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Captiva is a multi-purpose region featuring shops, beaches, and entertainment. Jaxx's Club offers a variety of singers, DJs, and bands, along with our country western venue located at Diamond Jim's Country Western bar. Free shops are available for creators in the business district. IM jonn luik fo...
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The Double Deuce Club offers great country western songs tunes and dances. Come over, kick your heels, and slap your legs to some good ole Texas line dancing!

Start the week right at Jaxx's Club on Captiva at 10 AM with Rogue Galaxy. She gives you what you want and requests are accepted gladly.

Jaxx's Club on Captiva offers great performers weekly. Singers like DaBluez Preacher, and Austin Moores and his angels. DJ s and more for you dancing pleasure!

Return of DaBluez Preacher!
Where: Captiva
When: 13 days ago [2 Oct 2021 10:00 SLT]

Preacher performs a mix of Rock and Blues for our dancing pleasure. If you land at pavilion site just click Jaxx's Club sign for actual LM to the club. This is an awesome performance that will make you rock!

Region name change??

My region is Captiva and on my region details it keeps changing to Belmar Islands here in Aviworlds. Why does it do that??

Today is Double Header Saturday at Jaxx's Club with Acidic Loop and Austin Moore's angels starting at 10 AM!

Jaxx's Club on Captiva sim seeking DJ's to put on good shows. We are flexible to any sets. Use Hop and click Jaxx's sign. Contact jonn luik.

Opensim beacon

How do I get one?

WE are presently looking for DJ's to perform at Jaxx's Club on Captiva grid. Use the hop to get here. Contact jonn luik for information.
We also offer free shops/stores for your wares in the main district.

Some of the finest songs and tunes from this live singer. He knows well how to present his music for your enjoyment. Austin Moore and his Angels perform for you here at Jaxx's Club. A lot of mixes with tunes and live songs from Country, Rock, Easy listening and more! He has a unique way of setting you in the right mood. Come join us at Venus Lunge for a nice afternoon.


Your teleporter cannot connect to most of the regions listed on it. It has been like this for a while. It cannot make connection to most of the regions.

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