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I am a builder, creator, imagination expander. I am a GCG Grid staff member, providing Live Chat, and other help/support.
I love to meet new people, explore, and expand my world with positive people and experiences. Drama is childish and something I just have no time for. I am a veteran in RL having served in the Canadian Armed Forces as an MSE-OP (driver), and medic. I am very proud of my country and home, and my grid that represents that. I am a vampire Queen but it is all RP here. I never did bite rand


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My original DragonMoor was on the Great Canadian Grid. Sadly, it is no more. I am in the process of rebuilding and improving DragonMoor on Alternate Metaverse. Feel free to come to visit anytime, but bear in mind it is a work in progress. There will be the army base and memorials, a small town, hous...
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