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Moonrose a shopping experience of a special kind
we are diverse offer women as well as men clothes
Mesh body for women Arthemis as well as for men Chonsu body. We are always looking for new challenges. We are everything, but not simple

New !!!! Glafi Outfit inc.Black Jacket
also available in Legacy and Reborn
Happy Shopping :))

New !!!! Jas Outfit
also available in Legacy and Reborn
Happy Shopping :))

NEW!! Kelly Outfit
Hud driven Top/Thong
Happy Shopping:))

NEW!! Rekka Jeans and Top 4 Color Jeans Top is Hud driven

New Blossom Dress
all Bodies
5 Colors
Happy Shopping :))

New !!!! Sings Outfit
also available in Legacy and Reborn
Hud Driven
Happy Shopping :))

NEW!!! Mariana Dress
also available in Legacy and Reborn
Happy Shopping:)

NEW!!! Jumpsuit Trusty in Four Pattern available
also available in Legacy and Reborn
Happy Shopping:)

NEW!!! Jamie Dress Needlecut
also available in Legacy and Reborn
Happy Shopping:)

NEW!!! Clara Bodysuit
also available in Legacy and Reborn

New !!!! Mistik Dress available @Moonrose Mall
3 color choice

Happy Valentine♥♥♥ New Gown for Valentine

New!!!! Pilo Outfit
comes in 6 Colors
Happy Shopping ♥

My second Dress for Valentine
To be found at the shopping mall.

For Valentine there is a new Dress every day. To be found at the shopping mall.

in cooperation with Mare- Grid

New @ Moonrose Mall
Viola Dress

NEW!!! Blair Outfit Black/ White

NEW!!!! Cassidy Dress

New !!@ Moonrose Shopping

New Men Clothing Arrived
Opposite the Landing Point!!!

Now today i added this set that is not part of the calendar located at the Advents Calendar Set up !
All located at my Mainstore......
Come Running Lovelies..........
and a wonderful Christmas season....

NEW!!!! @ Moonrose Shopping

New @ Moonrose Shopping
Erin Dress

I just Open a New Shop Soft Thighs
where you can find garter and stocking

The past week was more than turbulent for the MoonRose team. In addition to the start of the Christmas season and the associated advent calendar, we have again brought a lot of fashion to MoonRose.

This time, the lords of creation are the main beneficiaries.

In cooperation with the Mare Grid ( DarkWolf has realized the CHONSU body. This is based on the SL Body Legacy. There is already a lot of fashion available for this.

The CHONSU Body is available at MoonRose Shopping Mall. After a short registration you will receive the body. Registration takes place in the presentation area.

New in the program now:
Chrissy Coage is now offering Soft Thighs. The fashion-conscious woman will immediately know what it is about. You can find the soft tights at the landing point on the left.

The house of D – The new creative forge in OpenSIM
With the project 'The house of D.' offers all interested SIM operators and grid operators the opportunity to upgrade their SIMs. You will find out how in the next message.

Upcoming Events and Events

08.12.2022 from 8 p.m
Richi's Music Call Call Oase

11.12.2022 from 8 p.m
We kick the weekend. The end of the weekend party

December 15, 2022 from 8 p.m
Richi's Music Call Call Oase

December 24th, 2022 from 7 p.m
Christmas party at the MoonRose Grid. For all those who are spending Christmas at home, we will be hosting a Christmas party in a cultivated environment from 7 p.m. In cooperation with the Dyvall Grid ( we blow the dust out of the fat old man's suit.
Wie auch im letzen jahr gibt es auf der Shopping mall ein Advents kalender.24 Geschenke warten auf euch

Like last year, there is an Advent Calendar on the shopping mall. 24 gifts waiting for you

NEW !! Sissi Jumpsuit

Open Talk findet am 01.11.2022 ab 20.00 Uhr im Moonrose Grid statt.
Tp am Landepunkt. Shopping

NEW Release !!!!!
Trish Outfit

NEW!!! Mara Outfit 4 Colors

New!!! Shopping Level just for Male
Teleport at the Landing Point (Men Fashion)

A little bit of Halloween

Hi guys,

it's getting cold and temperatures are dropping. Before you catch a cold, our buyers have bought new men's clothing.

In addition to pajamas, t-shirts and tank tops, we have also got trousers so that you don't overcool your best piece.

Since we leave the same thing to other grids, we have resorted to modern looks.

Your MoonRose Shopping Team
Hello Boys and Girls, there is a lot of news to report. We are pleased to be able to represent Laura Dyvall's "Evio" brand from the Dyvall Grid in our shopping mall. Here you will find a lot of fresh sportswear for men and women. Stella Mare from Mare Grid has opened a branch of Stella Nail Design Studio. New items have also arrived in our Cyber ​​Punk Shop.
xoxo Chrissy

New !!!!
Trishy Black inc. Boots
comes also in White


NEW!!! Denim Suit

!NEW! Neva Outfit .... Turtleneck comes in four Colors

NEW Release !!!!!

NEW!!! Neck Gems

NEW Outfit

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Froot Loops just to visit this region you have to sign a backdoor TOS that states they collect personal information about the user. and no promise they won't share or sell your info once they have it, total violation of privacy in my opinion.
Woody Alles nur geklaut und permanent Alts und/oder NPC`s online, um die Traffic künstlich oben zu halten.
Ellen I can never find the new items you advertise.