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I own FemDom City

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Pro Racer Motorsports
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Pro Racer Motorsports has now undergone a major upgrade. The region is still a 4 x 4 VAR but its now based on a modified Dream Track oar Best know for racing for quite a number of years featuring a large pit lane with garages. There are now car/bike dealerships where you can purchase vehicles for...
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Adventure Bay
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Adventure Bay is now a 10 x 10 VAR Region and is the hub of all Water Sports, Flying, Diving, Swimming, Driving, Shopping and much more.
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FemDom City
hg.nextreality.uk:8002:FemDom City 1 Users
***** FemDom City as the name suggests is predominantly about Female Domination ***** ***** The City has been built for the Adult Dominant & submissive Community ***** ***** I WANT TO MAKE THIS ABSOLUTELY CLEAR ***** If you turn up in FemDom City and your Avatar is of a CHILD Like appearance yo...
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Because FemDom City is such a big place. I thought it might be a good idea to let your ride around the City. So, buy a scooter for $0 and ride instead of walking or flying. "Tip. when your riding" To turn a corner just back of the gas and turn. Easy. Enjoy.
We have just erected a new Building in FemDom City which has become a Supercars Sales Showroom. Featuring, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, McClaren & Mercedes. Many others are still to come. All cars are FREE to buy and most are scripted. The building is over in the far left-hand corner of the City or, use the teleporters on the Welcome Center Wall. Enjoy !!
The Maureen Hartley Fashion House is now open for Business. Fitted with a stage and a long Catwalk. This venue is ideal for anyone wishing to stage a Fashion Show featuring your old or new range of clothing or anything else you wish to show off to the Community.

I have two shows available to watch which are accessed by clicking one of the buttons on the wall poster at the rear of the stage. The 1st show is an introduction to some of the FemDom City Staff and the 2nd show is a Sissy Show.
The Grand Shore Hotel is almost complete and ready for you to meet up with your Friends, Doms, Subs and Escorts. We are just finishing off with all the furnishings.
There are 6 Suites available, A comfortable Meeting Lounge. Restaurant, Indoor Pool and Advertising Agency. We also have plans to add a Beauty Salon and Spa.
The New Advertising Agency is now open in the Brand new Grand Shore View Hotel in FemDom City.
If you looking to meet either a Dom/Domme, Escort, Submissive or Shemale then come along to the Office.
Please read the RED sign on the wall for instructions how to place an advert.

The Sissy Store has now moved a few metres to the front of the Welcome Building in the City. Sissy outfits and accessories now available to purchase for Free. More items will be added as I get them.

We have just opened a BDSM Store called Fetish World in FemDom City.
Bondage Equipment, Wearables and Furniture.
Many more items going into the store everyday.
Access From the Main Teleporter at the Welcome Building.
I have added some stables on the Hartley Manor Grounds.
Ready for any submissive who enjoys pulling a cart with their Mistress aboard.
Female Pony Girl Outfit with AO available to buy for $0 at the Stables.
Pony Carts available to use. Please remember to return them back to the Stables.
At the moment I have 2 houses available on the Hartley Estate in FemDom City.
I am making these available to any Dominant Female/Dominatrix who has an interest in Femdom Roleplay.
If you would like to be part of FemDom City which is now one of the best Adult Rregions in Opensim.
Just HG over to the City and drop me an IM or leave me a message here on Opensim World.
If there is more interest I will make more houses available.
I have just finished putting Teleporters around the City at certain buildings which also gives you easy access to all the other parts of the City.
Click on the Teleporter Board, choose your Destination then click the board again to TP.
If you don't see yourself at the new Destination just hit one of the arrow keys and you will arrive.
Enjoy FemDom City, Abide by the Rules and have Fun !
I decided it was time to change Hartley Manor to an updated and better building.
The old Manor I built a few years ago started to look very outdated.
This new building is quite nice, but it hasn't been built very well, a lot of the house isn't lined up correctly, so its going to take some modding.
Being on the rather large size it will take quite a bit of furnishing.
Its an ideal house for the Governess Michelle Hartley to hold dinner parties for other Mistresses and their serving submissives.
There is a new Story Sequence gone in to The Adult Movie Studio.
This Story is about a Pervy Teacher who gets his comeuppance from two of the colleges sexiest Girls.
What will the girls have in store for John their Teacher ?
Whatever happens he is not going to like the outcome.
To start the show. Just click the red button on the right.
Why not visit the new Adult Movie Studio's in the City and watch some of the stunning girls perform for you. Please be aware you must be over 18 to enter The City and its venues due to scenes of sexual activity. More shows will be added soon.
Found this very nice Porsche 962 on the Hypergrid. The wheels were not working properly.
I have now re-scripted the car with all wheels rotating and steering. The doors and rear clam shell now open & close. Flames from the double exhausts both sides.
Available to pick up at Pro Racer Motorsports Welcome Center.
Well Dream Track is now the new Pro Racer Motorsports. Its been a lot of work over the last few day modding and changing. Just finished hundreds of Mesh Armco Barriers all around the circuit and I wouldn't wanna do that again. As a builder in Opensim that's the worst job I have ever done. But, it does look good. The circuit now looks amazing and I am pleased with the outcome so far. I still have many more additions to do to make it a little more realistic, but that doesn't stop the circuit operating,
My thanks to Joe Builder and Fred Fred Beckhusen for making this oar available to Dream Grid users.

