Moonrose Shopping
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A Small Shopping Mall with selected items,and more to come
Moonrose Welcome
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Designed with Love ♥ Welcome to Moonrose to Relax or just to hang out.Join us and be a part of Moonrose

The Promise Land
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Jerusalem has been known as the City of David for more than 3,000 years as God has continued to keep the memory of His servant David alive for many generations. There is also a close association between King David and Jesus Christ, the Son of David. Both were born in Bethlehem and died in Jerusalem....

Bla Bheinn
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*** IN FINAL STAGE OF CONSTRUCTION *** Malibu is an adult land, child avatars are prohibited. We've added a nudist beach, where whatev...
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Mauritius Beach Nice Beach to Relax and Surfing meet Friends, or just hang out...
Nid de Hibou
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Nest der Eule Treffpunk auf Moonrose . Designed by Amela Diavolo with Love♥
Moonrose Club
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Party Location by Moonrose
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Motorcycle eine tolle Sim zum Motorrad fahren aber auch für Rock & Rocken Roll Musik Eine Sim zum Spass haben und Partys machen und das zuhause von Dina und ...
Dance Hall
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Party Fun Radio das Radio mit Herz und gute Laune für jeden Musikgeschmack ist was dabei .