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There is a Safari Group here on OSW where I post updates about recent visits

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Annex to the main HG Safari clubhouse on OSGrid. Home to Inworld Review with Mal Burns
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This grid is no longer online. Please visit us on safari
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HG Safari
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Home of HG Safari, with information about our weekly hypergridding trips. Free items, including mesh clothes at Meshanthropy store, also on the island. PLEASE NOTE the photos in the slideshow are of Destinations visited by the Safari group, and not pictures of our sim.
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Whether you're looking for an educational build, some real world art, or just want to meet Arnie on vacation, nothing could be finer than Tosha Tyran's Angkor Wat. The Safari visited the temple and environs, and learned some curious things about the builder...

Luna Lunaria: I love large detailed architectural builds like this one, done with great textures and environment settings. I wasn't able to make the Safari tour due to RL work obligations, but I'm placing this reg... 5 days ago
What a difference it makes to visit a region and get the guided tour. Amazing Shapeshifter sim on OSGrid has a story to tell...
Part one of this week's Safari trip

Unmissable build by @Frankie Rockett, many thanks to @wbalazic for helping make this event happen. Great fun on LFGrid!

Thanks so much to @soabad and @Siwas for hosting a wonderful trip to Lofoten!
Spain in opensim a refreshing piece of reality!

Great new art experience by Nyx Breen on Koeln sim in Pangea grid
Check out the grand opening

Trips to Kinky and to AMV this week, two quite astounding builds, more than meets the eye in both cases! thanks to our lovely hosts and grid owners for making it happen.
Thanks so much to our wonderful hosts on 3rd Rock and Neverworld grids and tothe thirty odd brave souls who came to see two great sci fi builds. If you missed it, catch the highlights of Week 1 of the new HG Safari season here:
Mobius has been banning osgrid avies for the past six months or so due to a security issue, but good news, the problem seems to have gone away! Here's a post about the grid guys and some photos you may remember...
Our weekly Safari trips start again on Wednesday April 5, hope you can join us!
Opensim is full of cool places to visit anytime of course - and the Safari Blog never stops, here are three recent reviews
Angkor Wat:
Monet's House:

LaviaLavine: Love going on these Safaris when I have a free moment to go!! 2 months ago

Total Sorbet tells all about her adventures in chatgpt in opensim.

Total Sorbet tells all about her adventures in chatgpt in opensim.

Thank you so so much Caro Fayray and @Xinashi (Nico) for being the hostesses with the mostesses... this was the Safari visit yesterday. Just one week left of the season...
Thank you so comuch Caro Fayray and @Xinashi (Nico) for being the hostesses with the mostesses... this was the Safari visit yesterday. Just one week left of the season...
Thanks so much to @Amaranthim and @Hairy and all the Bridgemere crew for letting us invade their airspace. Ditto to Dr Dave, the ever lovely Youca and all the Burners for a great train ride.
If you missed the insanity on Wednesday, here's the gen:
Interested in the nutty side of hypergridding? Consider joining our group here on OSW
Thanks so much Dorena and Anachron, and the great Foxx Bode, for letting us see a bit of opensim History yesterday!
Missed the Safari trip? You can read what they had to say here:

fun with Xi Shi on lfgrid, thanks for having us.

fun with Xi Shi on lfgrid, thanks for having us.

fun with Xi Shi on lfgrid, thanks for having us.

AMAZING hosts @CCI Grid gave us an unforgettable tour this week on Safari, and the sailing on Alanna was a treat! Words and pictures here:

So much brilliant creativity on Safari this week
Cuteulala's amazing new music device, and the great role-players of Carima Grid.
Bored by the frowzy drama of The Box? read on, and go exploring instead.

Tomorrow Safari starts again! hope you can make it

Thirza Ember: Thanks to everyone who came along, and to our fabulous hosts. If you missed the trip and are curious about what happens on Safari, or would like to visit the places independently later, here are som... 5 months ago
Here's a roundup of some of the things that happened in Opensim in 2022.
What did I miss from the list, and what was the biggest virtual event on your grid?

