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Firestorm for Opensim 64 bits

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A place for lovers and explorers to enjoy
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An area to spend time and relax with friends and loved ones! Gaming area, sailing, horse riding, dancing campfire, zoo, animals, fishing, lovers cave, cuddles, mermaids....Adult sim, group members can set home here
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The Magnolias Resort is now opened.

New place added : The Blue Parrot Cafรฉ. Have a drink or two and relax while you enjoy the beautiful sunset on the ocean.

LaviaLavine: So beautiful and relaxing! 1 month ago

My new region "Lost Island", work in progress but you can already come have a look and enjoy the place :)

Added a new TP board at the welcome area because I've noticed people were missing on some spots around the region

Enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding nature and wildlife at Eden.

Again, Thank you so much Lavia Lavine for this amazing Memorial you've created for my Rosie. God bless you. of Memories

New landing point at Eden

To discover the Underwater Observation Deck, you have to click on this big fish tank at the landing point :)

Relaxing at the lovers cave. Hint : You'd better love big trees if you wanna find this cave's entrance :)

I'll sing today 4 PM grid time at Trianon-world grid. meet you there in half an hour :)

I'll sing today 4 PM grid time at Trianon-world grid. meet you there :)

Night sailing at Addys Den. Boats are located next to the gaming tree house.

You can now visit our Photostudio and take some great pics :)
300 female modeling Bento poses available. and A

FEEFEE: i have been there i have used the photo booth and found that the poses are fantastic 4 months ago

New year means fresh start, so Addys place has moved to Trianon grid.
Meet you there for new events and some great adventures :)) and A

📝 Addys Roller Disco

Addys Roller Disco, a new area to have fun!

📝 Addys winter wonderland

Come and explore our winter wonderland

📝 Addys winter wonderland

Feel free to come and explore


An area to spend time with friends and loved ones, and a place for singers and musicians!

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A great place to hang around, rare freebies and nice looking buildings. The teleports are useful and well done, included the HG ones.

Haven of Memories

This is such an amazing place, I'm stunned. You can feel the peace and the Love all around, congratulations. No doubt this Memorial place has been realized with heart and soul. Thank you for this precious gift.

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