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I have fun building and designing things. I am not the best at anything, but can do most things to some degree. A jack of all trades I guess. I can rig avatars and do light scripting of objects, I can do textures and 3d modeling too.

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If your eyelids haven't turned inside out then you are doing it wrong

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Old skool jungle, drum n bass, techno, trance, hardstyle,

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A thin translucent strip or sheet of cellulose are the best type of film.

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I like books with pictures, preferably with thick card pages with little buildings that pop up.

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Invisiprim question
Years a go invisprims were a thing and they could be used to hide the water and stop it showing through the bottom of a boat for example.

I made a boat and for it to sit at the correct height in the water it means the inside is flooded. I tried the old invisiprim trick but it no longer works, or I'm doing it wrong.

Is there a new method that we can use these days?

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Lawrence Bay

Landed on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean with what seems to be a teleport sign on it. Clicking the sign seems to do nothing. You can apparently rez on the island as somebody had kindly left a bunch of phantom plywood spheres all over the place. I can't say I blame them to be honest. After all, there is nothing else to do there. I give it 2 stars because you could at least rez your own en...

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