Fun for Xmas day - another ephemeral Hunt by Ange Menges and Nani Ferguson.

Safari is on hiatus, in the meantime here's the backstory of a cool place to visit

Thank you Walter and Camryn for sharing this gorgeous build with us all.

Thank you Nico for that wonderful final destination of the year. Everyone should see your sim and read your words!

Yesterday's Safari, with the friends of Soul Grid, and then Luna Lunaria!

Rudi Bakerly: Thank you Thirza. It was an amazing experience to have you with us. Many thanks for the attention you give to this nice hypergrid project. 7 months ago
A week of fun on and off Safari - opensim empty? Nah.
With visits to Aire Mille Flux, Shipyards, and Creanovale.
Snoots and Nyx - two artful destinations on OSGrid and AMV. Thanks to both our hosts for letting us explore their work

Thirza Ember: Al Scot made a nice video of Nyx's build 7 months ago
Thanks to @Fred Beckhusen, and @Roland Francis for letting us celebrate Lord of the Rings week on their wonderful grids
A mini roundup of opensim happenings on the Inworld Review.
Always on the lookout for news and new guests, join the Discord group or send me a message if you'd like to be part of the show.
Hypergrid Explorers & Creators

Thirza Ember: Have an upcoming event? Got a poster? Drop it on me, with a short explanation of your event and we will do our best to include it in the show 8 months ago

Thanks to @Bibiana and to @Aphra for having us visit, and a special thanks to @Jupiter for his contribution

Jupiter Rowland: If you're still looking for SFposer, you can find it boxed and ready to go here ( and the script itself here ( 8 months ago

Thirza Ember: to travel with friends like you guys is pure bliss 8 months ago
Interested in Roleplay? Already have a group, or looking for a new RP family? Learn about the Wyldwood RP , their regular meet-ups with other RP afficionados, and of course, the roundup of news in Opensim
InWorld Review: Sundays at 12 noon SLT
Like - Subscribe - Comment - be a guest on the show!

This week's InWorld Review featured a great build over on the Science Circle, with AbaBrukh Aabye, plus a 30 minute roundup of some opensim news. You can watch it here.

RIP Torben.

KarinBecker: Rest in peace and condolences to all his friends and loved ones. 9 months ago

Opensim. it's all about options, creativity, and wide open spaces.

Big thanks to Maria Korolov for coming on Safari with us yesterday. If you missed it, here's some of the highlights.

Hella: Maria is an unprecedented meeting in the world of the metaverse, so enthusiastic since so many years :)), thank you for having organized this evening like no other. 9 months ago
Hi all, Maria Korolov is joining us tomorrow for the first Safari of the Fall season.
The announced venue has changed, though. Meeting at the OSgrid clubhouse, not on the Safari annex. That's because Avacon grid had something happen with its servers, and although it is back online and lovely, there is a bug in Textures.

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HG Safari 2023:20 SEASON FINALE
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My Reviews

SSG Welcome

Lovely and genuine people who seek a drama-free opensim.


what a work of art. Love it.

Starfleet Museum of Science

wow great work, really informative!

CCI Tromsoe City

What a wonderful place to visit - and revisit! so much beautiful detail, gifts, fun things to see and do.

Forest of Azure

Absolutely beautiful work - everything positioned with exquisite care. One of the prettiest landscapes you'll find in opensim... with some bonus material you may find intriguing.


This whole grid is so beautiful. Great shops, and fun people too!

Far Far Away

One of the most thought provoking Hunt regions in opensim


So many handy animals! (Caution: region is subject to flooding)

Ivory City

Beautiful, spiritual place.


what a great build! all the entertainment of a real cruise, without the tummy bugs, covid and unexplained drownings. Highly recommend

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