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~Home to Monentes Jewelry~
My jewelry is free and full perms so that you may customize as you desire. Please never sell in SL or OpenSim. I love to ----->create

I created a Marquee sign free to copy, inside the contents I placed other textures you can use for various Marquee Signs, and also you can add your own! The Marquee sign is in the Monentes store foyer.

Adore: thank you for sharing , your True to the word of sharing 8 days ago
I added greeting cards to the Monentes Jewelry store foyer. I will update these often so there will always be something new. The card given opens by touching it, the card on display is just to show you what the card is. It is not the actual card. Jewelry

Men's Peace Ring-You will find this in the Men's dept of the store to the left of the foyer. Free-Full Perms Jewelry

My jewelry designs are inspired by the thoughts and sentiments of you, my friends. Your support, encouragement, and enthusiasm fuel my creative ideas and help me to create beautiful and timeless pieces. I love hearing your stories and seeing how my designs can be a part of your virtual lives. I also create in the Real. It's incredibly fulfilling to see you wearing my jewelry and feeling proud of your choice, thank you. In the end, it's not just about the jewelry, but about the relationship I have with you and the joy that we both share when you find that perfect piece.
I have had requests to create heirlooms to be worn virtually, I cherish this, thank you.
So many people ask me, why is it that I don't create in Second Life anymore? The last time I tried uploading in SL some of my pieces cost 300L to upload. They have the testing region to check jewelry prior to upload which helped but for me, my pieces never uploaded the size I created them. They loaded huge and distorted, whereas here in Opensim all upload the exact size I create it in my RhinoGold studio. It is why I am here, easier workflow it is that simple. Firestorm has updated the Mesh Uploader so that you can now "preview" your mesh inworld in SL called "Local Mesh" which allows you to preview your mesh creations inworld and see edits you make to the mesh dae file in real-time prior to uploading which will save lindens. I will give it a try again and see if I get better results. Until then you are stuck with me, I love Opensim and the friends I have made here, thank you for your support!
Friends of Veritas McMasters I have a special necklace to remember Veri by. She had come to the store with a special request to make for her a "Back Necklace" when wearing this please remember the loveliness of Veri, and hold your friends close always. Jewelry

Luna Lunaria: Thank you Marianna, I picked one up :-) 28 days ago
I enjoy creating caged beads and thought it would be fun to create a little kit of a few caged beads, round and elongated beads so that you can create your own necklaces. You can also add these to your charm bracelets. I started you out with a few beads and will add more beads as I make them.

Star Ravenhurst: Beautiful! Nice work! 1 month ago
I created a pair of Cheers2023! Glasses for you. With the New Year, we can all strive to do the best we can. Challenge yourself by learning something new this year that you have always put off. I wish everyone a prosperous New Year

Marianna : This image is directly from my Rhino studio, inworld they are black lens, black frame and silver Cheers2023! I made them dark lenses because your future is so bright! 1 month ago
Winter Solstice Blessings to you. Since most of you will be traveling and enjoying RL gatherings I have decided to open the Christmas Advent Calendar's days that are remaining so that you can receive all gifts now by clicking on the dates on the calendar, best wishes to you, and keep warm.

Jerralyn Franzic: That's wonderful of you to do! Thanks and best wishes. ^_^ 2 months ago
When you learn to create it is a form of self-expression and a way to explore your creativity and imagination. It is an opportunity to bring ideas to life. It gives a chance to develop problem-solving skills and a journey of discovery.
You learn to discover your own passions which then leads to more creation and development. This helps to establish accomplishment and self-worth, and a means of connecting with others.

Creative philanthropy is a great way to make a positive impact in the world. Sharing art, music, and stories that inspire people to take action and make a difference. Be the positive change you desire through creation.
When I think of Rudi and Nasti the first memories I have of them have always been incredibly supportive and encouraging from the moment I met them. With the news of Rudi's passing, I felt an immediate loss to our community, I cannot imagine how difficult this is for Nasti. It is with sincere condolences to Nasti and the family, I created a pendant in his memory. For those that were touched by Rudi and his kind spirit, this is for you to remember that spirit.

I miss you Rudi, much love to Nasti Jewelry

Jamie Wright: Beautiful tribute:) 2 months ago
Season's Greetings to all my friends, when I think of the new year I like to think of it as the beginning of a new novel and the first day is the first page~ Let's create a novel of good deeds and good wishes for a prosperous new year for everyone. Let's not "Hit On" people to use them for our needs instead let's prop them up and collaborate together as a team.

Created Ruby Noel Solitaire today. It is in the Foyer, this is sitting on the table, it is not in the advent calendar because the calendar is full! Enjoy~ Jewelry

Winter Solstice Solitaire-the advent calendar comes to mind. I have really enjoyed creating 25 new items for the Advent calendar. I also enjoy the messages I am receiving too! The charm bracelet may be difficult for some to assemble, but no worries I have one assembled for you, please ask I will pass it to you. Thank you everyone this has been lots of fun!
I had a few requests for the Peace for Ukraine pendant - they wanted to 3d print it and wear it in the real world. This is a good idea because I was manufacturing these to sell but 3d printing is much more reasonably priced. What cost me 800 USD to manufacture you can get similar quality at Shapeways or Sculpteo for 50 USD or less depending on the materials you use. So I decided to make the .dae file reasonably priced so that you can have it 3d printed as you wish and wear it in the real world. You can also upload it inworld and wear it too. I had one printed at Sculpteo and they did a fantastic job.

