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Masala Estates is proud to present its new sim hosting service
for OSGrid and any other open grid.

Specs are as follows:

512x512m (2x2)
20000 prims
God powers
Hosted on a Linux server in a real data centre
Dedicated MySQL Database
Dedicated simulator instance
Automatic daily backups (OAR) to download (via ftp)
Can load an initial OAR if provided

All preconfigured and ready to roll out

Price: USD 6.00 per month

Same as above but:

768mx768m (3x3)
30000 prims

Price: USD 8 per month.

Payments via Paypal only.

Rent is for one month in advance.
No setup fees.

Other region sizes and/or prim counts are available on request,
but due to the server resources needed, a minimum 2 month rental may be required.

Lettings office for Masala Estates, and sample island YOU can rent as your own 512x512 sim for USD 6 per month.


A single region not enough? You need more? Don't want to share a server with other renters? Have BIG projects in mind?

Responding to user demand, I now offer a new service:

Opensim Server Rental:

Opensim Server Basic features
4 Xeon CPU Cores
200 GB SSD space
Debian 10 Linux
MySQL Database
Latest Opensimulator / OSGrid software
Daily automatic backups of all your regions
Automatic periodic region restarts if required
Regular monitoring and health checks
Regular software updates
Configuration of your regions to fit your needs
No prim limits (Limited only by available RAM)
Unlimited regions (again, server resources are the only limitation)

I will create the regions you require to your size and map location specs

This server is dedicated to you and you will never have to share space on it with other renters.he price for this service is USD30 per month, plus a one-time set-up fee of USD20.payable by PayPal to
Now offering full sim rentals.
Hosted on Linux servers located in European data centres, Masala estate offers full sim rentals at affordable prices. Ask me!

Tropical Island/Romantic Getaway

Tropical Island/Romantic Getaway

This Valentine's Special Romantic Getaway will be available through all of February. For more information contact Unadecal Masala an email to : or stop by our office inworld.

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Adore Great Grid hosting and more take time to talk with him , you will find out that is server are good and he explains walk you Thru what every your Needs are. we are so Impress with his Business Like manner and how he treat his customer thank you !
CrashNBurn I started with a sim, then this month moved to a full server for only $30 USD a month. I currently run 3 sims on it, with room for more. My experience: Excellent prices, fast service, very stable, full region rights. I also learned from the owner that the servers are cloud based, which explains t...
Caribia Zsun have to say.. it is smooth sailing in Masala =)

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CrashNBurn 11 months ago
Fast service. Low prices. God mod perms. Regular backups. Nice model islands to start with or blank slate ocean or land.