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Feria de Abril
13 4 de Abril 0 Users
Feria de Abril, Sevilla, Seville, Flamenco, Baile, Sevillanas A beautiful region decorated as the streets of Sevilla, emblazoned for the Feria de Abril, an annual Festival where all the best Andalusian traditions, dress, horses, carriages, folkloric dancing and music are showcased. If you can't g...
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Masala Forest Retreat
9 0 Forest Retreat 0 Users
Nestled in a green forested valley surrounded by sea, this well appointed cabin will make a great home for those who desire a quiet and tranquil retreat. You can rent this beautiful sim at Masala Estates in OSgrid for US$6 pm and customise it as you wish.
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Masala Dream Isle
8 0 Dream Isle 0 Users
A romantic tropical island. Originally created as a Valentine's romantic getaway. Also a lovely place to live for those who enjoy living in a tropical island beach house. You can rent this beautiful sim at Masala Estates in OSgrid for US$6 pm and customise it as you wish.
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Masala Marina's Hideaway
7 0 Marina's Hideaway 0 Users
Marina's Hideaway is the island that time forgot. Under the shade of an old oak tree sits an open, airy, 60s style bungalow surrounded bu sandy beaches.There is a small marina where to dock your boats and from which to sail from and jet ski. A retired sea plane waits to be restored. You can rent...
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Masala Hortensia Cottage
8 0 Hortensia Cottage 0 Users
A gardener's blank canvas. We present this beautiful country cottage and small holding ready for you to move and start gardening, farming, horseback riding or simply enjoying the ocean view while watching the Sunrise or Sunset. You can rent this beautiful sim at Masala Estates in OSgrid for US$6...
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Masala Estates Office
29 1 Estates Office 0 Users
Masala Estates is proud to present its new sim hosting service for OSGrid and any other open grid. Specs are as follows: 512x512m (2x2) 20000 prims Voice God powers Hosted on a Linux server in a real data centre Dedicated MySQL Database Dedicated simulator instance Automatic daily back...
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You asked and we deliver!
Masala Estates is adding a new sim rental option:
"The Homestead"
A basic 256m x 256m region with 10000 prims, for US$3 per month!
All other features of Masala regions such as God Powers, voice, dedicated MySQL database and daily backups are included!
Still undecided? For the month of July, we are offering a great deal on the Homestead: Pay for 3 months in advance and get an extra 3 months free!!
Offer available throught the month of July!
Contact us in Osgrid: Unadecal Masala or Zoree JupiterMasala
On facebook Unadecal Arado or Zoree Jupiter Estates Office

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Cidade Seul

How does this sim manage to consistently show up in the front page if nobody can get there and the sim does not exist in AMV?? Owners need to update the listing or remove it.

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