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I am Freya Johansson, I am a resident of Aviworlds and am working hard on buidling a sim so stay tuned.

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I am a 51 year old woman. I am currently involved with a once in a life time man and am happy

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Computers, Open source software, the virtual world, and all things science and Linux.

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anything but rap and emo

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Firestorm the current version


Lenovo 330 Ideapad

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Aurlandsfjord 0 Users
This is a recreational sim with lots of things to do, Freebie stores, and free residential, fully furnished homes and beach huts. The sim is open to all hypergrid residents, so come make Aurlandsfjord your vacation spot and home sweet home. Thank you. THE SIM IS NOW DONE, THERE ARE PLENTY OF FREE RE...
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Hello Everyone, if you're looking for freebies then Aurlandsfjord is for you, if you're looking for beautifully furnished houses and beach huts, Aurlandsfjord is for you, if you're looking for a beautiful sim to call home or to stop by for a vacation, Aurlandsfjord is for you. Aurlandsfjord is for HG visitors as well as local residents.......ALL ARE WELCOMED, so stop on by and see what I speak about, thank you!
Cutting the crap
I know there is freedom of speech and all that but when is enough is enough? Everytime I come on here that assholes feel the need to bash whole grids with unfounded lies and keep at it for freaking two weeks! I have a sim that is HG enabled, I like to check on how it's doing in the rankings, I also come on here to check what events are going on, what new items are available in what shop......NO instead I constantly read useless bottom feeders bash an entire grid over.....JEALOUSIES.....I am sick and tired of seeing this shit on my feed. I was always taught that if I had nothing good to say to not say anything but this has gone on for too long, I want something done about it, thank you!

I have a new Discord server up and running if anyone is interested in joining here is the link so come on over and join......all are welcome. thank you!

Aurlandsfjord, Norway sim is a beautiful virtual replication of the real life Aurlandsfjord but with a touch of my own flare. There are houses and beach huts left for rent (free of course), there are fully stocked freebie stores at the landing zone, all items up for grabs, there are two huge decks to sit by and relax, there is a coffee shop at the landing zone, there are many things to see and enjoy and ALL THINGS IN AND AROUND THE SIM ARE COPIABLE FOR THE TAKING so stop on by and visit or make Aurlandsfjord your home.
Hello Metaverse, local and hypergrid residents, I am inviting everyone to stop on by and enjoy Aurlandsfjord, a little bit of Norway in the virtual world. There are freebie shops waiting for you, a cafe to sit down with friends and family and enjoy a coffee and some chat, outside of the landing zone awaits for you, the scenery is amazing, the mountains and view are breath taking, there are homes to occupy for rent (for free of course) most things are buy and/or copy so please feel to take what you wish, there is a beach for you to relax in and a vast ocean to swim in, there are decks where you can sit and chat, there is voice enabled so please feel free to voice chat. All this can be experienced at:
copy and paste the URL in-world on the map and come on by and enjoy a prolong vacation virtually or make Aurlandsfjord your home. Thank you I look forward to seeing you all here
Hear ye, Hear ye! Aurlandsfjord is a sight to behold. A little bit of Norway's charm in the virtual sphere. Come all residents of the hypergrid and see what all the hype is about. Copy, paste the URL in the map in-world and come and see what I am talking about. Islands 26
There are freebie stores full of items as well a few furnished homes available for immediate rentals (for free of course!).

how do I upload more than on picture on my sim profile? thank you

Hello Everyone in the Hypergrid Community,
Announcing, here in Aurlandsfjord I have fully stocked freebie shops, a few furnished homes, the rest I am working on furnishing, there are places for one or more people to relax and enjoy the view. I am alone in setting up the sim but so far, it is a beautiful sim, reminiscent of a RL fjord in Norway. So come on down, shop, relax and possibly make Aurlandsfjord your home away from home. Copy and paste the URL on the map in-world, you wont regret it. THANK YOU!
HEAR YE HEAR YE!!!!!! Aurlandsfjord welcomes all local Aviworlds residents and Hypergrid travellers as well. Make your way down to Aurlandsfjord and enjoy the Nordic ambiance of a mountain surrounded Norwegian fjord, homes are available for rent (for free) two of them are fully furnished and one is almost done. There are also beach huts, one is fully furnished. There are decks where one can relax and sit down with friends and just talk and take in the spectacular view, so why not stop on by and see for yourself the beauty of this little touch of Norway in the virtual world. Copy and paste this URL on your map in-world and enjoy the visit.

Thank you in advance for stopping by
We experienced a hiccup with the grid but now it's back online so come on down to Aurlandsfjord and grab a few freebies, relax and enjoy the view and say hello. I am there stocking the freebies women and mens' store. I look forward to seeing you all in Aurlandsfjord. Below is the link, just copy and paste it in the map in-world, click the teleport button and experience a litte bit of Norway in a virtual world. Thank you!
Hear Ye Hear Ye! The Freebie shops at Aurlandsfjord are stocked and ready for customers, the homes and huts are available for occupants, all free of charge. I will decorate them as people come and take them, the women's department of the freebie shop is being stocked as we speak. Aurlandsfjord is open to all hypergrid and local Aviworlds residents so make your way to a little bit of Norway in a virtual form. Here is a viking ship that will take your right to the landing spot. Just copy and paste it on the map in-world and click enter and be teleported to Aurlandsfjord.

enjoy and thank you!
Hello everyone in the Metaverse, Aurlandsfjord is open to the general public. It is open to all local and hypergrid residents. It is currently under construction so please be patient as I am the only doing the landscaping, furnishing and decoration the whole region. Homes and beach huts are currently available for free rent. Two of the bigger homes are already furnished and decorated tastefully. There is one freebie store stocked, the others will be soon. I strive to make this region a community on a virtual platform. Please remember housing is limited so first come first serve, thank you in advance for your visit and patronage. Y'all rock!

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The Furniture Vault CLOSED

I felt like a kid in a candy store, the items are first quality but there were many items on the floor that we not set to copy. I understand that in a store as massive as that is and with some many items some can slip through the cracks, regardless you get all 5 stars.


Try and hypergrid there now. Apparently my beacon had a glitch and mixing up my sim with my neighbor's sim, I had to reset the script. It should be working now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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