Grid: OSgrid

Lbsa Plaza
9 Users 147 38 1st Social lounge - Check the New Users Panel in the SouthWest corner to get started, if you have any questions just shout them out. Freebie starter ava...
Bell City
3 Users 8 2 153rd
Design by Verna Avril Open Jan 1, 2020 No public rentals at Bell City.

Rayvn's Roost Concourse
0 Users 29 likes 6 comments A

A rebuild on a smaller 2x2 var of the original Rayvn's Roost. More content has been added to the stores now available to visit. If anyone has any kind of issue obtaining content from any of the stores please let me know so it can be rectified ASAP. Thanks. Rayvn's Roost Designs The Distinguished...

2 Users 77 5 6th
Best Shopping Mall , Freebies, Mesh, Complete avatars, Clothes, Hellas, Agora
Maze ofthe Mind
2 Users 5 0 12th
If the unreliable address doesn't work in the map, just search for Maze of the Mind and you will find us. Love for ALL is our theme here. We have the biggest m...
2 Users 4 0 17th
Adults-only lands where most everything is allowed, encouraged and enjoyed.
2 Users 4 0 22nd
We've doubled our region with adding this 2x2, water plus area. Bring your boat or use ours ... we'll be expanding the things there daily
Whispering Palms Events
2 Users 2 0 719th
Event Plaza
1 Users 102 23 2nd
Community event region and home for the OSGrid Friday Parties: music from all over the globe 12 hour, non stop, wherever you are, every Friday!
Wright Plaza
1 Users 68 5 60th
Tons of Awesome Freebies! shopping clothing houses and more located on OSgrid
1 Users 80 9 69th
Unique mesh items for your convenience by Aaack Aardvark, no relation with Arcadia Asylum. All the content is made from scratch by myself.
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