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*Sylvie`s Lingerie* ist umgezogen.
Auf einer Mall im toscanischen Stil biete ich eine große Kollektion an Lingerie und Kostümen an. Dazu zählen auch speziell Outfits für Erotik-und Belly-Dancers.
WICHTIG: Diese Kollektion wurde NICHT von mir erstellt, sondern in ganz Opsensim gesammelt.
Nach dem Motto: *Never buy in Opensim* biete ich alles *for free* an.

Rings um die Mall entstand eine toscanische Landschaft mit Hafen, Weingut und und einem typischen Dorf.

* Sylvie`s Lingerie * has moved.
I offer a large Collection of Lingerie and Costumes at a tuscan-style Mall. This also includes special Outfits for Erotic-and Belly-Dancers.
IMPORTANT: This Collection was NOT created by me, but collected all over Opsensim.
According to the Motto: * Never buy in Opensim * I offer everything * for free *.

A tuscan Landscape with a Harbor, Vineyard and a typical Village emerged around the Mall.

*Ein Hauch von Nichts*
*A touch of nothing*

Neue Ware eingetroffen
New goods arrived

SabiBreen: nice 2 days ago

Cats among themselves.......
Katzen unter sich.......

Verna Avril: I guess i know where you got the avatar look from 2 months ago

Neue Ware eingetroffen
New goods arrived

Woody: That's where I send my wife to shop :P 2 months ago

Ab 20 Uhr geht es los.........

Alle sind herzlich eingeladen

All are cordially invited

Neues in meinem Kostüm-Shop

LaToya= spezialisiert auf Dessous, Beach-Fashion, MA und Kostüme


New in my costume shop

LaToya= specialised in lingerie, beach fashion, MA and costumes

Ellen: Very cool stuff, Sylvia! Thank you for providing so many nice items for us all! 4 months ago

Der Sommer ist noch lang
Neue Beach-Fashion eingetroffen

Lacquer and Leather

Große Auswahl Beach-Fashion / Large Selection Beach Fashion

*Una Notte Italiana*
Where: La Toya
When: 4 months ago [16 Jul 2022 11:00 SLT]

An Italian night for the sim opening with *DJane Sylvia*

There's a big party tonight to open the sim.
Everyone is cordially invited.
Smart clothing is requested

Very hot Lingerie and more.......

The Mall

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CyberGlo CyberStar This region is absolutely lovely. It is an italian villa, with a classical look and feel of authentic italian through out it's design. There are many shops, beautiful landscaping, and even the stairs are easy to climb. But what makes this place outstanding is the variety of original designer outf...
Dreamer This sim is gorgeous! Thankyou for sharing!
Hella Friendly and warm place, I found new medieval dresses! Sexy lingerie too and a warm welcome from a very nice owner!

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