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I am Freya Johansson, I am a resident of Aviworlds and am working hard on buidling a sim so stay tuned.

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I am a 51 year old woman. I am currently involved with a once in a life time man and am happy

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Computers, Open source software, the virtual world, and all things science

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This is a recreational sim with lots of things to do, Freebie stores, and free residential, fully furnished homes and beach huts. The sim is open to all hypergrid residents, so come make Aurlandsfjord your vacation spot and home sweet home. Thank you. THE SIM IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION, IF YOU ...
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Hear Ye Hear Ye! The Freebie shops at Aurlandsfjord are stocked and ready for customers, the homes and huts are available for occupants, all free of charge. I will decorate them as people come and take them, the women's department of the freebie shop is being stocked as we speak. Aurlandsfjord is open to all hypergrid and local Aviworlds residents so make your way to a little bit of Norway in a virtual form. Here is a viking ship that will take your right to the landing spot. Just copy and paste it on the map in-world and click enter and be teleported to Aurlandsfjord.

enjoy and thank you!
Hello everyone in the Metaverse, Aurlandsfjord is open to the general public. It is open to all local and hypergrid residents. It is currently under construction so please be patient as I am the only doing the landscaping, furnishing and decoration the whole region. Homes and beach huts are currently available for free rent. Two of the bigger homes are already furnished and decorated tastefully. There is one freebie store stocked, the others will be soon. I strive to make this region a community on a virtual platform. Please remember housing is limited so first come first serve, thank you in advance for your visit and patronage. Y'all rock!