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Ruritania exists in that eternal mid 20thC summer that predates brexit and where things always seemed more fun and the trains ran on time. If you know Brit history this is before Dr Beeching sold the trains and before Ernest Marples built the M1. It is an adult sim that can be enjoyed either just b...
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A note of caution using Simonastick
Be aware that making an OAR copy of your region that includes a live OSworld beacon can totally screw things up once you load and run it on your pc HD. The clone of mine knocked me offline for a day and even renamed the region on this website as maybe a few of you noticed. So do remember to switch it off before you make the OAR !
See me after class !
Just to point out that the header on the page reading, "There are no news" is incorrect as news in itself is singular. So it ought to read :
"There is no news" ~ or it could use the multiple "There are no news items", either way would be correct.

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