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osgrid admins are one sided complete fools

they havent seen the last of me.

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GOR Sardar Fair

the Grid is so so.......i believe i was introduced to it from the gor hub in second life a while back the guy said ooh there are a lot of girls there come join us . i found as typical with most gor places most of the people mainly the leaders were pretty rude..and not very open to outsiders or newcomers.. also as typical with a LOT of bdsm communities of late (dont fool yoruself thats what gor p...

Lbsa Plaza

the other reviewer is right. Osgrid is run by one sided jerks. They allow people who act immature and childish to have the run of the place ...and i even freaking apologized to the one person who was the one rude to me in the first place but nope.........still get banned. i got no warning no im no nothing before i was banned just an out right ban. other users apparently have been reported...

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Counter Earth Grid is open to all Goreans and if someone was rude to you, we want to know that. If you would report that to anyone on our web page we are more than happy to address it. We are NOT part of Osgrid however; so apparently there is an additional issue with Osgrid. Our Admins are located in our landing area and on our web site. There is
almost always an admin around to help you. Thank you for your feedback