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Love me or hate me, it's still an obsession

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Kinky Haven grid owner, region builder, resident support and friendly fun loving soul. I live in a grid catering to the BDSM community, on a dedicated server(no cloud server or vps for us), hypergrid availability soon Go Legit or Quit!
if your DJs don't use the mic, you don't have a DJ

My Interests

Building, Scripting, Gestures, DJing, and most of all my submissives

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Opensim 9.2 sasquatch

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6.4.12 Kinky Haven modded

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Cherry Pit Pit 0 Users
Clothing optional party atmosphere with entertainment so hot it's like your first time. Relaxing places to cuddle. games area and more. a real adult venue with real traffic, not a bunch of alts. NO CHILD OR TEEN Avatars permitted. ***Coming soon***
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