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August 28th 2023 me and my businesspartner started our own grid.

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A fun and friendly grid with excellent customer service. Our grid gives you the best opportunity to build and live your dream.
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Hello all,

I need some help here please, I am looking for good flexi hair for ladies.
I know mesh looks awesome, but it really needs to be flexi, who can help me with a landmark?
lm, adress, private message or just below here....
Help is really appreciated.

Ansjela Amat
Hi everybody :)

Just sharing what we are creating on our grid.
Still have a long way to go, but so far we are happy with the creations we made/placed.
Hope to keep you all updated weekly on how we are doing.
Please freel free to drop by, love to see you :)
Bouncer and Ansjela

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Looks great and very nice items to find. Owners are very friendly and it is a joy to walk around and explore :)


all regions look like a story that is being told, awesome.

Sharing Is Caring

Absolutely beautiful. Very friendly creator, amazing content and high quality. Deffinately my favorit region to visit. :)

Masala Estates Office

It was only 7 days ago (28th of August 2023) that my partner and I ordered our own grid. And since then we experienced excellent customer service and help. Even our weird sense of humor he can handle ;) But serious people, if you need a grid or land, He is your man!!

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