a box with 20+ textures
The windvane responds to changes of wind; script must be set active
Enjoy! :)

looks deceptiful simple, but texturing it pinpoint was daunting..this is my final for ZZ !

Zoe: Amazing work. Again the high quality of all the wonderful details of your works. Congrats Peter. 9 months ago

New month, new items in ZZHOP!

Curves? Someone mentioned, curves? I couldnt resist:)

Ready for export.....

Jupiter Rowland: Doesn't make you want to nope away like some of Arcadia's or Vbinnia's barrels. 10 months ago
What I always kept missing, was a good dark shade of an upcoming wave.
so, time for a game changer. Made it a double,one in blending alpha, second on masking and dark....oh well, u gotta see em!
After 14 years of trying, I'm finally happy with this one:)
Think I'm gonna throw em in ZZHOP on the next Expo round.

Fun With Curves! I wanted a nice looking rope at the end of the dock,and,of course, bollards. The pelican is on the animesh drawingboard:)

Created a new nice spot, on ZZhop Island, with waves...well, u need see em yourself
Perfect spot to relax and let my mind wander.
can u spot the mermaid on the rocks?:)

OVERHAUL of ZweetZ' shop is done;lights, main floor now glass with big hole,stairs going down to basement, where I will line up all the statues; I started to make mesh game characters, beauties, samples are already there. Lemme know what u think! ? :)

Overhauled ZZHOP-Island, at midnnight
; I just loooove gold:)

MorningGlory: so fabulous 😍 11 months ago

New month, new Items in the ZZhop.
Including my 2 best Carnivorous,made with Sculptris.
Have fun, Peter

New in ZZ's shop, my Aurora Borealis.
See if u like it!

Destiny257Seranade: Love,Love,Love your place! SO much to see and the owner is such a sweet guy! Ty for the cool gifts! 12 months ago

Sunday @ noon, Forest Azure will sing live in ZweetZ!
At landing point u find teleporter to the hotspot:)

Decided to bring back an older feature....the speedboat.
No racetrack,yet, but its fun to go blazing fast through all 81 sims:)

Second batch of items added, including ornaments, statues, and, special offer:
Your name (or sim-name) converted to mesh .
Send a notecard or IM to amsterdam with details.
You see an example rotating in the shop!
For all of you who asked a copy of my creations, good news:
ZweetZ has now a shop setup in the Bahai Lotus Theatre!
I'll be adding more items regularly. Teleporter is at Landing Point.
Lemme know what u think?
Enjoy!☺ Peter

PinDeluca: Thank you for sharing your creations Peter. I really enjoyed looking around. I am interested you see what you make next ! 1 years ago

*ribbit ribbit*
he'll be jumping and diving!:)

A new boss in town

fresh 360

New! Perching macaw with folding wings

Exclude list

Hello, I have corrected the exlude list Notecard in my region, can u please reset the avatar count on my page, Zweet ZurroundingZ? Thanks in advance

A new champ....roaming dragon
(oh, and. another sitting in the crystal cave,on a nest:) )

my "pièce de résistance ", so far: animated peacock with unfolding tail!

Peter: lol, thanks sweety! damm, thats been ages we had a chat:)) 2 years ago

Alltime fav of mine, the otter
a new animesh family, or, at least a start♫

Next....: Ma Unichorn....with baby, of course ;)

Updated Avi-eater, with goggling eyes

Justyn Tyme: Is he/she up for grabs? 2 years ago

A new star....with a baby:)


Apollo_Star: That looks Awesome ! 2 years ago

Or.....stars, maybe?

Irusu Hikikomori: Beautiful picture, very creative! 2 years ago

Upgraded sky with EEP, new clouds,rainbow,planets,milkyway

sharanncousine: greetings peter 2 years ago
like not registered?

Hi folks; Im with a friend and w atch her add a Like to my region, Zweet ZurroundingZ. But....the total number is still the old 69; where did the like go?


Preparations done:moms and cub, and their den under the tree. Soon I'll have her and 4 or 5 kids animated

Thought I'd add some light:)

Ballroom now bumped and shiny

this might be my final Aurora Borealis.....after a decade of fiddling:)
It looks kinda vague on the pic....u need see it in action inworld, see my Picks

Mr. ZweetZ....he was my first animal, I bought in SL,2007:)
Now my own critter and animated! This is a stationary version , Mrs. ZweetZ will be following shortly...I hope

my favorite spot..

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