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Ruritania became frozen in time last century and like Punxsutawney it starts each day fresh and unaware what happened. Only you are privy to the secret and free to roam. Of 7 Railway stations in the sim, one is American, see if you can spot it and name it for me. There are now 25+ cinema related...
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Has anyone come across a semi-automatic PMAC to Avisitter converter script?
I used to use the MLP to PMAC one and that's the kind I'd like to have.
With so many visitors using some items they really need to be able to adjust in use to suit all avatars.

Jupiter Rowland: Have you tried SFposer by our very own Satyr Aeon yet? No need to convert, it's a drop-in replacement for PMAC. It can use the same config files. It needs on... 6 months ago

Early morning harrow- or the early bird gets the worm.

Now the frost has gone and the days warm..

Ms Saucy Bargee chugs off into the new morning to pick up another load for her narrowboat.

Lone Wolf: One of my favourite places especially because I live on a narrow boat. 1 years ago

Autumn is finally on us

Lilly Pond: Great job, indeed! One of these days I will go there for pictures, to my flickr page. I hope you don't mind! Ty for the beauty! 1 years ago

Benedict coal mine changes to the morning shift without stopping as the new days sun rises.

Still struggling to replace or reproduce my old fav Windlight settings. Seems my clouds are now camera shy.

four candles?

Phill895: Love the amount of detail put into this world. Amazing Sim! 2 years ago

Ukraine shines bright

xishi: ok It's time we cleared up some of this. Those flags on the wall are all there for a reason. From the left - Ruritania might be only a little place but it never left the EU. Hence the blue and gold s... 2 years ago
A note of caution using Simonastick
Be aware that making an OAR copy of your region that includes a live OSworld beacon can totally screw things up once you load and run it on your pc HD. The clone of mine knocked me offline for a day and even renamed the region on this website as maybe a few of you noticed. So do remember to switch it off before you make the OAR !
See me after class !
Just to point out that the header on the page reading, "There are no news" is incorrect as news in itself is singular. So it ought to read :
"There is no news" ~ or it could use the multiple "There are no news items", either way would be correct.