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I’m Jamie Wright. In some grids I have and have had other names - Anna Wright, Anna Cooper and Ramona Maclean. I have been active in OpenSim since 2010.

I’ve decided to rejoin on my own terms and I am setting some healthy for me boundaries for how I engage with this site.

I won’t accept friend requests or request others. It doesn’t mean I don’t like anyone. Just keeping it simple.

I will not be answering private messages. The last profile I had on here experienced issues where people could read my private messages to others. I don’t feel that feature is secure anymore and I refuse to use it.

If you really wish or need to contact me, IM me in OSGrid as Jamie Wright or in Neverworld Grid as Anna Cooper. I will try to respond in a timely manner as life allows.

I won’t be joining any groups. I know lots of great things happen in groups. I just need to be able to step back more and manage my time and energy.

It is my goal to stay out of the comments and the box with the exception of friendly chats, constructive dialogues about OpenSim resources and helping one another. That all became overwhelming before and it burned me out. I recognize both my responsibility in those dynamics as well as other peoples and I think it’s probably going to be a happier experience for all of us from a safer distance.

I’m aware this site is completely unmoderated and neglected by its owner and creator. I accept that reality and give myself permission to take as many breaks as are needed to mitigate that for my own well being. I also won’t be spending RL money to get gold coins or post on the main page on a site that is not properly maintained. You can find my creations on my page if you’re looking for that info.

I am here to share builds and spaces that create love and safety for all peoples with all inclusions of race, religion, gender, sexuality, age and ability. I’m not going to “preach” it and it’s not “virtue signalling”. It’s who I am and how I live in all worlds. I joyfully celebrate all diversities. If you don’t, feel free to ignore me and we’ll both have more peace.

I’m here seeking and sharing creativity and loving kindness.

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Inspired by Thomas Etzel's Taco avatar/NPC - 24 hour share of some old Taco and Sombrero stuff I made. I may have more taco related things in the future too:) On hg.osgrid.org:80:Sandbox Plaza in the Northeast corner for 24 hours.

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