Ready to Race on the Alexander City Circuit.

A new video from Alexander City.
Just showing some of the updates and re-modelling I have done in the last week. Still a lot to do including finishing of the pesky armco barrier. What a headache, millions of them.

Finally got the Motorbike Store in place with 8 Race Bikes, 1 Quad Bike and 2 Cool Choppers. They are all scripted and up for Sale. $0.

The race bike speed is done by holding shift and left or right arrow for gear up and gear down. Pg Up a wheelie and Pg Down an Endo.

Try them out on the circuit and enjoy.
Working Hard on Updating and enhancing Alexander City Street Racing. Lots of shops going in and filling up, Car Dealerships, Residential Area and an Adult Area. The circuit goes through and around the City.

Instead of walking around a large Var region and not being able to fly like a lot of grids use. Here you can rez a choice of car or bike and speed around the city stopping at the stores or whatever takes your fancy.

The hardest part at the moment as its a large circuit is putting in all the Armco Barriers around the whole circuit. Seems like its taking days to complete.

I am getting there and the place is looking awesome at the moment. Hopefully we can get some race days sorted out, as I know there are quite a few race fans in Open Sim.

Bear with me and stay tuned.
I found this fabulous 1965 Mustang on Victor DeAngelo's Freebie Freeway. Its so nice I have scripted the Bonnet, Boot and Doors so they open and close. If you fancy driving it. I have placed it in the Rezzer at the 50's Diner.
Been Working hard on Alexander City. Lots of Mods and additions. There are now shops going in and lots of vehicles, so if you want to shop you can rent a vehicle a speed around the circuit as well.
The Vehicle Rental is opposite the Welcome Building. You will see the sign, just click it and choose your vehicle. If you go around the corner there is a 50's Diner with a 50's vehicle rental there also.
I will be putting in Bikes, Scooters and Mopeds later today.
I am in the middle of rebuilding the circuit, so you will possibly see a lot of work going on while your here.
Done a Custom Job on an old van I found on the Hypergrid. From a plain van to a van with a neat paint job, new wheels. All doors now open and close with sound. If you open the drivers door then click the van to drive your avatar will step into the seat.
Fully scripted so it drives with rotating and turning wheels.
Just finished re-scripting the Helicopters and getting them into Rezzers.
There is a Bell 206, Bell 430 and a Jet Ranger all ready to fly.
On Adventure Bay they are placed at the Airport.
On Alexander City they are on the right next to the Main Building.

Just finished re-scripting all the Skateboards. Now all running fine.
Available to use from the Rez Board outside the Skateboard Store.

The ultimate in comfortable driving. Fully scripted armchair ride.
This vehicle will be available to play with in Alexander City.

This is Alexander City's 1950's Diner where you can rent a classic car like a '57 Chevy Bel Air Hard Top, Convertible of a Hot Rod Coupe. Just click the sign on the left and choose your ride.

For Something a bit different I have Skateboards which are fun to ride. I am in the middle of re-scripting them, because the last time Alexander City was Live I was using the old ODE scripts.
have you ever ridden a high powered Skateboard. Great Fun !

This is a Birdseye View of the main Building and Main Straightaway

This is the 1st flight for the newly scripted King Air Aircraft which comes complete with Hud for starting the props, Nav Lights, Landing Gear and Interior Lights.

It can be a bit wobbly but its great fun to fly.
I will make it available for everyone to use on Adventure Bay from the Airport at the top of the Bay.

