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Intel NUC, about 200 regions in 32 GB using Smart Suspend mode

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Test region
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Outworldz Yo Franki
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A wild hopping around game. You have to reach the lighthouse, climb it and turn on the light and clear the fog to get off the island.
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Outworldz Tangled Up
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Every texture in Tangled replace with Nick Cage
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Outworldz Hypergrid Swamp
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Outworldz Hypermall
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Large shopping mall of avatars
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Outworldz Hypergrid Party
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Outworldz Dinotopia
3 0 Dinotopia 0 Users
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Outworldz Alexandria West
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Outworldz Alexandria South East
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Outworldz Alexandria South
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Outworldz Silent Refueling
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A movie set based on the movie "Silent Running" starring Bruce Dern. It's a few weeks before the movie begins. They are refueling in orbit around Saturn, and cleaning up after an accident with a rock.
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Outworldz Silent Refueling Base
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What it might look launching the Valley Forge into space. The movie "Silent Running", with Bruce Dern, did not show this part. It is fan fiction, and has the same Aircraft Carrier "USN Valley Forge" they used as a movie set.
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Outworldz Alexandria East
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Orcs, Dragons, Hobbits and Ents. What else?
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Outworldz Alpha Centauri Trek
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Cleopatra hears that Marc Antony is rushing to her side, barely alive after falling to his sword. The world changed that day from a democracy to a dictatorship, and Egypt was enslaved. A 16 region simulation of Alexandria in 30 BC.
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Outworldz Cinderella Snowgarde
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The crew of the Enterprise is trapped in the transporter pattern buffer. Can you find the right switch to release them? Start out in the Captains chair, as it is a big seat to fill.
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Outworldz Cinderella Snowgarde
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Cinderellas day at the ball.
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Outworldz Rome
9 0 Rome 0 Users
The greatest city in the world. Rome. NPC armies, ridable chariot rides and races.,
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Outworldz MotherGoose
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We opened the book of magic in the land of Mothergoose Fairy tales, with fairies, Rapunzel, and fantasy everywhere.
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Outworldz Dragons
12 1 Dragons 0 Users
Rideable flying dragons in a land of fire and ice. Press left mouse to Flame each other. Put the flames out by flying into the sea. Catch and eat the cows for better results.
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Outworldz Virunga
17 2 Virunga 0 Users
The Virunga Regions of Africa is a simulation of Africa in the time of Dian Fossey.. Visit the Virunga Lodge, where the view looks down on Dians Home, and the village of Ruhengeri. Seek out and photograph the rare and endangered mountain gorillas This land if alive with NPC's.
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Outworldz Far Outside Chaos
9 4 Far Outside Chaos 0 Users
A game where you collect acorns and try not to die.
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A collection of games, dragons, and a virtual Africa in Dian Fosseys time
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How people think I code DreamGrid.

KatKakoola: I'm surprised your desk is so tidy! TY Super-Fred :) 3 months ago

Cruising on Grumpy the camel in Alexandria at

Get mummified! This modernized Cleopatra and Antony NPC play awaits you.
This chamber of Egyptian mummies ruled by is Horus behind the area of Act 5, Scene 2, that leads to her suicide.

Short video:

Tangled up with Nick Cage is a region where my scale reproduction of the Tangled / Rapunzel land has Nick Cage!

Lightning-Fast Loading: Experience the magic of your virtual world in the blink of an eye with our supercharged Dreamgrid V has arrived!! 20 seconds to your Dream!
posted by Marianna
The Hobbiton tour by the Hypergrid Safari Club starts at 12 Noon SL time.

This has detailed scratch-built models of the movie set in New Zealand, (which in real life is just doors propped in a hill) many interactive NPCs running award-winning chatbots.

Outworldz have six Hobbit- styled regions today on the tour. All are is downloadable for free if you use the DreamGrid software!

Roland Francis: And you just need to try out riding a boar. You north-french friends among us: NO, you can't eat them, Obelix (!) 2 years ago
The Hobbiton Collection will be the first destination the Hypergrid Safari visits this Wednesday at 12 PM SL Time. This includes Hobbiton, Beorns-House, Bree and Buckland, Edoras-Rohan, Myrkwood, and Rivendell to mark the October 19th anniversary of the publication of the final part of the trilogy, The Return of the King, 20 October 1955.

Marianna : I love seeing Outworldz and Hobbiton promoted!! For those of you who have not yet seen Hobbiton please take the time to explore and follow the Thirza and the HGSafari! 2 years ago

The domes with Huey, Dewey and Louie robots where the Satyr space farm is. There are 3 levels, farming, living and control, and storage

Another shot of the movie set for the Silent Running system. The scale aircraft carrier Valley Forge is where the movie was actually filmed. The elevator takes you to the space Ship Valley Forge a few days before the movie was filmed.

Map of Alexandria, a 4X4 in the time of Cleopatra on the day Marc Antony and her died.

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Thank you for everything you do for us. Much love and blessings to you and your family.
Ferd did so much for so many on SL, loved his sim. On opensim - wow - the biggest impact since the invention of feet! Even I can run it and that's saying something :) All the "colonies" running DG, how many now?
Ferd/Fred and all - no matter what happens next you made such an immeasurable contribution, THANK YOU can never cover it.
Love always
Ferd thank you for what you bring to opensim. Many of us are realizing dreams because of your kindness and expertise, you are the best!
Just wanted to say Thank You for sharing so much with us, and for your amazing Dreamgrid package. Hat off to you. :)