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1st Social lounge - Check the New Users Panel in the SouthWest corner to get started, if you have any questions just shout them out. Freebie starter avatars available here.

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Lauren The central community of Osgrid is one that brings the RL poisons of hate, prejudice and anger to the virtual world, where it needn't be. They are very quick to bash those in the LGBT community and give black and colored avis a difficult time for standing around just like everyone else does. If you ...
thedeeferry This plaza is so busy. Never a dull moment. Great place to meet lots of friendly folks. Howdy ya'll! Hugs
Betty Although their revanchism and megalomania are not allowing them to accept or even evaluating their management errors, i have to admit that is a great lounge to share useful ideas, techie or non techie ones .....keep doing this great job

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Good evening everyone, recently there will be my own grid to hypergrid And I'm needing staff of all kinds More information by private message to whom you may be interested In my profile you will have the link., To my grid. A greeting from Spain
Jordynn_Romero 1 month ago
I'm taking this situation public, contacting papers and other media, OSGrid is a respected grid, I'm sure the public need to know how the head Admin treats the visitors.....
Jordynn_Romero 1 month ago
Dan Banner would prefer to defend a "Friend" of his, even after being given proof of his friend victimising and attacking people for no reason... I was sent a harassing IM, when I contacted Dan for help, his words were "I have known the guy for 10+ Years and never had a bad report against him" this is acceptable, even when Dan was given PROOF of his friends actions ?
Passion Jumanji 4 months ago
LOVE LOVE LOVE This place! Anywhere is OSGrid always has something great to offer and this is one of them . . . me thinks it's the main hub of OSGrid, but not sure about that but it's really awesome to come and visit! Thank You all for the many freebies that you provide! BIG HUGGELZ! Passion Jumanji from The Encore Escape Grid
TIGGS Beaumont 11 months ago
The HUB of the Metaverse. Much like a Grand Central Railroad station, this social lounge has the gift of virtual life many seek. It has been voted the "friendliest" in the Metaverse, which I can see why. Yes, as in life out there, in here we can find all manner of personalities. Many make you laugh, many make you see behind the avatar into their own life, many listen well, others talk well, some babble well. We dance, we enjoy music, (on the stream or not). We meet, and we live a life in this wonderful OSG Lounge. If we seek something more, it can be found as well. The grid is well managed by a few handful in Admin, and managed expertly. Help is always available. So, do come give us a the best we have..*grins and more.
victorialogan 1 years ago
excelente trabajo de los admins de OsGrid.
Cataplexia Numbers 2 years ago
Chakra Awareness-Beginner/Intermediate @ OSG11B Builds 1PM PST / Grid Time

Chakras In Motion School of Chakra Awareness & Education on the road @ OSG11B- the 11th birthday of OS Grid!
Aprox. 2 hour class Starting at 1PM GRID TIME (PST) on Monday July 30th beginner to intermediate. Learn about the power inside of us all & how to use it to benefit health- Physical & Emotional, relieve pain, enhance creativity, communication & more!
Voice enabled- you must be able to listen in voice but do not have to speak in voice.
Instructor Cataplexia Numbers (338,198,24)