To See the video click Here : https://youtu.be/GFq3vxoE5CE
I have spent quite sometime modifying scripts to make a really cool cable car setup. At the moment its runs both ways from the Main Bay in a straight line for about 9 regions.

(Tip) Try using Mouselook for a great view of the islands.

After changing from the Red car to the Blue car to finish the journey there is a Jet Ski at the left side on the dock ready for you to explore all the rest of the Bay.
I am now opening up Adventure Bay on The Next Reality Grid.
There are plenty of Activities at the moment, but please bear with me as Adventure bay hasn't been live for quite some time.

I am in the process of updating and adding new stuff.

Let me know your thoughts on the Bay and any ideas you think would enhance the huge 100 regions.
Hi All,
Because of Opensim 0.9 has so many bugs and errors I am having to pull my regions down.
I might have to go back to 082 as before when everything ran perfectly. I have spent 2 years developing these regions and developing NPC Stories. Unfortunately 0.9 just will not function correctly and is destroying everything I have done.
!!! BEWARE This is an Adult Region and you must be over 18 !!!
!!! BE WARNED. This Region has Scenes of Sexual Activity !!!

Update on the Maid Training School.
I have just put in 3 Lessons in the back room of the building.
3 Signs on the wall. Click which ever one you want to watch.
Best view is to sit at the back desk.
In the Front Office there are full Maid Avatars with outfits for sale (0$).
In the School Room you can buy a Drinks Tray (0$). (Wear on Neck).
Enjoy and let me know what you think.

This is an LBGTQ Friendly Region.
!!! BEWARE This is an Adult Region and you must be over 18 !!

The new Maid Training School has just been introduced to FemDom City for all you aspiring Female and Sissy Maids.

Please bear with me while I try to figure out how to make it an interactive place to visit.

There are Full Avatar in Maids Outfits for you to purchase for $0.

This is an LBGTQ Friendly Region.
!!! BEWARE This is an Adult Region and you must be over 18 !!

The Police Station Cells are where you will end up if you are caught breaking the Obedience laws in FemDom City, and you don't want to mess with SGT Scott she is much stricter than most of the City's Dominatrix.

Street Walkers will also be arrested, jailed, punished and heavily fined if they are caught plying their trade without an official licence.

Remember all Males must be Respectful and Obedient in the City

This is an LBGTQ Friendly Region.
Karols Fashions is FemDom City's Premier Female Fashion Store supplying all you girls with fabulous underwear, Outfits, Skins, Shapes and more. This is a new store so will take a little bit of time to fully fit it out. There are other stores in the city for Hair, Shoes and BDSM items.
There are no stores for the Male Avatar as this is a Female Dominated City and the wearing of Male clothing is prohibited.
The Tee Girls Club is for anyone who appreciates the 3rd Sex (Shemale). Call at the Club click on the sign next to the door and enter. When the doors open take a seat and enjoy dancing servant girls. They have to earn money somehow to pay their taxes and living expenses in the City. Try out some of the activities in the booths on each side of the club.

Next Door is the Tee Girls Office where the TG magazine is produced. There is a sign on the Door to start a story sequence inside the office. Be Warned this is for the very broadminded of you Adult Entertainment lovers out there.
Visit the Courthouse in FemDom City and listen to a serious case.
After the case the story does continue in various places around the region. The next place would be The Immigration Services Building and click on the Maxwell Sign right at the Back of the building in the office on your right.

I have done a major update to FemDom City which now combines the Hartley Estate.

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Never Depot

I also landed on the roof, which I must admit due to its texture is confusing. It looks like your standing on a floor waiting for something to rez. Little disappointing. Although you can buy any of the script packages and the Security Camera they do not appear in your inventory. after you purchase them. None of them are set to copy only Buy. It's also the same with the desk in the Spa section....

FemDom City

Due to a bit of a bungle by me. I had to reload the oar again, but I forgot to reset the beacon, so the region was showing offline. All sorted now though.


Cool Viewer is banned from entering this grid. Why ??????????? A lot of items that you buy from the store give a message. "This sale has been blocked by the permissions system" What I would like to know is how this region is 145th on Opensim World Nobody can get to it.

Freebie Store 2021

Hi Josh. What's happened to the Freebie Mall ?


What a great place and Beautifully built. Lots of Freebies. I would love a copy of The VW Camper Van. Thanks.

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