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My jewelry is free and full perms so that you may customize as you desire.
To those who love my jewelry, thank you it is much appreciated.

My first real life order delivered today, a nice review from the client "I’m so excited. They are perfect. Just what I wanted"
April 10, 2021

Thank you for the tips! I really appreciate that :) Thank you too for stopping by, I try to add something new every day so stop by to see what you have missed!

Exclusive Peace Cuff-Free/Full Perms-Gold it also looks pretty in Copper, just add a tint of reddish pink :) In the foyer of Monentes Jewelry Jewelry

Equinox this one is classic, not rigged. Free/Full Perms on the table in the foyer. Jewelry

Summer Bangle can be found in the foyer of Monentes Jewelry store
Free/Full perms Jewelry

This is a beautiful Heart Bezel solitaire in Ruby. It is bento rigged so it increased the LOD it is a bit heavy. The mesh was reduced 50% prior to rigging too. For those that demand bento, and to the ones who scream at me for being heavy, I have to say, sorry but had to do it!! You can find it in the Bento rings section in the Foyer. Jewelry
Created a pair of Sapphire earrings. I have other sets too with different bezels. I love Sapphires. Sapphires are believed to symbolize wisdom, virtue, good fortune, and holiness for royals. In an engagement ring, a sapphire means faithfulness and sincerity, too. Free/Full Perms Jewelry
Cruising sketchfab I found a great tree swing that I added a swing script [it swings from side to side] It is free and full perms at Monentes Jewelry store. Please never sell. Thank you for creating this for us to enjoy. Jewelry
This has been decimated in Blender, you might take it to blender and make it even lower count. Too much it loses details.

I call these Elegant Peace earrings, cause of all the diamonds! Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Monentes Jewelry is exclusive jewelry created by Marianna Monentes using Rhino software. Bento rigged and classic. All free and full perms. Jewelry

Many turquoise and silver rings and bracelets, necklace too. Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Please stop by and see many rings I have created, both bento and classic! Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Moon Phases Pendant - Free / Full Perms Jewelry

Caged Dangle Earring-Free Full Perms Jewelry

Treble Clef set-Free and Full Perms Jewelry

My RL client received her earrings today. This is the first exclusive RL order. It is such a rewarding experience to first create jewelry but to see it realized in RL has brought tears, it is an overwhelming awesome experience! Thank you to my kind and generous client! It is very much appreciated!

This is a very pretty turquoise pendant on neck chain. In the foyer at Monentes Jewelry -Free-Full Perms Jewelry

I just received a request for Pretty crosses and turtles, I love requests. This is the first pretty cross. More to come, and also turtles :) Jewelry

I love to promote great jewelry when I find it. I have a new webpage called "Great Finds" where I will feature unique jewelry. I am featuring nature inspired jewelry now by yinahawaii

There is a little Easter basket in the foyer, with a cute little egg for you :) also an Easter Silver Concho Charm Bracelet Jewelry

Opera Length Infinity Necklace-Silver-Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Celtic Tree of Life, silver on silver neck chain. Free and Full Perms Jewelry

I just added Love Potion perfume set in the store. A beautiful bottle of Love Potion Perfume, and a silver chain with a Love Potion Pendant. See if you can find it :) Jewelry

May the "Luck of the Irish" bless you. Celtic Knot Pendant on Black Leather Neck Cord
Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Rudi Bakerly asked if I could create for him, for his friend the Hammer of Thor pendant. On leather neck cord. Thank you Rudi please find it in the store, in the foyer.

Created this for DJ Cloey Warrick, if you would like something exclusive created just ask. If I have time, it would be a pleasure.

As requested...Captured Heart bento rigged...Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Flirty Heart earrings, shimmer when you wear them. Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Monentes Jewelry created exclusively for you. Jewelry

Heartflora ring-Bento Rigged for Athena-Free/Full Perms Jewelry

My Pretty Valentine bento and classic ring, Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Inlaid Diamond bento rigged-Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Floral band in white gold-Bento rigged-Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Created a shark tooth pendant on a leather neck cord for my friend Little, for the guys. It is in the Men's dept. on a table. Free and Full Perms

Created this Outworldz Dreamgrid ring with @Fred Beckhusen 's permission you can find this ring at Monentes Jewelry store too. I have it bento rigged and also Classic! Thank you Fred! Jewelry One note though the bento rigged avatar cost is way up there, it has to do with the data in the rigging. The classic avatar ring is much lower cost, I am wearing it and it works with my bento hands too.

Many styles to choose from, free/full perms Thank you very much for the tips I received it is much appreciated! Jewelry

I created a bento rigged set of three bangle bracelets with two pinkie rings. Please know that because there are five pieces the avatar cost does go up so the secret is when you are adding your clothing choose wisely, shoes, hair and clothing with jewelry the cost naturally goes up. Depending what you wear is what the final avatar cost will be. Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Monentes ~ Jewelry ~ Wave Bracelet with Turquoise rigged Jewelry

Another ring in the Divalicious three stone line. This ring is bento rigged. Sapphires
Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Beautiful Onyx Solitaire with a little silver pinkie ring-Free-Full Perms-Bento Rigged Jewelry

I gave it a good go but the rigging of the jewelry caused the avatar cost to go up too much. I have decided to pull some of the bento because of complaints about the avatar cost. Before rigging the jewelry is decimated until it loses it's detail, so I am decimating as much as possible. I will keep playing with it until I can get the cost down. Thank you Typhaine.Artez for taking the time to help me perfect the jewelry. It has been a battle because it is such fine details which cost huge on some pieces no matter how much I decimate, or clean up. The other issue is, when clients wear mesh shoes, hair, clothing their avatar cost is up there, then by wearing my jewelry it goes up let's say the same as a pair of shoes, but because the jewelry is usually added last, the jewelry is to blame!! It is all adding to the avatar cost. Back to the drawing board. Thank you for all the support!!

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Tigerkitti Eberdene Marianna has such talent and a good eye for what is beautiful. Her jewelry is second to none. If you are looking for that special piece, this is the place!
Johnny Rebel I'm not even a big jewelry fan, and I like this place. LOTS of jewelry, scenaric, and I found me some awesome statues, and aviator glasses! lol :) WELL worth a visit.

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Power OfGreen 9 months ago
ty lovely place each time i come back im happy
Power OfGreen 10 months ago
very wonderful jewelry and very lovely and well laid out place to visit hugss
Marianna 10 months ago
hugs, thank you ❤