Advent Calendar comes to Jewelry

Jamie Wright: That is AMAZING detail on earrings with backings. Nice work! 2 months ago

Monentes Jewelry Advent Calendar-Each day reveals a gift-In the foyer of Monentes Jewelry Jewelry

SheaButter: Thank you so much for the Advent gift. 2 months ago
I have Good News and Bad News first the Bad News which really isn't so bad. You see, after remodeling and rezzing the new store which just had holiday jewelry, I had several contact me asking me to please bring back the original Monentes Store with all the jewelry regardless of the store being completely full and disorganized. They wanted more choices the mess did not matter. Alrighty then!! Let's go with stocked full and messy !! The original store has been restored! I will get the holiday jewelry placed today! Thank you for reaching out I liked the original store too~

Jamie Wright: I'm glad all the choices are back. You make the best jewelry ever! 2 months ago
Monentes Jewelry is open again with Holiday Jewelry in a cozier building. I will be adding new seasonal pieces through the Holiday. We are open Jewelry
Monentes Jewelry will be closed for reconsideration of a remodel. We will see what the future brings. To all those who appreciated my jewelry thank you! Remember too you can pick up the Monentes Jewelry store OAR at Outworldz- time to rest,

a la prochaine

SheaButter: Thank you, for your awesome designs. 3 months ago
I love Catwalks, especially the industrial ones with cool metal beams so I built one that I am giving for free to anyone who has a fashion show in mind. This is full perms so you can modify it to suit your taste. There is also model poses in the box-Enjoy!

Autumn Citrine Solitaire~Free/Full Perms~In the foyer of Monentes Jewelry Jewelry

Marianna : If you edit the Citrine, make sure you set the new texture to Planar for the best results. 4 months ago
Another great find from Sketchfab a beautiful diadem, uploaded and in the Monentes Jewelry store foyer. Jewelry

RobinRidley: Magical! 4 months ago

Filigree Crescent Moon, bewitching Free/Full Perm Monentes store foyer. Jewelry

Marianna : I added another pair of these earrings to the store, the new pair has a Witches Knot with the stars. 4 months ago

Since I am creating moons this morning, how about Man in the Moon earrings-Free/Full perms-In the foyer at Monentes Jewelry Jewelry

These were fun to create - Cat Moon earrings-Free/Full Perms-In the foyer at Monentes Jewelry Jewelry

Bat Queen earrings can be found in the Monentes store foyer. Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Marianna : Thank you very much for the tip! It is much appreciated and never expected - such a nice gift thank you :) 5 months ago
Found another great necklace at Sketchfab! You will find it in the foyer of Monentes Jewelry Jewelry Please never sell and always give credit to the creator.

rayne: very cool !! 5 months ago

Created a Floral Hair Comb for your hair! Can be found free at the Monentes Jewelry Store, in the foyer. Jewelry

River: Ohhh! I love this! 6 months ago
Pretty Butterfly hair comb in the foyer at Monentes Jewelry Jewelry
another cool find from Sketchfab! Please always credit and never sell. Notecard inside crediting the work.
Working on my hypergates today I looked at Sketchfab to see if there were any cool gates created. I found a VERY cool gate that would be perfect as a hypergate, Skull Gate by I have it sitting at Monentes Jewelry at the front of the building outside. Please feel free to grab a copy and please never sell! Jewelry

Kylie Brimmer: i couldn't find that Gate?? 6 months ago
Just visited SL and looking through the very first jewelry I created. This set is in gold but I brought in the ring, made it silver. It is in the foyer at the store This set had a pendant and earrings, I will work on bringing those in too soon. This was a blast from the past to see this!! Jewelry

Turquoise jewelry at Jewelry
Free/Full Perms-Created exclusively for you, by me!

SheaButter: You do amazing work. :)) 7 months ago

In celebration of Summer, this is the Summer Solstice ring-lapis lazuli
in the foyer of Monentes Jewelry. Jewelry


Amethyst Glow Earrings, Free-Full Perms Jewelry

Chérir Wedding Set, a beautiful three stone engagement ring with a rippled wedding band. Free/Full Perms, in the wedding section of Monentes Jewelry Jewelry

Sunflower Solitaire with a pretty Citrine gemstone. Free/Full Perms Jewelry

River: Mari, its beautiful! Thank you! 9 months ago
I have been finding beautiful necklaces at Sketchfab! Whenever I find one that I think you will enjoy I will add to my collection! I will add the note indicating such so that you can determine which is Sketchfab! Jewelry
It has been a while since I created a wedding set. Since it is May it has me thinking of weddings and flowers and thought it would be nice to create a pretty wedding set for this summer. Feuille Wedding Set has a wedding ring, engagement ring, and the pair linked. This has a resize script so you can get the correct size. You will find it in the Wedding section of the Monentes Jewelry Store. Jewelry
I was just asked how did I create glasses, this is a video I did while back basically I use silhouettes then extract the curves, then extrude. This is using Rhino Software but it is the same in Blender, you would extract curves from an image then extrude them. Thank you for your interest!
Claddagh rings consist of a heart with a crown held by two hands symbolizing love, loyalty and friendship. Please find yours in the Monentes Jewelry store foyer~ Jewelry

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Alfred Thanks for the special necklace Marianna
Passion Jumanji Very lovely Jewelry! I've enjoyed my visit so much . . . I'm going to tell everyone about this place, especially couples getting Married . . . some AWESOME Wedding rings here ;) TYSVM for doing best what open sim does . . . give freebies! LOVE IT! ;)
Tigerkitti Eberdene Marianna has such talent and a good eye for what is beautiful. Her jewelry is second to none. If you are looking for that special piece, this is the place!

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Awesome place. Marianna, you are an artist of jewelry. So many items, to choose. Fast delivery, and no lag. Great shopping experience.
thank you very much!
ty lovely place each time i come back im happy
very wonderful jewelry and very lovely and well laid out place to visit hugss
hugs, thank you ❤