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My jewelry is free and full perms so that you may customize as you desire.
To those who love my jewelry, thank you it is much appreciated.

I have updated my snowflake jewelry at the store, I noticed the boxes were not giving the jewelry I apologize. I have added this jewelry to the Pictures on the wall, and in the jewelry case. Enjoy!

Created a snowy fence - Free Full Perms-Enjoy! Jewelry

Christmas tree earrings, with low lag blinking lights. Free - Full Perms -Scripts can be removed too, I had to do it please don't hate me lol it is so pretty! Jewelry

Poinsettia Ring - Christmas 2020 Free / Full Perms Jewelry

The first of Christmas 2020 jewelry. This set is Christmas Wings, earrings and a pretty pearl chain choker with winged heart. Free and Full perms Jewelry

Created a few snow laden trees Free and Full perms. A cold snow blew in before the aspen lost it's leaves. In the foyer at Monentes Jewelry Jewelry

Monentes ~ Jewelry ~ Solana three stone ring-Free-Full Perms Jewelry

Crescent Moon Choker now free and full Jewelry

Bat Queen-Large Rope Hoops with fluttering bats-Free-Full Perms Jewelry

Found a great Witch's Cauldron for you. As I find cool Halloween props, I will add to the store, free and full perms, in the foyer at Monentes Jewelry Jewelry

Created this Gothic Necklace, since it is Free/Full Perms, play with the textures, add bump too this creates a very cool texture, make it unique only to YOU! I reduced this but it is still a bit high avatar cost. If you want to lower it, you can delete the chain and wear with your high collar as a lace accent.
I placed this Pumpkin Hot Air Balloon free and full perms for you at the Monentes Jewelry store. You will need to add a touring script there are a few available please choose what works best for you. You will find it in an orange box in the foyer. Jewelry

Monentes Jewelry has many turquoise and silver pieces, all free and full perms Jewelry

Diamond Bangle-Free Full Perms Jewelry

Autumn Gold three stone ring. With resizer menu. Free and Full Perms Jewelry

Monentes Jewelry will be back online tomorrow early in the morning. We were offline for couple of weeks, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please stop by tomorrow I will be adding new jewelry soon.

Fan Earrings-Free Full Perms-Diamonds and Platinum Jewelry

Feather Hoop Earrings, these are Large Hoops, request by Wicked in silver
Free Full Perms Jewelry

Another set of Big Hoops, these are called Wicked Cat, with cognac diamonds. Free and Full Perms, more big earrings to come. These also look nice if you change the stones to onyx, and the metal silver. Jewelry
Wicked requested big earrings, she wanted huge as in Big Wicked Hoops, these babies will rock your ears. Available free and full perms at Monentes Jewelry Jewelry I will be making lots of big earrings since she requested these. For all those big earring loving ladies out there. In RL these would measure four or five inches lol maybe more

Sapphire stud earrings-Free Full Jewelry

Turquoise Concho Earrings and Bracelet - Free - Full Perms Jewelry

Elegant Peace earrings-Free Full Jewelry

Created several glasses today, all free and full perms at Monentes Jewelry Jewelry

Parallel-Free-Full Jewelry

Diva-Amethyst Solitaire-Free Full Jewelry

Summer Butterflies earrings available at Monentes Jewelry store-Free -Full Perms Jewelry

I admit it, I love to make rings. My friends all say, enough with the rings already lol I promise next week will make nice earrings or a set again. Here is the latest ring.
Fleur Band-Free Full Perms Jewelry

Butterfly Band-Free Full Perms Jewelry

Treble Clef Earrings and Pendant-Add pendant to your favorite chain. Free - Full perms Jewelry

Aquamarine Tri Stone ring-Free Full Perms- Jewelry

Silver Waves Band-Unisex-Free Full Perms-

Monentes Jewelry offers rings of timeless beauty...and free

Flower Power ring-Free-Full Perms-This is a golden ring, very pretty when worn.

Hearts Intertwined-Free Full

Spinel Pazazz for the lovers of gold-Free-Full Perms

Thank you Betty, this ring was created with you in mind "Fashionista Solitaire" Free - Full Perms hop://

Pretty links copper bracelet-Unisex-Free-Full Perms

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Tigerkitti Eberdene Marianna has such talent and a good eye for what is beautiful. Her jewelry is second to none. If you are looking for that special piece, this is the place!
Johnny Rebel I'm not even a big jewelry fan, and I like this place. LOTS of jewelry, scenaric, and I found me some awesome statues, and aviator glasses! lol :) WELL worth a visit.

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Power OfGreen 20 days ago
ty lovely place each time i come back im happy
Power OfGreen 2 months ago
very wonderful jewelry and very lovely and well laid out place to visit hugss
Marianna 2 months ago
hugs, thank you ❤