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Lbsa Plaza
3 Users 121 38 1st Social lounge - Check the New Users Panel in the SouthWest corner to get started, if you have any questions just shout them out. Freebie starter ava...
The Alternative
2 Users 18 5 11th
The Alternative is a club for alternative people, running on an alternative opensimulator version.

Bdsm Extreme
0 Users 1 likes 0 comments A

BDSM NAKED HUB - EXTREME RLV - Osgrid Osgrid Bdsm Extreme THE HUB, where everything is allowed , BONDAGE - * – Human Hunting * Link Map for: Hardwood, Nude Beach , Bdsm Degraded, Bdsm Asylum Italia Usa OpenCollar

Wright Plaza
2 Users 58 4 21st
Tons of Awesome Freebies! shopping clothing houses and more located on OSgrid, Attend the Weekly OpenSimulator Developers Office Hours Meeting at 2pm EST every ...
Zweet ZurroundingZ
2 Users 57 18 30th
1-1-20 Update: expanded to a 9x9 VAR.
2 Users 5 2 108th
Welcome to Nilandhoo. - Sandbox - Free Parcel - Freebies - Animations
Green Acres
2 Users 2 1 216th
512x512 Rebuild of family farm destroyed in 1973 by a Pennsylvania USA Electric company to install oil tanks Satry Farm Q edition Visit the Southeast town for s...
1 Users 4 0 70th
Just a simple 2 hours auto return sand box area
TSim 2
1 Users 1 0 229th
The Farm Factory
1 Users 5 4 348th
Maggies Farm, a quiet residential region offering cottages and small houses that are free to rent.
sunset beach
1 Users 2 0 443rd
Dance, hangout and adult animations. Welcome!
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