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Hypergrid International Expo Welcome
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Teravus Plaza Plaza 0 Users
HG Safari Clubhouse We visit grids all over the hyperverse every wednesday from 12.00 pm Pacific time. Join the group, enjoy the free items, and network with people from every corner of Open Sim.
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Home of HG Safari, with information about our weekly hypergridding trips. Free items, including mesh clothes at Meshanthropy store, also on the island.
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The weekly Safari trips ended on May 23, 2018, after four years and 191 trips around the metaverse.

This week's safari trip was all about cnada, read about it and get the Lms here:

This week's Safari =============
Goodwill on Littlefield We visit the new build on LFGrid, a one stop shop for hg needs.
Need free content quickly? This mega store brings together free full perm content in one place.
Why? How? What are the rules? We find out.

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To read about our lastest trip, go to the hg safari blog

Follow this link to read about yesterday's Safari
or watch the livestreaming on

three stop safari about to begin !
DESTINATION 1 Billy Bradshaw's laptop based grid, TGrid is a place where good music and tech talk come together.
The grid motto is "Liberated, Innovative" - with that in mind, what are your hopes for virtual worlds in 2017?
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DESTINATION 2 TR Lifter welcomes us to the racing-in-the city region pange... Read about some great destinations we have recently visited, including some fascination POrtuguese destinations, and great real life art work.

This week, the group had a fun and frustrating journey round the hyperverse. Read about it here

This week's Safari writeup - 3 great destinations you should visit!